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Chapter 1822 – Demonspirit's Saint Origin

Shortly after, Lin Yun was sent flying by the Black Tortoise Totem with blood dripping down his lips.

The black-robed ancient demonspirit corpse grabbed the Black Tortoise Totem. It coldly looked at Lin Yun and demonic flames blazed within its vertical eye. “A… mere… ant… dares to challenge me?!”

The ancient demonspirit corpse had just woken up, so its intelligence wasn’t that clear. As a result, it couldn’t speak its words clearly. But this wouldn’t hinder its fighting prowess.

This made Lin Yun’s face change because the ancient demonspirit corpse’s strength was comparable to the Profound Death Stage. If it still had intelligence, he would probably be dead. But even so, the Black Tortoise Totem still made him feel fearful, and the Flower Burial Sword vibrated within his hand. He knew that he couldn’t clash with the ancient demonspirit corpse head-on.

Before Lin Yun could ponder, the surrounding air began to crumble, and the Black Tortoise Totem flew over once more. The powerful gale accompanied by the totem made the surrounding space distort.

Seeing this, Lin Yun didn’t hesitate to push his movement technique to the limit and avoided the incoming attack. Faint ripples spread out in the air, and the Black Tortoise Totem was extremely agile, despite being so massive.

In the end, Lin Yun was forced to only dodge. But after dodging a few times, the surrounding current became even more violent, and the Black Tortoise Totem nearly shredded this place into pieces. This naturally made Lin Yun feel uncomfortable.

If it was someone else, even without being struck by the Black Tortoise Totem, they would be shredded into pieces by the current. But suddenly, the ancient demonspirit corpse used the Black Tortoise Totem like a spear, thrusting it forth.

Before it even reached Lin Yun, the sonic boom already made Lin Yun’s ears ring, and he threw out a mouthful of blood. He felt dizzy, and cracks began to appear on his sword aura like a rumbling snow mountain. Is this the strength of the Profound Death Stage?

When the Black Tortoise Totem came in contact with Lin Yun’s chest, this made An Liuyan, who was fighting the nine skeletons, exclaim, “NO!”

“Boss An, don’t get distracted!” Mei Zihua couldn’t be bothered with anything upon seeing this scene and dashed forth, using his flute as a weapon to fend off three skeletons for her.

When Lin Yun was sent flying a thousand miles away, the hundred thousand golden-purple dragon runes on his body shattered. But it didn’t end there. Lin Yun raised his head to see the ancient demonspirit corpse charging over with the totem.

“Lin Xiao, he’s not that powerful. It’s not really at the Profound Death Stage. So just try and separate it from the totem.” Gu Jun said.

The corner of Lin Yun’s lips twitched because this old man was really unreliable, and he still hadn’t made his move yet. He nearly died from the attack earlier. Taking a deep breath, Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered about the old man and raised the Flower Burial Sword when the Black Tortoise Totem was coming his way again. He raised the sword to the same level as his eyes, and the Flower Burial Sword began to glow.

The Flower Burial Sword was empowered by two sword souls before Lin Yun swung his sword, executing the Azure Dragon Sword Art—Azure Dragon Body!

When the Flower Burial Sword flew out, the Black Tortoise Totem also charged over. Lin Yun didn’t choose to dodge this time, and an azure dragon coiled around him. The more he dodged, the more power the Black Tortoise Totem accumulated. So whenever it became inevitable to take a blow head-on, it was really uncomfortable for him.

As two explosions rang out, the Flower Burial Sword landed on the ancient demonspirit corpse’s chest and was sent flying away. The Black Tortoise Totem also shattered the azure dragon around Lin Yun.

In the brink of time, Lin Yun spread his hands apart and performed a back flip like a sun rising from the horizon, and he landed on the totem. As he stood on the totem, he leaned his body forth, and charged towards the head of the ancient demonspirit corpse, “I don’t believe I can’t deal with you!”

But demonic flames suddenly gushed out from the ancient demonspirit corpse’s vertical third eye. The demonic flame was like a sword ray, and looking at it flying over made Lin Yun’s heart pump violently.

