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"I'm not reconciled to the result!"


Xiao Teng shouted with the red fire jumping in his eyes. He waved his hand, a cluster of strong red fire turning up and rushing to Ye Feng.


This red fire was utterly whopping. When showing up, its amazing heat was billowing. Sweat appeared on the foreheads of many outer disciples on the spectators stand and dropped down to the ground.


"It's so hot!"


Plenty of outer disciples moaned. Their skins were red and heads were uncomfortable as if they were in a furnace.


"The Exotic Fire Xiao Teng has incorporated must be extraordinary."


Elder Fu's eyes became bright. Xiao Teng boasted a kind of Exotic Fire. This was an important thing. He needed to report it to the Founder at first time.


"How mighty the fire is!"


Ye Feng put on a dignified expression with the sweat running on his face. He was surprised by the power of the red fire.


"Break it!" Ye Feng exclaimed with highly concentration. He cautiously released the power of Divine Roc. By doing that, the strength of the Qingling Sword could be fully played.




Fast like the lightning, the sparkling Qingling Sword smashed with the Exotic Fire in a twinkle.


Immediately, the sound of big explosion resounded and the spark flew everywhere.


"It's impossible!" Xiao Teng couldn't believe. His throat went dry, face was darkened and confidence disappeared. The brightness vanishing in his eyes, he was very frustrated. This Exotic Fire came from his ultimate Exotic Fire, costing him much time to detach it. It was his strongest method! But he never expected his strongest method to be broken by Ye Feng just with a sword.


"No! I can't lose! I have met so many difficulties, just for this moment! I can't give up!"


Xiao Teng yelled. The bright light resurfaced in his eyes. He became confident again and would fight with Ye Feng until he was dead. He moved with the lance stabbing at Ye Feng.




The loud trill of metals echoed. Ye Feng halted the assault from the lance by his sword. At the same time, he was quite swift as a spiritual ape and closed to Xiao Teng just by a movement.




Ye Feng's fists were flashing because of the Tiger Fist. He punched Xiao Teng, causing Xiao spitted out blood and heavily fell down.


"You lost to me. Don't fight!" Ye Feng lowered his voice. He remarkably admired Xiao Teng, so he didn't want to hurt him again.


"No! I'm not losing!" Xiao Teng roared. His body was covered by blood. He was excessively awkward.




Ye Feng punched Xiao Teng. Xiao flew again, down to the ground over dozens meters.


"While there's life there's hope! Give up! Please!" Ye Feng raised his eyebrow. Xiao Teng was a stubborn guy; he would choose death before disgrace. Even Xiao knew he had no chance to win; he would still strive for victory until he ran out of his energy.


"I…I…can fight, I…am not losing!"


The blood came out from the corners of Xiao Teng's mouth. He was distracted. The red fire, jumping fiercely around him at first, was put out completely, only leaving a tongue of flame.


Xiao Teng trembled, stood up from the ground and walked to Ye Feng. He lifted his weak arms to punch Ye Feng.


It was his extraordinary willpower that supported him!


Xiao Teng had already lost fighting capacity. It was his emulative spirit that made him stand up and fight with Ye Feng. Only he could do this! If other people suffered serious injuries like him, they would have fallen into a coma early.

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