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Chapter 815: First Battle of the Top Ten!

Two days passed in the blink of an eye and the entire city was bursting with excitement. They couldn’t wait to see if anyone could defeat the three kings and if Yu Haotian could remain undefeated. They were also excited to see who was the strongest among the newly risen geniuses.

Since Jiang Ziye was the last of the seven elites, the crowd wondered if she could protect their honor. They also wanted to see how far Wu Xiaotian could go this time. The top ten were terrifyingly powerful, especially with all the dark horses that toppled the previous seven elites.

As for Lin Yun, he naturally shined the brightest during the banquet as he maintained his undefeated record. With all the excitement for the top ten, Lin Yun was placed in a peculiar spot. First, he had to face the three kings to continue his undefeated legend. Second, he had to face the other six to maintain his record.

At the very least, he was sure that Yan Long’zi and Yu Haotian of the three kings wouldn’t let him off easily. After all, everyone could sense the deep grudge they had with Lin Yun. Then again, it wouldn’t be easy to deal with the remaining six either. After all, Lin Yun had obtained immeasurable glory so far that the likes of Zhu Qingshan, Fang Hanluo, and Bai Lixuan were jealous of. There was no way that the three would let Lin Yun shine brighter than them.

When dawn came, footsteps could be heard throughout the city as everyone headed towards the stage. In the Great Qin Empire’s courtyard, Pavilion Master Plum and the rest were also waiting for Lin Yun to arrive.

Donned in his azure clothes, Lin Yun carried his sword box as he walked in. When everyone looked at him, they were all surprised because they could sense a refined aura coming from him. His aura was more profound than it was two days ago. It looked like he had more control over his aura now.

“How is your secret technique?” Pavilion Master Plum asked while stroking his beard.

“I had a few improvements, but I haven’t perfected it yet,” replied Lin Yun. Lin Yun could barely control his Azure Dragon Sword Aura as he wished since he was still one step away from perfectly combining them. However, he wasn’t discouraged because he knew that he needed an actual battle to fuse it perfectly.

“Stay calm and don’t be too hard on yourself. Make sure you come out of this alive,” said Pavilion Master Plum with a grave expression. Lin Yun’s achievements were already shocking enough and he had already obtained a fortune that would benefit the Firmament Sword Pavilion. It would be a shame if Lin Yun ended up dying today.

“I don’t like to stay calm. I only seek to live life with no regrets, but I’ll try to stay safe,” replied Lin Yun. This was how he had always been. However, his goal ever since the banquet started was becoming number one.

In order to do this, he couldn’t stay calm. He would try his best and he wouldn’t have any regrets as long as he lived by the way of his sword.

Hearing Lin Yun’s words, Pavilion Master Plum was briefly stunned because he never expected that Lin Yun’s heart and conviction would be so strong. After a brief pause, he said, “Let’s go then.”

Fifteen minutes later, the crowd’s eyes were glued to the stage. They were waiting for the top ten to battle it out. After all, they were the only ones deserving glory. Not even the top 100 deserved to be up there with them because the world belonged to the strong.

For the final part of the banquet, the Nine Dragon Stage transformed into one massive stage. Additionally, all ten judges of the Sacred Alliance were gathered around the stage. Once the chief judge saw that everyone was present, he made the first announcement of the day. “First battle, Wu Xiaotian VS Fang Hanluo!”

Fang Hanluo’s origin was a huge mystery throughout the entire banquet. No one could see through his cultivation technique or martial techniques. On top of that, no one had ever heard of him prior to the banquet. Only Zhu Qingshan could compare to him when it came to mysteriousness.

Even if Lin Yun kept a low profile before the banquet, information about him would eventually come to light. Yet somehow, there was no information about Fang Hanluo. He simply made a name for himself through the tournament. As for Wu Xiaotian, he was still a terrifying opponent despite his loss to Jiang Ziye. Furthermore, he seemed to have made improvements in the Scarletblood Demonic Dragonfist after his fight with Jiang Ziye.

“Big Brother Wu, please give me some advice,” said Fang Hanluo as he revealed his signature smile.

“I don’t dare. I only want to prove that you can still be defeated after ten moves!” Wu Xiaotian grinned as his eyes surged with killing aura. With his improvements in the Scarletblood Demonic Dragonfist, he was determined to win this fight.

“Hehe, I don’t really care about that. Big Brother Wu, try out this punch!” Fang Hanluo smiled. He didn’t execute any martial techniques and solely relied on his frost intent and powerful movement technique.

Facing Fang Hanluo, Wu Xiaotian also threw out a punch. After the huge collision, they saw that they were evenly matched, which caused them to smile. All of a sudden, dozens of moves were exchanged in the blink of an eye.

Fang Hanluo’s palm would inject his frost intent into his opponent’s body. But coincidentally, Wu Xiaotian’s punches had the same effect. As time passed, Fang Hanluo’s punches became even heavier like a massive iceberg.

“You have such a deep foundation at such a young age. DIdn’t you just make your breakthrough into the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm?” Wu Xiaotian wore a grave expression because Fang Hanluo showed no signs of weakening after nearly a hundred punches. On the contrary, Fang Hanluo’s punches were becoming even more powerful.

On the other hand, Wu Xiaotian’s punches couldn’t affect Fang Hanluo one bit.

“Hehe, come again!” Fang Hanluo threw another punch as the iceberg he manifested exploded into a river of ice.

Wu Xiaotian’s face suddenly as he was sent flying a hundred meters away. He couldn’t believe that he was actually placed in a disadvantageous position. 

This instantly caused an uproar because Fang Hanluo’s fighting style was completely different from before. Although he would defeat his opponents in the past, he was always covered in injuries. This was the first time that Fang Hanluo gained such a huge advantage in a fight.

“Nine Dragons Heavenly Crusher!” Wu Xiaotian’s eyes flickered as he became enraged. He knew that he couldn’t drag the battle out any longer because there was something unusual about Fang Hanluo.

Once again, the trump card Wu Xiaotian used in his fight with Jiang Ziye appeared. But this time, the nine dragons were clearly a lot stronger than before. As Wu Xiaotian let out a roar, he ferociously charged at Fang Hanluo. Because of his ferocious momentum, cracks began to appear on the stage and Fang Hanluo’s gaze became grave.

“Found it!” Suddenly, Fang Hanluo’s eyes lit up with a sharp aura as his frost intent gathered to form a bright star. When the two punches clashed, they created an earth-shattering explosion.

Fang Hanluo had found a flaw in Wu Xiaotian’s attack. So when they collided, the nine dragons were sealed in ice. Fang Hanluo was preventing Wu Xiaotian from gathering his demonic aura again.

Spitting up blood, Wu Xiaotian fell to the ground and said helplessly, “You actually found the flaw in my attack. I admit defeat.”

“Thank you for your guidance!” Fang Hanluo grinned as he devoured half of Wu Xiaotian’s profound amber aura, causing his dragon projection to grow even brighter with scales covering its body.

What shocked everyone was that the dragon projection’s claws grew from three claws to four claws.

Lin Yun narrowed his gaze, but he wasn’t too surprised by this phenomenon. Rather, he was more curious about the sharp aura in Fang Hanluo’s eyes because they felt familiar to him.

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