Golden light shone out from Lin Yun that made him look like a bright sun, and he leaned forth with his arms behind him, pushing the Divine Sunchasing Art to the limit. This created afterimages of the Black Tortoise Totem. This was because Lin Yun’s speed was too fast. He was so fast that the gust of wind nearly tore his face apart.

This was an unprecedented speed, and he broke through the shackles of the Dragon Pulse Realm in the Divine Sunchasing Art at this moment, unleashing an explosive power. This was a bizarre feeling, and Lin Yun could feel that his blood was pumping throughout his body to avoid the demonic flames.

“Go to hell!” When Lin Yun got close to the ancient demonspirit corpse, he used his fingers as a sword to stab the third vertical eye of the ancient demonspirit corpse. In the critical moment, the ancient demonspirit corpse closed its eyes, and this made Lin Yun feel as though he had slammed against a metal wall with his arm becoming numb.

Despite failing to destroy the ancient demonspirit corpse’s vertical eye, the ancient demonspirit corpse had no choice but to throw the Black Tortoise Totem away before reaching out at Lin Yun.

“Sword, come!” Lin Yun faced the ancient demonspirit corpse head-on, and reached out to grab the Flower Burial Sword.

“W-who d… do you think… you are to call… for sword?” The ancient demonspirit corpse sneered with its eyes flickering with mockery. Demonic light burst out from its hand. When the ancient demonspirit corpse clenched its hand, this instantly made Lin Yun’s face pale.

When the ancient demonspirit corpse clenched his hand together, Lin Yun couldn’t imagine how terrifying the attack would be, judging from the aura emanating from its fist. But as long as he could grab his sword, he would definitely be able to hit the ancient demonspirit corpse.

In this critical moment, Lin Yun spread his arms apart and took three steps back. He decided to retreat and grab the Flower Burial Sword. But the Flower Burial Sword also flew over. Swinging the sword out, the sword tip came in contact with the ancient demonspirit corpse’s fist. The Flower Burial Sword was plunged three inches into the ancient demonspirit corpse’s fist, causing the latter to scream out in pain.

In a wild rage, the ancient demonspirit corpse pulled the sword out from its fist and chased after Lin Yun with his left hand clenching into a fist before throwing out a punch.

Looking at this, a ferocious light flashed across Lin Yun’s pupils, and he decided not to dodge this attack. He started forming the Sovereign Dragon Seal, and a seven-colored divine radiance bloomed from his palm. As the golden-purple and blue-jade dragon runes merged together, Lin Yun’s body swelled up, briefly entering the Azure Dragon Divine Physique.

When the ancient demonspirit corpse’s punch landed on Lin Yun, the dragon runes on his body didn’t shatter, and he also didn’t fly back. As power surged within his body, the glorysun and glorymoon spirits bloomed within his pupils along with the three dragon seals.

Lin Yun had to bring out this secret technique and clashed with the ancient demonspirit corpse head-on, with their punches landing on the other party’s body. This scene naturally frightened Mei Zihua, who was clashing with the skeletons.

“Get out of the way!” Just when Lin Yun couldn't hold on anymore, a loud roar echoed. Gu Jun finally made a move, soaring to the sky with purple light bursting from his body. There was a mysterious seal blooming on his right palm. “Hundred thousand thunderbolts, heed my order!”

A hundred thousand thunderbolts descended from the sky. As Gu Jun’s body flickered with lightning, his hair violently fluttered.

When Lin Yun retreated, the hundred thousand thunderbolts landed on the ancient demonspirit corpse’s chest, causing it to scream with demonic miasma seeping out. The ancient demonspirit corpse’s aura began to decline. But the ancient demonspirit corpse naturally wouldn’t give up so easily and let out a mournful roar.

The ancient demonspirit corpse opened its vertical eye, wanting to break free from the shackles. This scene was something that Gu Jun didn’t expect. This was a little terrifying. The ancient demonspirit corpse’s vitality was stubbornly unyielding, and it was beyond his imagination.

Just when Gu Jun was about to say something, a figure dashed forth and stabbed the Flower Burial Sword into the ancient demonspirit corpse’s vertical eye. The moment the Flower Burial Sword plunged into it, the ancient demonspirit corpse’s aura suddenly came to a stop like a balloon being punctured. Even the sword ray executed by him froze for an eternity when the thunderbolts descended from the sky.

