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Chapter  66  Don't Discriminate Against A Young Man



"Fight for death!"


Tian Yi's face was dignified to the extreme. The flame in the hands of Xiao Teng made him afraid. Although he didn't know what the flame was, he felt very dangerous !




A blue light rushed from behind his back, and it was extremely radiant, and  went to Xiao Teng!


"We are all wrong. Beast Seal is not the strongest magical power of Tian Yi. The swordsmanship is the strongest power of him!"


A outer disciple said with a trembled voice!


"Yeah, the inheritance of Tian Yi is the first inheritance of Luoyun Sect , the kendo inheritance!"


Many outer disciples were shocked. The blue light was too fast. If they didn't think that Tian Yi was the disciple of the kendo inheritance, they couldn't realize that this blue light was actually a green sword!


"Ning Elder, your kendo inheritance have many great disciples..."


Fu Elder sighed.The kendo inheritance was the first heritage of the Luoyun Sect, and almost all potential disciples had chosen to enter the kendo inheritance.


Compared with it,the other five major inheritances were somewhat bleak.


Especially the inheritance of Yu-xu, it was most bleak one.During three hundred years, only one disciple chose to join in!


However, this time the inheritance of Yu-xu would likely rise up.


He was very optimistic about the potential of Ye Feng, and also believed that Ye Feng could help Yu-Xu inheritance to rise up again!


"Thank you. This is also because these disciples are very good, so they can have such achievements on the way of Kendo."


Ning Elder said.


With the sword released, a lot of people was optimistic about Tian Yi again, thinking that he might can defeat Xiao Teng!


The blue light was extremely fast, and in a blink of an eye, it arrived the front of Xiao Teng, and the sword body suddenly burst with a sharp sword light.


Xiao Teng's face was extremely calm, as if he had captured the position of the blue sword.


In his hand, the red flame was beating, and a fire suddenly broke out, directly hitting the blue light down. The blue light on the sword body subsided, and the sword was burned by the flames!




Tian Yi yelled with unbelievable!


The  green sword was a meddle grade Magic Tool, which was powerful and unmatched, but it still could not resist the attack of the group of red flames and directly be defeated!


"It my turn now." Xiao Teng calmly said.


When he was just finished, the imposing of his whole body changed, and  became more terrible.


He moved  as a mighty and unparalleled tiger rushed out of the mountain, roaring across the void .


"I gave……"


As soon as Tian Yi  was able to admit defeat, he was directly hit out by Xiao Teng, and the blood foam in the mouth continued to spurt out!


"It's too late."


Xiao Teng was calm.With the breeze passed his long hair, his ordinary face had became extremely handsome at this moment.


"I...I...I gave up!"


Tian Yi said with desperate.


Xiao Teng was too strong, and he was not Xiao Teng's opponent.


A large exclamation sounded and was even stronger than the excitement of Ye Feng before!


"Tian Yi... was defeated!"


Many outer disciples were shocked. Tian Yi was ranked seventh and he was defeated so easily by Xiao Teng!


"Xiao Teng... Xiao Teng!"


Xiao Teng's name was called by them loudly, and since then, Xiao Teng was no longer a nameless person, but a shocking figure in Luoyun Sect!


"Hardship increases status! Xiao Teng, the hardship you have suffered before is not in vain!"


Ling Ran looked at Xiao Teng with tears in his eyes flashed.


At this moment, Xiao Teng also suddenly raised his head, looking at the eyes of Ling Ran.


For Xiao Teng,no matter what kind of hard situation, he could keep calm.But at this moment, When he saw Ling Ran, the look on his face became violently excited!


"Don't Discriminate Against A Young Man! Ling Ran, I did it!"


Xiao Teng shouted while tears flashed out in his eyes!


"Xiao Teng!"


Ling Ran could not control herself and cried out!


"It seems that he is the reason for Senior Sister Ling Ran to come here ..."


Some inner disciples were surprised.


"Don't Discriminate Against A Young Man! Good, well said!"


Ye Feng's eyes were gazed, and he looked deeply at  Xiao Teng.


"Xiao Teng is unknown, and there is a strange flame in his hand. It is very suspicious. After the test is over, we must review him well!"


Ning Elder looked at Xiao Teng and said.


Tian Yi was a disciple of the kendo, and he was defeated in the hands of a nameless person which kind of annoyed him,and he also  had a lot of complaints against Xiao Teng.


"What?!" Fu Elder was so angry that he stood up from the chair and looked at  Ning Elder with anger: "What do you know! He is using  the body as the tinder, using the flesh and blood as a Cauldron , and cultivating the Heaven Fire into the body! such a teenager, his future will be unlimited!"


"For Xiao Teng, you must focus on training and can't have any scorn!Understand?"


The Fu Elder's sight swept through the  elders one by one, and then said seriously.




The five elders nodded in response.


Although they didn't understand what's the meaning of using body as tinder, but after seeing the attitude of Fu Elder, they knew that  Xiao Teng's power was very horrible, and his future achievements were also boundless.


"The third round is over, now the fourth round begins!"


The middle-aged man was excited. He had presided over many years of inheritance test and had never been so excited like this.


This time,in the inheritance test, there were many black horses ,and all of them was stronger than before, which made him feel inferior.


"I hope that this time,my opponent will not admit defeat without fighting with me as the last time."


Ye Feng glanced at the bamboo stick in his hand and then looked around and wanted to see who the opponent was this time.


Now,  there were only seventy disciples here, so he quickly found his opponent.


"It 's him!"


Ye Feng grinned. his opponent was not someone else,but Wang He who was constantly looking for his trouble !


Meanwhile, Wang He also saw Ye Feng. After an eye contact with Ye Feng, Wang He's eyes were full of contempt immediately.


"Don't think that you have beaten Li, and then you are qualified to fight against me! In front of me, you will always be a waste!"


With a sneering face, Wang He said.


"My limelight has been covered by Xiao Teng, and I will use you to reinvigorate my limelight this time."


Ye Feng said lightly.


"Stop talking big!Let's wait and see in the test site!"


Wang He sneered and jumped directly to the test site.


Li was Ranked fifteen while he was ranked tenth!


In particular, he had been working hard during this period of time, and his strength had been greatly improved.


Although Ye Feng was very strong, in his opinion, he was still not his opponent!

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