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Chapter 70  Unstoppable


All the people in the stands were shocked. Ye Feng stood in the battle field while his long hair was fluttered with the wind like a god of war who was surrounded by the brilliant divine light, awesome and heartshaking.


"Lu Qianyu...was defeated!"


Everyone was stunned by the failure of Lu Qianyu who was 6th ranked with the highest speed among the outer disciples.Having no suspense in the defeat , he was seriously injured.


"No one can stop the rise of Ye Feng...!"


An outer disciple sighed.


In the recent period, Ye Feng was far-famed, and anyone who was against him was defeated by him easily and unexpectedly.


" It is really a pity that he chose the inheritance of Yu-xu with such a good potential...!"


Looking at Ye Feng, Fu Elder felt very sorry to Ye Feng.


It was true that the inheritance of Yu-xu could be said the strongest inheritance of Luoyun Sect. However, it was broken and incomplete.Thus,you would not make any great achievements no matter how much your potential was.


"He can come to my kendo inheritance."


Ning Elder looked at Ye Feng with the light of satisfaction or approval in his eye.


Meanwhile, the other four elders also opened their mouth and wanted to ask Fu Elder to transfer Ye Feng to their own heritage.


Before they had not yet spoken, Ning Elder of kendo inheritance had already asked.


They shook their heads and bit the words back that had already rose to their lips.


Facing the strong kendo inheritance, they had no chance to ask.


"Let's talk about it later after asking the Sect Leader..."


Fu Elder sighed. The Weng Elder of Yu-cu inheritance was not the person they could control.


"Give you a chance to admit defeat."


Ye Feng was tall and slender, and his eyes were bright.He looked at Lu Qianyu and said indifferently.


"No,like Wang He.I will fight in the end and never give up!"


Lu Qianyu shouted, and his eyes showed a strong and firm light.


He was also moved deeply by Wang He's indomitable spirit that he never gave up although he was tortured violently by Ye Feng. What a high-spirited guy Wang He was!


"You really don't need to do that...!"


Ye Feng was kind of speechless and helpless.


The truth was Wang He was not as good as Lu Qianyu thought. It was clear that he blocked Wang He's mouth and made it impossible for him to shout out the words of 'admit defeat'.


Otherwise, Wang He had already gave up early.


"I want to fight in the end and never give up like Wang He!"


With the blood-stained long hair was dancing in the air, Lu Qianyu roared and jumped from the ground.He released his remaining divine power, and attacked to Ye Feng with a full blow.




Having no suspense, Lu Qianyu was flew out by Ye Feng's punch and then fell down heavily hundreds of meters away.




Ye Feng said silently.


The people who thought that Ye Feng would be defeated by Lu Qianyu and stopped here all closed their mouths and did not dare to speak.


On the other side, the battle between Xiao Teng and Mo Fan was not finished yet.


Mo Fan was very strong, and he was placed high hopes on being the first among the outer disciples.


Holding a wooden sword, he was like a God of sword who was extraordinary.


"No one can stop me!"


Xiao Teng's eyes glowed, and beside him, there was a huge red flame appeared. He pointed, and a red flame suddenly shot out like a fierce beast jumped to Mo Fan.


Facing the fierce attack of the red flame, Mo Fan did not have any panic.


The wooden sword jumped with the rune showing, blocking the red flame and making it impossible to move forward.


"You are strong and do have the ability to enter the top ten. But unfortunately, you have met me."


Mo Fan looked at Xiao Teng and said calmly.


Xiao Teng licked his lips and said, "I have suffered a lot for so many years whether being a legend or a waste. I have never given up. Today, I will rebuild my fame by defeating you!"


With a bang, the red flame in front of him jumped violently, and its temperature was increasing quickly. Even the people in the stands could feel the heat wave.


" Three changes of Mysterious Fire, the first change!"


Gazing his eyes,Xiao Teng passed through the red flame, and his imposing was instantly raised,terrible and horrible.


"What is it?!"


Mo Fan's face changed greatly, he could sense that Xiao Teng's power increased several times after he passed through the red flame, .


"I have never heard of that. Xiao Teng is really terrible!"


Fu Elder took a deep breath. Even if he had cultivated for a long time, he had never heard of such a immoral skill that could increase the power.




Xiao Teng's imposing changed greatly while the flames of the whole body violently jumped. He punched out with a horrible red flame toward Mo Fan.


"I have been working hard on the cultivation for a whole year just for this moment. The first place! I will definitely get it!"


Mo Fan shouted,and the sword in his hand was shining with a horrible and sinister light sword appeared, directly flying to Mo Fan.


This light sword was very terrible which was hard to imagine that this was sent by a wooden sword.




Mars splashed. Xiao Teng's big punch collided with Mo Fan's sword, causing a big sound.


After they separated, no one was hurt by another.


Both of them were very strong, and they all had the determination to win. So no one would give up easily!




In a short moment, they had already fought for hundreds of times intensely.The whole scene was horrible and terrifying.


"What a protracted war it is!Xiao Teng is really a tough one."


Many outer disciples were shocked.For them,Mo Fan was like a legend.


Now, his legend was stopped.


With a bang, Xiao Teng forced the red flame to burned to the extreme.He punched out and directly broke Mo Fan's sword!


"Damn it!"


Mo Fan was furious. The sword was given to him by his master,which had big significance for him.


But now it was broken and burned by the red flame.


"Baji Quan( is a Chinese martial art that features explosive, short-range power and is famous for its elbow strikes[citation needed]. It originated in Hebei Province in Northern China[citation needed], but is also well-known in other places today, especially Taiwan. Its full name is kai men baji quan (開門八極拳), which means "open-gate eight-extremities fist".)!"


Mo Fan's eyes were cold, and he punched out at the first time and directly killed to Xiao Teng.




The earth was shaking, the wind was blasting.With an terrifying power and a wave of energy fluctuations rushed out, Mo Fan punched toward Xiao Teng.


"You are not my opponent."


Xiao Teng's face was calm. He took a step with the amazing red flame, and directly collided with Mo Fan's fist.




It was a fierce collision, volleying the brilliance of the infinite amount!


As Xiao Teng said, Mo Fan was not his opponent and he was beaten out directly.




Mo Fan yelled, and his body hit the ground,making a big pit there and flying the dust and gravel in the sky!


Then, Xiao Teng moved and directly appeared in the air above Mo Fan.With the red flames burning in the double fists, He punched on Mo Fan instantly.




Mo Fan screamed, and there was a horrible big blood hole in his body with the blood flowed out continuously.He was seriously injured.


"I gave up!"


Mo Fan shouted with a painful look.


Otherwise, he would definitely die here!

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