“If I’m not worthy, are you?” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with a cold light, drawing the sword out before retreating.

Crimson cracks appeared on the ancient demonspirit corpse, and its body began to sway. The ancient demonspirit corpse only lasted for a brief moment before it began to fall apart.

As Lin Yun landed on the ground, he didn’t even take a look at the ancient demonspirit corpse but plunged the sword into the ground before sitting down. When he deactivated the Azure Dragon Divine Physique, he quickly circulated the Blue Dragon Skybreaking Art to recover his injuries.

Boundless life force began to pour out from the Blue Dragon Saint Physique, and a blue light coursed through his body with powerful life force blooming out of Lin Yun.

An hour later, Lin Yun opened his eyes and let out a breath. When he turned to look at the nine skeletons, they were already dealt with by An Liuyan and the others, and they could finally catch their breath now.

Mei Zihua was stumped to see Lin Yun fully recovered after opening his eyes. This made the corner of his lips twitch because this was too unbelievable.

“Young Master, look over there!” An Liuyan pointed to a certain location.

When Lin Yun turned his gaze over in the direction of the ancient demonspirit corpse, a powerful aura burst out from the ground, and he could faintly see a saint radiance being emitted. He asked, “When did it appear?”

“After the ancient demonspirit died, Gu Jun wanted to take a look but I stopped him and waited till you recovered.” An Liuyan smiled.

When Lin Yun turned to look at Gu Jun, the old man revealed an awkward smile. “There’s a high possibility that it might be a saint origin. But the saint origin of demonspirits is extremely bizarre and dangerous. So I wanted to take a look for you first.”

“Thank you, then.” Lin Yun replied.

The four of them flew over together. There was a huge crater on the ground. In the crater, there was a saint origin lying in it that was emitting a powerful saint radiance. It had lost most of its life force, but the saint origin still contained great power. But if they could remove the demonic aura, the value would be unimaginable.

“It’s really a Saint Realm expert.” Lin Yun said with lingering fear.

“The Demon Sealing Pillar will only attack saints. If that demonspirit wasn’t heavily injured because of it, it would’ve been even more terrifying and there’s a high possibility it would have regained its intelligence.” Gu Jun sighed. When he finished, he sent a  deep look at Lin Yun, “But your strength has far exceeded my imagination. You really have a lot of trump cards.”

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But Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered with the old man. If he didn’t have any trump cards, he would probably be dead because of Gu Jun.

“How should we deal with this saint origin?” Mei Zihua asked in excitement.

Lin Yun briefly pondered before he said, “The demonic aura inside is a hidden threat. But I believe a lot of people are willing to buy this at sky high prices. So let’s put it away for now.”

“Haha. You guys actually managed to kill an ancient demonspirit corpse that was at the Saint Realm…” A voice resounded, and this made the faces of Lin Yun’s group change with their pupils squinted. They didn’t even notice when this person came.

On the rocks not too far away, there was a white figure seated with a white cloth wrapping around his head, only revealing his eyes.

Lin Yun’s gaze was fixated on the latter and began to accumulate his Heavenly Dome Sword Intent with vigilance filling his pupils.

“What impressive means.” Lin Yun said.

“Haha. You don’t have to care who we are, and I’ll be taking the saint origin away. It will be more harmful than beneficial in your hands.” This person was completely wrapped in white, which made him seem mysterious. This person was giving off a powerful aura, and this made Lin Yun’s nerves tense up.

“This is something Young Master Lin obtained by putting his life on the line. So shouldn’t you give us an explanation if you want to take it away?” An Liuyan said. This saint origin might be tainted with a demonic aura, but the value was immeasurable. Most importantly, Lin Yun almost lost his life fighting the ancient demonspirit corpse, and she even stopped Gu Jun from secretly approaching it.

“An explanation?” The man in white smiled, and he continued, “But it’s a pity that I have no explanation for you guys.”

The man spread his palm out, and the saint origin rapidly flew over. This made Lin Yun’s pupils surge with a smear of killing intent. This person was really bold to snatch it so blatantly.

But before he could move, An Liuyan tossed the fan at the person.

“Interesting.” The man in white smiled, having no intention of avoiding An Liuyan’s attack.

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