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Ye Feng was serious about the scene before him. Xiao Teng was a strong rival, worthy of his respect.


"I…am not losing!" Xiao Teng screamed in his dry and hoarse voice. The firm and persistent light dazzled in his eyes. His fists fell on Ye Feng, weak and flabby.


"Wake up! This is just a competition. It represents nothing!" Ye Feng shouted. He tried to remind Xiao Teng, because he didn't want to see Xiao Teng losing his confidence for the failure in this combat.


"Right…I overcame more difficult problems before. This small failure can't stop my steps."


Ye Feng's words stimulated Xiao Teng. He refreshed his mind, the confident light resurfacing in his eyes.


"Thank you! Ye Feng!"


Xiao Teng grinned. His body and mind were relaxed. The conviction supporting him to fight faded away so he straightly fell down to the ground.


"When you recover, I invite you to have a drink." Ye Feng's eyes were sparkling. He helped Xiao Teng up, to avoid tumble.


"Ye Feng…wins!" All people gazed at Ye Feng in surprise. Immediately, sonorous sounds of amazement rose from crowds.


"Ye Feng! Ye Feng!" Nearly all people here yelled out this name.


This inheritance competition was the most wonderful one in the Sect's history. The result also dropped a bombshell.


"It's a pity. Senior Mu Chen would have been promoted to inner disciple with honor, however…" A lot of people sighed.


Mu Chen had an outstanding talent in cultivation. He should have been the honorable winner of this inheritance competition at first, and have drawn a perfect close for his life as an outer disciple. However, two dark horses, Ye Feng and Xiao Teng, enjoyed strong presence at the inheritance competition. Each of them was capable to defeat Mu Chen easily. They caught all people's attention, so that Mu Chen was easy to be ignored and got a dismal result.


"Senior Mu Chen may be a common man in the future…" Many outer disciples stared at Mu Chen with compassion.


Mu Chen was in a despondent mood. His eyes were gray. He lost his conviction and seemed very lonely. The bright and confident expression completely disappeared in his face.


"Although Xiao Teng was failed, he maintains his conviction. So he will have a great prospect." One outer disciple stated seriously.


Xiao Teng was beaten, but no one looked down upon him. His strength was highly recognized by everyone.


"Take good care of Xiao Teng!" Phfft! Elder Fu flew from the spectators stand to Ye Feng, supported Xiao Teng and ordered a disciple to take Xiao Teng to receive medical treatment.


"This inheritance competition comes to a perfect end!" A middle-aged man appeared at the center of the competition site, exclaiming with excitement.


This was the most interesting inheritance competition he had ever taken charge of. It surpassed all previous ones. He was hot-blooded with agitation.


"The winner of this inheritance competition in outer disciples is…"


The middle-aged man raised his voice, ran his eyes over all people on the spectators stand, and whooped, "The winner is Ye Feng, coming from Yuxu Inheritance!"


Hurrah! All people were amazed and cheered.


Ye Feng, had been promoted to an outer disciple several days ago, a well-known cultivation idiot in the Luoyun Sect, became the winner, the most dazzling disciple at this moment.


In a few moments, the middle-aged man announced the top ten disciples one by one.


"Xiao Teng! Xiao Teng!" Xiao Teng ranked second but he still received much screaming.


Similar to Ye Feng, he was nobody at first. If he didn't attend in the inheritance competition, maybe nobody would know him.


Ye Feng and Xiao Teng were doomed to be famous in the whole Luoyun Sect from today.

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