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Chapter 111: Chapter 89 Hostility between the Human Tribe and t

Emperor Jun realized the serious danger in the Human Tribe's Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts. The Human Tribe was just born thousands of years ago, but they had already trained lots of Da Luo Golden Immortal Martial Artists. Such potential was really terrifying. Even though the Wu-killing Sword had been cast and Emperor Jun had promised Goddess Nvywa Wa and Laozi not to exterminate the Human Tribe, only when the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts was exterminated would Emperor Jun have felt at ease.

If the Human Tribe continued to develop for thousands of years, there would be more Martial Artists at the Realm of Da Luo Golden Immortal. Since the Demon Tribe had slaughtered billions of people in the Human Tribe, Human and Demon Tribes were absolutely irreconcilable. With the war between the two tribes drawing near, Emperor Jun did not want to see any unexpected accidents on the battlefield.

As for the Way of Celestial Immortality, Emperor Jun paid no attention to it. Billions of people in the Human Tribe were killed by millions of the Demon Tribe armies with blood flowing like streams. After the war, the Way of Celestial Immortality inflicted heavy losses. It was unknown how long that it would take to restore it to its previous scale. So, the Way of Celestial Immortality did not need to be kept in mind.

Emperor Jun and Taiyi went to Untainted Land to join the armies of the Demon Tribe that were sent before. Although they lost millions of the Demon Tribe soldiers, there were still more than 400 million soldiers left. What was more, it might not be a problem to conquer the Holy Land of the Human Tribe with the help of Emperor Jun and Taiyi.

With the leadership of Emperor Jun and Taiyi, 400 million Demon Tribe soldiers marched to the Coast of the East Sea. Such big movement naturally caught the attention of people in Untainted Land. In their opinions, Emperor Jun and Taiyi resolved to extinguish the Human Tribe. Perhaps this boded ill rather than well for the Human Tribe at this time.

On the Coast of the East Sea, Musen stared coldly at the slowly approaching

armies of the Demon Tribe in the distance with enduring killing intent surrounding by them. The Demon Tribe exterminated billions of people of the Human Tribe in the war. No more than a billion people fled to the Coast of the East Sea even with the aid of Martial Artists. Combined with those saved by Zhenyuanzi and those that used to live on the Coast of the East Sea, the Human Tribe, which once had a population of almost 100 billion, had only no more than two billion people remaining.

Several billion people live on earth. By comparison, Untainted Land was so large that merely the Coast of the East Sea was bigger than the whole earth. A population of several billion sounds like a lot, but it is just a drop in the bucket compared to the endless Untainted Land.

Revenge should definitely be had for so many tribesmen's deaths. Musen looked at the millions of Demon tribesmen coming slowly with undisguised killing intent in his eyes. "Don't make yourself a mouse, or the cat will eat you. Emperor Jun, you're signing for your own death. The Wu-killing Sword has been cast and you still want to exterminate our Human Tribe. How can I let you off?"

It would not surprise Musen if the Sages did not appear to end this coming disaster. It was not the time for the Human Tribe to come to the brink of ruin. The Sages would not benefit much if they ended the disaster now. Nowadays in the Human Tribe, only the Way of Celestial Immortality suffered losses.The Martial Arts received no harm. Since it was unfavorable for the Sages' preaching, how would the Sages end the disaster of the Human Tribe so soon?

In Mount Shouyang, Laozi looked at everything in Untainted Land without emotion. The amazing debut of Martial Artists was beyond his expectations, as well as others in Untainted Land. The Human Tribe was defeated easily by the armies of the Demon Tribe while Martial Arts could make the armies of the Demon Tribe suffer heavy losses, especially Wuchen, Wu Yi, Zhangmeng, and some other Martial Artists at the Heaven Clashing Level. It especially surprised people in Untainted Land.

The Human Tribe, which was just born thousands of years ago, could train Martial Artist at the Heaven Clashing Level which was the same as Da Luo Golden Immortal. What was more, these Martial Artists at the Heaven Clashing Level were extraordinary masters in Da Luo. One of them alone could fight against many.

many. Merely Wuchen could be called invincible in Da Luo. That was really terrifying.

For that reason, Laozi could only look at everything without taking any actions. Although the Human Tribe had suffered a lot, the foundation was still there and especially Martial Arts was integrated. After the war, perhaps many people in the Human Tribe would regain Martial Arts. At that time, it might be difficult to preach in the Human Tribe.

Laozi had presumed the purpose of Emperor Jun's movement. Maybe Emperor Jun had already known the capability of Martial Artists. Though Emperor Jun would not exterminate the Human Tribe, he would not let Martial Arts continue to develop. He must cut the weeds and dig up the roots. Otherwise, it would be a serious problem for the Demon Tribe in the coming future.

Laozi wanted to eliminate Martial Arts and the Four Ancestors of Humanity by the hands of Emperor Jun, particularly Musen in the Wu Tribe, who established Martial Arts. With Musen's existence, Martial Arts would not die out and the Human Tribe would not belong to him, the Lord of the Tribe of Humanity.

