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Chapter 112: The Self-Reliant Human Tribe

Taiyi erupted in rage when he heard Suiren-Shi's oath. He vented everything at the Human Tribe, including the frustrations he felt regarding Zhenyuanzi earlier. He said, "Suiren-Shi, you're really asking for death! Since you dared to make such a pledge, I'll exterminate the Human Tribe today and make them thoroughly disappear!"

Musen interrupted at this moment and said, "Taiyi, aren't you afraid of Goddess Nvywa and Sage Grand Pure blaming you for exterminating our Tribe?" The Human Tribe was Goddess Nvywa's creation and the reason she ascended to be a Sage. Meanwhile, Laozi also became a Sage after he establishing the Tribe of Humanity. These two Sages were the obstacles Taiyi had to pass if he wanted to exterminate their Tribe.

Taiyi felt a bit happier when he saw Musen, the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe, looking somewhat frightened. He could not help feeling smug as he said, "Haha! So you're the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe? You don't seem all that to be asking such an idiotic question. My Demon Tribe has been slaughtering your tribesmen for a century, but have you ever seen the Sages interfere? If not for consent from Goddess Nvywa and Sage Grand Pure, do you think we'll do so?"

Hearing Taiyi's words, both Goddess Nvywa at Wahuang Heaven and Laozi at Mount Shouyang had drastic changes of expressions. On the other hand, a slight and undetectable smile appeared on Musen's face. The Human Tribe runaways heading to the Coast of the East Sea all wore grief on their faces when they heard what Taiyi said and they fell over, weeping and wailing.

Emperor Jun knew it was a mistake once he heard Taiyi's words. Though what the latter said was a fact, it was still not a good idea to say it so frankly. Now that he straightforwardly said it out, did this not mean he was directly offending the two Sages? Furthermore, one of the two was the Sage of their Demon Tribe.

But it was only a fleeting thought before Emperor Jun felt nothing of it. After all, the Human Tribe had pledged that their Tribes would not coexist. Though the Human Tribe was now very weak, their Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts was too extraordinary. If they did not take the chance to eliminate the Human Tribe now, perhaps it would

not be as easy in the future.

The 10,000-year deadline Ancestor Hongjun had set was near and war would soon break out between the Wu and Demon Tribes. Though Emperor Jun was confident, who knew what would happen when the time came? Their Tribe would only stop worrying about additional attacks if they took the chance to exterminate the Human Tribe now. Taiyi may have said things that would offend the Sages, but if they were going to kill the Human Tribe, the end result would still be the same. Therefore, Emperor Jun decided not to worry about it.

That was his thoughts, but the two Sages begged to differ. After what Taiyi said, Goddess Nvywa and Laozi's share of the Human Tribe's Luck continued to diminish. Goddess Nvywa now only had 10 percent of the existing 20 percent share. She could be said as having suffered an enormous loss.

In Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa may be angry but her eyes indicated more complex feelings inside. Now that the Human Tribe had made their oath, both Tribes would not be able to coexist. There was now an irreconcilable enmity between the two Tribes. She may be the Sacred Lady of Human Tribe, but beyond that, a member of the Demon Tribe. This was an unchangeable fact.

Meanwhile, there was a rare trace of anger on Laozi's typically indifferent face. His Human Tribe's Luck had plunged from 30 to 20 percent and was still decreasing. But he did not plan on acting now.

The strong emergence of the Human Tribe's Martial Arts had astonished the entire Untainted Land. If their Martial Arts was not eradicated, the remaining tribesmen would likely turn to that instead. As time passed, how would the Tribe of Humanity preach? The Human Tribe would gradually get away from the Sages' control. This was the one thing Laozi did not want to see the most.

Laozi was waiting. He was waiting for an opportunity, at least until Emperor Jun and Taiyi annihilate the Four Ancestors of Humanity and inflict serious damages on Martial Arts. That would signal his time to act. He needed to take care of Musen, the Ancestor of Martial Arts, especially. As long as he was alive, Laozi would remain anxious. As long as Musen was alive, the chance for the Human Tribe's Martial Arts to rise again would always exist. How could

could Laozi allow this to happen?

Grief was etched on the faces of Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi after hearing Taiyi's words. Though they had heard about it from Musen, they still inevitably felt miserable after hearing Taiyi confirm it. One was the Sacred Lady of their Tribe while the other was the founder of the Tribe of Humanity, yet none cared about the life and death of their tribesmen. How could they not feel miserable?

Though Musen had predicted this outcome, he was still disappointed. Their Tribe was still sincere and naïve now. All Goddess Nvywa had done for creating them and their tribesmen had worshipped her for millenniums. Simply by preaching to their tribesmen and establishing the Tribe of Humanity, Laozi enjoyed 30 percent of the Human Tribe's Luck. But now that their Tribe was facing difficulties, both simply watched without lending a hand. How could this not make them feel disappointed?

Musen's anger rushed straight into his heart. Hearing the sorrowful cries of his tribesmen who had been fleeing behind him, he cried loudly, "The heartless Sages used the Human Tribe as sacrificial straw dogs! Fine! As heaven's movement is ever vigorous so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along. From this day onwards, our Tribe will no longer rely on anyone else! We'll be self-reliant!"

