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In Heavenly Court, Emperor Jun and Tai Yi were working together to refine an ominous black sword. With the demon soldiers continuously feeding the sword with the souls and blood of essence of humans, the sword garnered more and more resentment and evil spirits. The sword had been refined for hundreds of years and was about to take shape.

Since the sword was created to exterminate the Wu Tribe, Emperor Jun named it the Wu-killing Sword. Once the sword was complete, it would be another weapon for the Demon Tribe to fight Ancestor of Sorcerer. It would allow them to pay a smaller price for victory. This naturally made Emperor Jun very satisfied.

Suddenly, Bai Ze, one of the Ten Great Demon Sages, came over with a grave expression. Emperor Jun wondered what made Bai Ze look so serious, so he asked, "Bai Ze, aren't you making arrangements for the massacre of the Human Tribe? Why do you look like that? Is there someone helping the humans?"

Bai Ze said grimly, "You're right, Your Majesty. There's indeed a man helping the humans, causing a great loss to our hundreds of millions of forces. At moment, over hundreds of millions of our soldiers are killed or wounded, and hundreds of the Sacred Demons are dead. I failed to meet your great expectations. Please give me my punishment, Your Majesty."

Bai Ze was not too concerned when he was assigned by Emperor Jun to slaughter the humans. With hundreds of millions of Demon Tribe elites and hundreds of Sacred Demons dealing with some mere humans, Bai Ze had faith in their victory. But their loss this time had dumbfounded him and he naturally had to ask for punishment from Emperor Jun.

Emperor Jun turned livid once he heard the news and asked, "Bai Ze, what exactly is going on? What costs such a huge loss?" He was fine losing some soldiers, but they actually lost hundreds of their Sacred Demons. Though the Demon Tribe boasted a large population, the loss of hundreds of Da Luo Golden Immortals was depressing enough for Emperor Jun, let alone the fact that he lost them to the Human tribe that he was not bothered about.

Bai Ze said, "Zhenyuanzi of Wuzhuang Taoist Temple saved hundreds of millions of humans using his Formation and killed hundreds of millions demon soldiers and dozens of Sacred Demons. He even forbade us from approaching Wuzhuang Taoist Temple or he would show no mercy." As Zhenyuanzi was a longstanding Sage-to-be master, not even Bai Ze was able to defeat him.

"Zhenyuanzi!" Emperor Jun growled through gritted teeth. He had not expected Zhenyuanzi to turn against the Demon Tribe to help the Human Tribe. He really wanted to go and kill Zhenyuanzi immediately, but Zhenyuanzi was no weakling. Even with Taiyi's help, he was afraid he cannot take Zhenyuanzi down easily.

Bai Ze continued, "Besides Zhenyuanzi, no one else helped the humans. However, the Human Tribe has a sacred land that bequeaths Martial Arts and cultivates abundant Martial Artists, including many Da Luo Golden Immortal masters. Our troops were caught by surprise, thus suffering a great loss."

Martial Artists? Hearing Bai Ze's words, Emperor Jun recalled how he had heard about Four Ancestors of the Human Tribe after returning from Goddess Nvywa's thousand-year Teaching in Wahuang Heaven. Among them, one even established Martial Arts. He remembered praising that particular Ancestor for his amazing talent. He did not expect Da Luo Golden Immortal masters would emerge simply after thousands of years. It was truly frightening.

Emperor Jun asked coldly, "Did Four Ancestors of the Human Tribe take action?" For him, only those four among the humans were any match for the Sacred Demons. So how could their side suffer such a loss? Did the four use some ferocious Magic Weapons?

Bai Ze replied, "No, they remained in their sacred land. Those who fought were other humans. Out of those, Wuchen, Wuyi, and Zhangmeng were the strongest. Though they were all Da Luo Golden Immortals, ordinary Sacred Demons could not defeat them at all. Wuchen was especially fierce and he alone killed 23 of our Sacred Demons."

Emperor Jun's expression became rigid after hearing Bai Ze's words. He never thought that Martial Arts of the Human Tribe could cultivate so many masters. What would happen if the humans carried out Martial Arts in the whole tribe? Emperor Jun said coldly, "I don't feel safe knowing their Martial Arts existing. Once the Wu-killing Sword is finished, I'll destroy the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe. Bai Ze, gather the rest of our soldiers and lead them directly to Coast of the East Sea. Don't give the Human Tribe a second chance."