Laozi kept the potential of the Human Tribe in mind. The Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe were the main tribes in the Cultivation Tribulation, and maybe they would end up like the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin. Which tribe would spring up and become the main character after the Cultivation Tribulation? Laozi naturally took the Human Tribe into consideration.

Before becoming Sages, Laozi and Goddess Nvywa were both Human Tribe people. The Four Ancestors of Humanity got Merits of Heaven with the great contribution they made to the development of the Human Tribe then. Thus, it could be seen that the Human Tribe had tremendous potential through the marvelous speed of the Human Tribe's development. So it was not impossible that such a tribe, highly estimated by the Way of Heaven, would become the ruler of Heaven and Earth.

If the Human Tribe became the ruler of Heaven and Earth, Sages would naturally fight for its Luck. As the Lord of the Tribe of Humanity, Laozi himself had already occupied 30 percent of the Human Tribe's Luck. Though he followed the

followed the Way of Non-action, however, no Sage could really act in the Way of Non-action. Although they had become Sages, they were still people with desires.

Laozi did not long for power, but he longed for supreme strength. Sage as he was, he was only at the Secondary Stage of the Sage, a little better than Creation and Tongtian. What he needed was absolute strength. In order to promote his strength, Luck of Untainted Land was a necessity. If the Human Tribe became the ruler in Untainted Land, that would take the main part of Luck in Untainted Land. If he could control the Human Tribe, he would naturally occupy most of it.

As for other Sages, Goddess Nvywa was sympathetic but did nothing. After all, she was a Sage of the Demon Tribe. What was more, she had made the decision at first. If she intervened, it would be bad for Emperor Jun and the whole Demon Tribe. However, Emperor Jun was going to conquer the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, which left her in an awkward position.

As to the Primeval Lord, Tongtian, Jieyin, and Zhunti, they chose to stand aloof. They had established sects, but they had not preached among the Human Tribe. So it was none of their business whether the Human Tribe was dead or alive. What was more, how would they be concerned about it since Laozi, the Lord of Tribe of Humanity, paid no attention to it?

Numerous armies of the Demon Tribe got close to the Coast of the East Sea. Of course, the Human Tribe took action. Musen and Suiren-Shi led the armies of Martial Artist to the border of the Coast of the East Sea, ready to fight with the Demon Tribe again. With more than one billion Human Tribe people behind them, it could be called the fight to win or die.

It never occurred to Emperor Jun that the Human Tribe would gather billions of Martial Artists and actively meet them head-on. It actually surprised him. Looking at the four people in front, he understood. They must be the Four Ancestors of Humanity. What astonished him was that they were all Sage-to-be Martial Artists. Was Martial Arts really so mighty?

Seeing the armies of the Demon Tribe coming, Suiren-Shi yelled at the leader, Emperor Jun, "Emperor Jun, we Human Tribe have lived together peacefully with the Heavenly Court. Why did you kill our tribesmen?" As the saying goes, meeting enemies tears old wounds. Suiren-Shi was always straightforward. How could he be not angry?

Emperor Jun laughed and said, "Haha... Why? Your Human Tribe was made by the Sage of the Demon Tribe. But you've been against us in Untainted Land the entire time. Worse still, you're friendly to our mortal enemy, the Wu Tribe, and even have intermarriage with them. As the Demon Emperor, I should absolutely inflict a little punishment onto you."

"A little punishment?" After hearing that, Suiren-Shi became more angry. What Emperor Jun called a little punishment was killing billions of the Human Tribe. How could he not be furious? "Great! Great! Great!" He gnashed his teeth in anger as he said every "Great".

Seeing Suiren-Shi was in a fury, Emperor Jun became happier. He continued to say, "In addition, strength comes first in Untainted Land. You're so weak that you will be naturally humiliated by us. We'll kill you whenever we want. Why does it need any reason?" In Untainted Land, the strong preyed on the weak. Why did killing need reasons?

Hearing that, Suiren-Shi became mad and shouted, "The strong prey on the weak. Good! Sons of the Human Tribe, listen to me! The Demon Tribe is so inhuman that they killed our Human Tribe. In this way, I, Suiren-Shi, make a vow on behalf of the Human Tribe, so long as there is a person alive in the Human Tribe, we'll eliminate the Demon Tribe. The Heaven and Earth is our witness."

Just then, a cracking shock of thunder shook the world. It turned out to be that the Way of Heaven ratified the vow made by Suiren-Shi. The Human Tribe and the Demon Tribe became enemies forever. A flash of cold light was in Emperor Jun's eyes after he heard what Suiren-Shi had said. The Human Tribe unexpectedly made such a vow that there would be inevitable conflict between the Demon and Human Tribes in the future. Emperor Jun made up his mind that he would eliminate the Human Tribe even though it would cause offense to Laozi and Goddess Nvywa.

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