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Chapter 1482 - His Father Is an Apostle of the Evil oracle


Beat him until he submitted!

As long as he doesn't honor the terms, Long Fei will make his move.

Long Fei's voice was filled with chilliness. When he thought of Cai Tiannan, Yan Tianluo's heart sank and he said faintly, "I, I, I am …"

Long Fei suddenly shouted, "Haven't you eaten? Shout louder for laozi. "

The elder's expression was extremely ugly, he said in a deep voice: "I'm a waste, I'm an idiot, I'm a waste, I'm an idiot …"

He repeated it three times in a row.

After he finished speaking, the elder looked at Long Fei and said, "Long Fei, this matter is not over yet.

After which, he immediately rose into the air and quickly disappeared.

He didn't dare to stay any longer.

This was too embarrassing.

Long Fei smiled, looked at the elders and said: "Do I have the right to enter the tower question of god with enough points?"

Nearly 2,000 points.

This result …

Breaking all history, even Zhan Wushuang's 1300 points were firmly stepped on.

Those elders didn't dare to say a single word.

This score had already surpassed everything and proved everything. If they were to say anything more, it would just be nonsense, and there was no point in it at all.

Yi Seng took a step forward and said faintly, "Right now, I will choose Long Fei, Ye Jingyun, and Nangong Yan will pass the examination. From this moment onwards, you will be true disciples of the tower question of god, and tomorrow, I will bring you into the tower question of god!"

As soon as he finished.

Ye Jingyun excitedly jumped up, "Hahaha … "I've finally succeeded, I've finally succeeded, hahaha …"

Nangong Yan was also crying tears of joy.

If it was her alone, it would be very difficult. She looked at Long Fei with incomparable gratitude in her heart.

Without Long Fei, every step they took would be even more difficult.

She felt that she was relying too much on Long Fei.

"Yong Master Long, we are now the disciples of the tower question of god, hahaha … We are now the disciples of the tower question of god. " Ye Jingyun was so excited that he looked like he was about to go berserk, "How cool, in the future, we can do whatever we want, hahaha … Those girls still don't want to post everything when they see me? "

"Wow, my blissful sexual life is coming."

"Hahaha …"

Seeing the two of them being so happy, Long Fei revealed a smile as well.

It really wasn't easy.

The final test was a comeback.

Yi Seng laughed: "You guys go back and have a good rest. I will report my points to the higher ups and tomorrow, change into clean clothes and go to the tower question of god with me."

Long Fei said: "Clan Elder, can we attack the tower question of god?"

Yi Seng said: "Of course you can, every accepted disciple has the qualifications to enter the tower question of god. You will know about it after entering the tower question of god."


"Long Fei, you really have to change your attitude. The tower question of god is much stronger than you can imagine, and the cultivation of the saint in the tower are all much stronger than Great Elder Yan."

Ye Jingyun was the first to be shocked, and said: "That fierce?"

Long Fei's face did not reveal any expression, but his heart was excited, "Damn, not only level 1 but 100 levels 1 BOSS, that is called tower question of god, that is called BOSS Tower."

"I am now a Semi-realistic Realm."

"It should be able to level up to the God Realm!"

"A Level 100 Boss, is that enough for me to become a God?"

"Heh heh …"

"tower question of god, just you wait, laozi is here to mess with you." Long Fei laughed in his heart. Yan Tianluo's experience was shockingly high, so the saint BOSS on the one hundred floor would definitely be even more extraordinary.

Just thinking about it made Long Fei extremely excited.

This was indeed a tower question of god.

Long Fei's levelled up to a divine god's tower.

… ….

Yi Seng brought Long Fei and the other two people's results back to the tower question of god.

Inside the god's tower, temple qustion of god.

Inside the palace were the saint s of the various god's tower s.

When they heard that the Yi Seng had announced Long Fei's points, a few of the saint s immediately stood up and said: "You killed over seventeen hundred Demonic Beasts?"

Yi Seng nodded his head heavily, "Yes."

"His score is close to two thousand. He's the first person in history."

"Compared to Zhan Wushuang's score …"

Before he could finish.

One of the saint's voices was forcefully suppressed, and immediately suppressed the Yi Seng's voice, and said: "Only he wants to compete with Zhan Wushuang?"

Long Fei's grade was higher than Zhan Wushuang's, which made some people unhappy.

In the eyes of these tower question of god, there was only one Zhan Wushuang, and it had been one for a thousand years. No one could replace him, and even more so, no one could surpass him.

Long Fei?

It was simply impossible!

Yi Seng was crushed to the point that he was unable to speak.

A saint said indifferently: "The points cannot explain everything, but this boy is indeed not simple, to be able to kill more than a thousand Demonic Beasts, this is considered the highest in history."

"Maybe a talent."

"Yi Seng, you bring the three of them here."

The pressure on Yi Seng's mind finished, and he immediately said: "Disciple will do as you say."

And then …

Yi Seng asked: "Sir, can they come to Impact Sky Tower tomorrow?"


"Every single disciple who passes the examination have the qualifications to be a Impact Sky Tower." A saint casually said.

Yi Seng was secretly happy. He believed that Long Fei would definitely bring about a sensation and surpass Zhan Wushuang.

With this joy, he quickly rushed to the Assessment Board.

In the temple qustion of god.

A saint said coldly: "Five rounds of examinations is only a hundred and twenty points, if it wasn't for the last round, he would have been eliminated already."

"A disciple like that is a speculator."

"Regarding the matters of the Impact Sky Tower, I feel that it is necessary to inspect them properly. What if he is the disciple of the Evil oracle?"

A saint said: "That can't be? We cannot disqualify any of the disciples from the Impact Sky Tower s. "

"Why not?"

"We can't let the Evil oracle's disciples enter this place, right?"

"Long Fei is too murderous, and he is extremely sinister in his heart, even if such a person is not a disciple of Evil oracle, we should at least test him."

At this moment.

A voice sounded from the great hall, and said slightly: "Zhan Wushuang, you've known him for quite some time, why don't you tell him whether or not you should let his Impact Sky Tower."

Her voice was very calm.

However …

The entire hall instantly fell silent.


This was because the voice came from the tower question of god's Tower Master.

It was also at this moment.

Zhan Wushuang walked in from outside the great hall. Looking at the numerous saint s, he bowed slightly and said, "Greetings, Masters."

The saint s all smiled.

They could even be said to be perfect towards Zhan Wushuang and the rest, especially his talent and potential. Until now, they could not see where the limits of what could be said to be his.

Zhan Wushuang said slightly: "I don't know if he is a disciple of the Evil oracle, but I know that he has the power of a Asura inside him, I know that he was once a lowly slave in the Beast Battling Arena, I know that he escaped the judgement of destiny, and I also know that his father was a disciple of the Evil oracle …"

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