"We'll leave Zhenyuanzi to Taiyi. I'll wait to see whether he's determined to rival against our Demon Tribe." Emperor Jun glanced at Tai Yi. Zhenyuanzi was a master of Separation in the late stage of a Sage-to-be. Bai Ze was not his match all. Only Tai Yi could handle him. As the Wu-killing Sword was about to be completed, Emperor Jun alone could handle the Sacred Land of the Human Tribe.

Taiyi immediately smiled and said, "Brother, don't worry. I'll teach Zhenyuanzi a proper lesson and let him pay for going against our Demon Tribe." He had long been bored of refining the sword with Emperor Jun. Now that he could fight a master like Zhenyuanzi, how could he not be pleased?

Leading a horde of a hundred million demon soldiers, Taiyi went straight to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. When he arrived, he was stunned to see the entire temple and nearby mountains protected by an impregnable Formation.

Taiyi was outraged. His Bell of Chaos suddenly grew outrageously like a hill and smashed the Formation set by Zhenyuanzi. However, except for a few ripples, the Formation stayed still as if nothing had happened.

Taiyi was depressed to know that he did not damage the Formation in the slightest even when he smashed it with all his strength. How could he break it? With his 100 million soldiers? They may not help even with one year worth of effort. He had come to the temple in high spirits, not even considering he would be facing such a situation.

Taiyi had no choice but to growl, "Come out, Zhenyuanzi! How dare you go against our Demon Tribe! If you dare to do that, why don't you dare come out and fight me? What do you mean by setting this turtle-shell-like Formation?"

Zhenyuanzi's voice came from inside the Formation. "Taiyi, your Tribe's slaughter of the Human Tribe aroused the great indignation of both men and gods. I simply can't sit idle and watch. Since the humans inherited my Taoism lineage, I'll surely protect them. That's why I laid down this Formation. Any other time, I would fight with you. But if I neutralize this Formation, I'm afraid hundreds of millions of humans will all die at your hands."

Taiyi said through gritted teeth, "Very well, Zhenyuanzi. You really got guts. Let's go." Taiyi had heard about the strength of Zhenyuanzi's Formation but did not expect it to be so powerful. Not even his Late Stage Sage-to-be cultivation and Bell of Chaos, a primordial supreme treasure, could do harm to it. He could only give up and return to Heavenly Court to discuss with his brother, Emperor Jun.

Zhenyuanzi relaxed when he saw Taiyi go. Though his Nether World Book Formation was powerful, he had enhanced this one with the power of leyline. However, if Taiyi threw away all concerns and kept attacking, his Formation would eventually be broken.

Since the power of leyline came from the power of Untainted Land, Zhenyuanzi could only use it temporarily. The more the power of leyline he consumed, the more Karma he collected. After all, given that the consumption of leyline did harm to the lands and mountains of Untainted Land, Karma would surely befall him.

In Heavenly Court, an evil spirit rose high in the sky. Emperor Jun laughed loudly and said, "After hundreds of years, the Wu-killing Sword is finally complete. Just wait, you Wu Tribe. I'll definitely kill your Ancestor of Sorcery with this sword to avenge the death of hundreds of millions of my demon soldiers."

Just as Emperor Jun was basking in joy, Taiyi returned unhappily. Wondering why Taiyi came back so soon, Emperor Jun asked, "Taiyi, weren't you going to Zhenyuanzi's place? Why are you back so soon?"

Taiyi replied gloomily, "Don't mention it. Zhenyuanzi didn't dare to fight me at all and set a Formation that covers all mountains near Wuzhuang Taoist Temple instead. I tried to smash it using my Bell of Chaos, but it didn't work. So I had to come back."

Emperor Jun said, "I've long heard about Zhenyuanzi's Formation, but I didn't expect that even your Bell of Chaos wouldn't work. It's really powerful. Never mind then, let's put Zhenyuanzi aside. Let's go to Coast of the East Sea together. I don't feel safe with the Martial Arts of the Human Tribe around. Given the blood feud between their Tribe and ours, they could be trouble if we fight the Wu Tribe in the future."

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