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Chapter  9  Fuck Off


Ye Feng is wearing a blue-colored clothes. This is a special costume for the disciples of Luoyun Sect.


Therefore, these two people could recognized the identity of Ye Feng in the beginning.


Jiang Shui was not dressed in that, but she sat with Ye Feng,so she was also considered by them to be a factotum disciple.


"You guys are so overbearing."


Jiang Shui looked back with dissatisfied.


These two people are really too rude. They think that her and Ye Feng are obscurity so that they should forcibly taken away, and then they will monopolize the moire barbecue.


Ye Feng turned around and looked at the two men indifferently.


"Haha, It's you? It turned out to be you,a waste who was still in the realm of first condensation after three years of practice!"


The man, after seeing Ye Feng's face, laughed.


"You are the waste? ah, a year ago, when we just entered Luoyun Sect, You were a factotum disciple. Now that we've all become disciples, you're still a factotum disciple. I don't think you're suitable for cultivation, you should go home as an ordinary person and be a farmer."


The woman looked at Ye Feng with a giddines,said full of irony.


There was no mood swing on Ye Feng's face.He has heard too much words like this and was immune to such sarcasm.


He also recognized the two people.


The man was called Wu Tong and the woman was called Wang Jing, when they was together as a disciple, these two men often innocently bullied him.


At that time, he had no power and could only silently endure the insults of these people.

But now it is different, he has the strongest system , one star Saint Physique, the immortal method, "immortal sutra",the immortal skill, "Divine Roc" and also the fairy level implements Shennong tripod.


These people will never have the qualifications to bully him!


"Get away from me now. I can forget it as if nothing happened before."


Ye Feng said with a calm face.




"What kind of bullshit you are? You dare to speak to me like this. Don't you remember the moment that we "taught " you?"


Wu Tong's face was stern,such a waste like Ye Feng actually called him to fuck off, which really made him angry.


"After more than a year has passed, he had forgotten the pain at that time. Today we should ask him to recall the "nice" memory!"


Wang Jing smiled coldly.


"Well, you are asking for it."


Ye Feng stood up and a powerful imposing broke out instantly. His eyes glowed and he walked coldly toward Wu Tong and Wang Jing.


Wu Tong and Wang Jing showed surprises in their eyes, and the imposing displayed by Ye Feng was actually gave them a kind of frightening feeling!


" Just a waste trying to put on airs!"


Wu Tong sneered, he had a cultivation of the realm of 5th Layer QI condensation. How could Ye Feng be his opponent.


He laughed and felt that it was ridiculous that he was shocked by the imposing of Ye Feng.


"Recently, in Luoyun Sect, I have always encountered some unpleasant things that just took you to work off my anger!"


Wang Jing had a stern expression in her eyes. After she was promoted to an outer disciple, these outer disciples are more talent that her. She was very incompetent and has no sense of existence.


But, even if she does not the best in the outer, but in front of Ye Feng, she is also an invincible existence!


Her mouth was with a slightly disdain. It was a look of extreme disdain.


"Oh, so you guys were outer disciples. How could you be so arrogant as an outer disciple. You should apologize to your teacher!"


Jiang Shui mouth slightly tilted, casually said.


Wang Jing's face was livid with anger,said: "A little girl actually dares to accuse us. It really like attacks like. What kind of person can exist around a waste?"


"Around the waste, it is naturally the one more waste than him." Wu Tong laughed.


The two of them obviously did not recognize the identity of Jiang Shui.


Otherwise, they definitely did not dare to speak with Jiang Shui like that.


"waste!waste!....... it's really annoying."


Ye Feng's eyes were slightly squinted and his face was no longer calm. There was an uncontrollable anger burning deep in the eyes.


"i said you are waste, you are a waste!"


Wang Jing yelled, there were many divine splendor shining in the whole body, showed apparently her control of divine power has reached the level of entry.





Ye Feng moved, unexpectedly.


He bent over his bow, like a cheetah, suddenly leaped, just played the fierce Dragon Style, punched Wang Jing to fly out with coughing blood in her mouth.


"I will kill you!"


Wang Jing was irritated like a mad woman. Her cloth was broken and her face was bruised. She desperately wanted to kill Ye Feng!


Beside, Wu Tong was shocked.


Ye Feng just was too fast, and the fists he swept out were just overbearing. It didn't look like a waste with the realm of 1st Layer QI condensation.




"How dare you?! You must die here today!"


Wu Tong's eyes turned cold gradually, no matter how different the Ye Feng is , he firmly believes that his cultivation of the realm of 5th Layer QI condensation, absolutely can suppress the Ye Feng!


With a loud bang, his body lingered with brilliant splendor, and a blue knife appeared in his hand.


The blue knife was sparkled by the divine power of his body with super power.




Many blue knife appeared and lased towards to Ye Feng accurately!


The knife is very horrible and sharp. The branches of the trees that pass by were easily cut off. The branches and leaves dropped down.


"I wanted to save your life, but you didn't appreciate it. Well, you are gonna die here today! Anyway,nobody will care about it if a waste dead."


Wu Tong sneered, and the eyes revealed that he ready to kill.




Ye Feng's body glows, and the shape of white tiger in his fist lingers. He broke the knifes with just one punch,which explored the knifes into the pieces.


"Waste, you are waste, and your whole family is also waste, and you all will die a violent death!"


Wang Jing was crazy and completely lost her minds.




She never suffered from such a humiliation like this.Beaten by Ye Feng was directly collapsed her self-respect.




She took out a light sword and violently slashed toward Ye Feng.


"Go to hell!"


Ye Feng's eyes were cold and the entire body trembled with anger.


He was an orphan,so he always had the greatest desire to family.


But, Wang Jing actually cursed his family die a violent death. It really made the anger in his heart burn!




Ye Feng's eyes gazed and showed Divine Roc, a little roc formed by faint light curtain  appeared. he just swooped, ignoring Wang Jing's light sword attack, directly hit her with a punch. The little roc, direct hole wear Wang Jing's body!




The blood splattered, Wang Jing was torn apart, and the residual body fell to the ground.


She was killed by Ye Feng!


"Junior Sister! vengeance will be mine!"


Wu Tong screamed, his face was sad, and he looked at Ye Feng with all of his irresistible anger in the eyes!

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