Once Musen finished his remark, the weather changed and the world shook. All his tribesmen and living things on Untainted Land were dumbfounded. Was he accusing Goddess Nvywa and Laozi as being heartless? He had even cursed the other Sages altogether. Had this Martial Ancestor of Human Tribe lost his mind?

"The Human Tribe will be self-reliant… The Human Tribe will be self-reliant…" The Human tribesmen who were weeping with sorrow, those still under Zhenyuanzi's protection, as well as those Martial Artists waiting inside the Formation started shouting in unison. Their voices shook the universe and startled the whole world. The Tribe's previously weak Luck started to soar. Compared to the Tribe that relied on the Sages, the Tribe that relied on themselves had a more intense desire to be strong.

Hearing the humans' cheers, Musen and the other ancestors were all soothed. Calamity would sharpen their hearts. To be a genuinely strong Tribe, except force and strength, their Tribe also needed to have a staunch and unshakable belief.

Musen was satisfied with his Tribe's performance now. But it was simply the first step to reinstate his tribesmen's belief in self-reliance. The next would be to act against the Sages. Though he knew it would enrage the Sages, he would not regret planning for his Tribe even if it meant his death. After all, he was human.

Musen sighed and said firmly, "The Sacred Lady has been enjoying the worship of my Human Tribe for generations for creating humans. However, Sacred Lady will no longer need to worry about our matters." Musen's words once again sent a shockwave across Untainted Land. What was he trying to do?

Though Goddess Nvywa's face showed anger when she heard Musen's words, she was rendered utterly speechless. She had personally created the Human Tribe, yet she had never taken care of them. The Tribe had relied completely on themselves to come this far. It was already good fortune for her that she was able to enjoy the Tribe's eternal worship. Now that Musen was cutting off her right to interfere with the Tribe, she had no room to refute. After all, it was she who had wronged the Tribe in the first place.

Musen was not done yet as he continued, "As for the Tribe of Humanity?" A hint of disdain appeared on his face as he brought it up. "The Tribe of Humanity originally would be the Teaching of the Human Tribe, but it seemed we could not afford it. From now on, the Tribe of Humanity will only be one of my Human Tribe's Teachings. That's all."

An uproar swept across Untainted Land. Musen had just denied Goddess Nvywa the right to interfere with the Human Tribe and now, he diminished the status of Laozi's Tribe of Humanity in the Tribe. What was he trying to achieve? There were only a couple of differences between 'Human Tribe's Teaching' and 'one of the Human Tribe's Teaching', the status was very much different. There would no longer be any difference between Laozi's Tribe of Humanity and the Tribe of Enlightenments and the Tribe of Severity among the Tribe.

A tremendous momentum carrying fury inside Mount Shouyang surged straight towards the horizon. All living things in Untainted Land felt Laozi's rage. But it came as no surprise. Musen's remark had directly caused Laozi to lose another 10 percent of his Human Tribe's Luck. Now he had the same amount of Luck as Goddess Nvywa, only 10 Nvywa, only 10 percent. What was more exasperating was the fact that the Tribe of Humanity now existed only in name.

Laozi's eyes were burning with fury as he stared at Musen. If not for his identity as Martial Ancestor of Human tribe, Laozi would have already slapped him to death with that remark. But Musen was the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe. If he personally killed Musen, that meant alienating himself from the Tribe. What he looked forward to now was for Emperor Jun and Taiyi to kill Musen as soon as possible. Simply seeing him for another second made Laozi feel uncomfortable inside.

Laozi may be stewing in anger but there were those who rejoiced in his misfortune, such as Jieyin and Zhunti of the West. Though Laozi was their senior, he was nevertheless the Sage of the East. They were naturally happy to see him suffer losses. Zhunti, in particular, was beaming like he had found some priceless treasure.

Inside Mount Kunlun, the Origin's face was also full of anger. Though Musen's words were targeted at Laozi, he was actually shaming Three Pure Ones. How could he be not angry? When Musen cursed the Sages as heartless as a whole, he was also under fire. If not for Musen's identity as the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe, the Origin would have already killed him.

In Jadeite Palace, Tongtian's face was full of smiles. The heartless Sages? Though he was also included in that curse, he completely did not mind it. On the contrary, he particularly admired Musen's fearlessness of the Sages. But how would he survive the great tribulation of the Human Tribe after offending Goddess Nvywa and Laozi? Even if he was not acquainted with Musen in any way, he had always felt that Musen was not an impulsive person. Since he dared to do such a thing, he would definitely have a way to survive the tribulation. Tongtian would be disappointed if that was not the case.

In Blood Sea, Minghe was gazing at Coast of the East Sea with a shadow of a smile on his face. The matters of Human Tribe had always gone according to Musen's scheme while he would assist at most. Now that Musen was using the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe as a chance to weaken the authority of the Sages among the Human Tribe. With this, he had found an opportunity that may not appear again in the future.

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