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Weng Wuyou maintained composure but others were not calm. That was an Elder! Especially Elder Ning was not an ordinary Elder; he was from the most powerful Inheritance in Luoyun Sect - Kendo Inheritance!


"Weng Wuyou! You will be regretful for your today's behavior!" Elder Ning gnashed his teeth, his face filling up with hate. He suffered the biggest disgrace in his life today. No matter what would happen, he must return the same disgrace to Weng Wuyou for double times.


"You should be regretful for what you did today at first." The serenity on Weng Wuyou's face never faded away. It seemed he never took Elder Ning into consideration.


"Elder Weng…Let's forget it. Please let Elder Ning go!" One Elder opened mouth and asked for a favor.


"Hm, let him go? I act up to my promise. If he apologizes to my disciple, I will let him off." Weng Wuyou sneered in calmness. He didn't care the requests of other Elders.


"Weng Wuyou. All of us are Elders, we share the same status. You have no right to treat Elder Ning in this way!" An Elder stamped with fury; he pointed to and cursed Weng Wuyou. Although he was the Elder of another Inheritance, he had a good relationship with Elder Ning. He couldn't bear Elder Ning was bullied and humiliated continuously before his eyes. He wanted to defend Elder Ning against an injustice.


"Your words are bullshit! Today, even if Founder comes here, I will not allow him to take away Rubbish Ning." Weng Wuyou was so bossy that he didn't seem like an old man who had a foot in the grave; he was like an energetic and hot-blooded young king!


"You…" The Elder, who swore Weng Wuyou just now, blackened his face and waved his hands. Releasing strong power, he launched a raid to Weng Wuyou directly.


"Our Yuxu Inheritance has kept a low profile for a long time, so that all you guys forget the honor of my Inheritance! Today, I stand here and tell you, Yuxu Inheritance never declines, we're still unrivaled!" Weng Wuyou's eyes were sparkling. The strength of stars passed through his body and the bright star's splendor lighted up. Weng Wuyou shook one hand, and then the Elder attacking him flew out.


"Who is against me? Come on, let's have a fight!" Weng Wuyou exclaimed and cast his bright sight to every Elder.


"How mighty Elder Weng is!" The remaining Elders' hearts were beating faster; they were astounded by Weng Wuyou's strong power. They didn't consider that low-key Weng Wuyou would have such a mighty ability!


"Weng Wuyou, don't be complacent! There are many talented people in Kendo Inheritance. You humiliate me today; our Kendo Inheritance will take revenge on you one day!" Elder Ning kneeling down on the ground was not submitted to Weng Wuyou. Instead, he tried to threaten Weng Wuyou.


"Yuxu Inheritance has never fallen behind any Inheritance!" Mysterious lights gleamed in Weng Wuyou's eyes. He stared at Elder Ning and whooped, "If your Kendo Inheritance is unconvinced, welcome to combat with me at any time." After that, he glanced at Ye Feng and continued, "If Kendo Inheritance's disciples are unconvinced, welcome to fight with Ye Feng!"


Ye Feng was influenced by Weng Wuyou's energy and his hot blood was burning up. With his dazzling eyes, Ye Feng exclaimed, "My teacher says my thought! In the same cultivation realm, everyone who is dissatisfied with me, welcome to battle with me!"


"Yuxu Inheritance has never fallen behind any Inheritance!" Ye Feng's hair was glittering and translucent, his sight was firm and persistent and a kind of extraordinary temperament broke through his body. He seemed very uncommon!


Around Ye Feng and Weng Wuyou, whether Elders or disciples of Luoyun Sect, all were amazed by the brave words.


Yuxu Inheritance had never fallen behind any Inheritance!


How lofty and confident those words were! But how many people could say those words at public, like Ye Feng and Weng Wuyou?

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