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Chapter  62   The Inheritance Test Begins!



"How dare you to talk to me like this!"


The young man with the big knife was furious by what Ye Feng had said before.The word "dog" really drove him insane.


With a bang, he quickly pulled the big knife out from behind and waved his arms with knife towards Ye Feng.




With a chilling sight,Ye Feng shot the fierce Dragon Style at the first time. He directly bombarded the big knife and instantly smashed the big knife,and also turned over the young man at the same time .


All the outer disciples were stunned and looked at Ye Feng.


As a powerful 12-ranked master,the young man's weapon was smashed by Ye Feng's one punch.


Which was just like a dream. Unbelievable and terrify.


All them were trembled back and did not dare to provoke Ye Feng anymore.


Especially the disciples who were robbed by Ye Feng were even more shocked. Because they could clearly sense that Ye Feng was more powerful and terrible than before.


In their hearts, they completely dispelled the idea of bullying Ye Feng, and listed Ye Feng in the list of the person who could not be provoked.


Ye Feng ignored the awe in these outer disciples' eyes and walked straight ahead.


Soon, he had already arrived at the entrance to the test valley.


Suddenly, his gazed his eyes and saw a familiar back.


Wang He, who was ranked tenth in the outer discipline!


At this time, Wang He also saw Ye Feng. He walked toward Ye Feng with a cold smile.


"It's funny that even a waste can also join in the inheritance test."


He laughed and continued: "The deadline of one mouth is coming soon. You should stay at home and work hard on cultivation rather than coming here to shame on you. Please take care , or I will kill you by punch accidentally at that time."


"You don't have to wait till that time. I will end the problem between you and me this time during the test!"


Ye Feng said coldly.


"So you have the confidence? I hope that you can meet me in the test, but I think that is impossible. You can never stick to the end."


Wang He disdainfully smiled and turned to enter the valley.


"Let's wait and see"


Ye Feng sneered. He was now very different. All the immortal skills he had mastered have upgraded the levels and integrated. At this time, if he was against with Wang He, he was sure that he could defeat Wang He within a few strokes.


"Mu Chen...! Mu Chen is here!"


An exclamation sounded, and then caused a large cheers.


Not far away, a young boy came to the entrance of the test valley, and he was the first person of the outer disciple.


Accompanied by Mu Chen was a red-haired girl whose beauty could cause the downfall of cities and countries.She was the first beauty of the outer disciple.


The two of them were the focus of the audience. Just as soon as they showed up, they all attracted the attention of the disciples.


"Mu Chen... Muchen...!"


"Hong Ling...Hong Ling...!"


The screams rose after another, and all the outer disciples were looking excitedly at Mu Chen and Hong Ling.


Mu Chen was simply a legendary figure of outer disciples. Since entering the Luoyun Sect, his realm had been improved in an amazing speed, and also he had never been defeated.


And about Hong Ling, she was too beautiful so that she could turn everyone on just by one sight.


Mu Chen and Hong Ling got into the valley with smile. But when passing by Ye Feng, Hong Ling suddenly stopped, and looked at Ye Feng by her beautiful eyes which was flashed by the brilliance.


"You are Ye Feng who accepted Qu Linyin as a maid?"


She lightly opened her red-red lips while the sweet voice which was like coming from the heaven sounded,questioning Ye Feng.


Ye Feng's eyes were clear, and the sight he looked at Hong Ling was tranquil. He nodded calmly and said: "Yes."


After hearing Ye Feng's answer, Hong Ling's face suddenly cooled down.


She had a good relationship with Qu Linyin. She got so mad after she heard that Qu Linyin was accepted as a maid. If she had to accompany Mu Chen to cultivate, she wouldn't let Qu Linyin go to be a maid.


"You'd better let her go, or I promise that you will have a big trouble in Luoyun Sect!"


Hong Ling sneered. She was already suppressing her anger now, or she would definitely punched him.


"It's none of your business."


Ye Feng said faintly. For Hong Ling' threat ,he did not even give it a shit.


Even Hong Ling was powerful, she could not surpass the existence of "Heaven Phoenix" in Luoyun Sect,Lin Xi?


He was not even afraid of Lin Xi. Of course that he would not also be afraid of her,an outer disciple.


"Junior brother, its understandable that you are young and aggressive, but don't overdo it, or you will get into trouble!"


Mu Chen turned his head and looked at Ye Feng with a calm face.


His temperament was outstanding with his black hair was fluttering in the wind and he was mild and gentle whose imposing was inadvertently breathtaking.


"I never ask for trouble, but I am not afraid of trouble as well!"


With the divine light flashed in the eyes of Ye Feng, he looked directly at Mu Chen without fearing the forced imposing of Mu Chen.


Around, all the outer disciples looked at Ye Feng with amazement.


Ye Feng even dared to talk to Mu Chen likr this!


What huge courage he had!


" Great! Hope that you can still maintain this mentality after this test."


Mu Chen smiled casually, and then went into the valley with Hong Ling.


Ye Feng raised his eyebrows. Although he acted like he was calm, in his heart,he was not calm at all.


Mu Chen was the first person of the outer disciples. Ye Feng had a strong sense of oppression and he felt that Mu Chen would be a very difficult enemy to him!


However, he still did not fear, and got into the test valley.


In the valley, there were so many people making noisy, and Ye Feng quietly stood on the side, waiting for the opening of the test.


During this period, he saw many acquaintances, such as Qu Linyin and Yurou who were  talking with each other happily, and Senior Brother Li who was ranked fifteenth among the outer disciples and also beaten by Ye Feng in the Spiritual Tower.




A melodious bell rang, and the noise that lasted for more than an hour disappeared.The valley became quiet.


In the sky, there were six rainbow appeared, and standing on them were six elders. Every elder had a powerful imposing, which made people feel shocked.


Among them, there was a gray-haired elder who was particularly sultry, and obviously he was stronger than the other five elders.


"Everyone,listen up! Before the inheritance test begin, I will announce the rules."


The white-haired elder came out. He stood at the forefront and said: "The five elders behind me are from the five major inheritances of Luoyun Sect. Today they will host the testwith me!"


"The rules are very simple. You will choose the opponent by the lottery. the winner advances, and the loser exits!"


"Now start drawing lots!"


With a bang, hundreds of figures appeared on the central site, and each of them had a bamboo tube in the hand.


"Finally we get start!"


Ye Feng's eyes flashed and went down to draw lots.

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