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Chapter  61 "Surging Wind and Cloud"


Outer mountain, hundreds of outer disciples were preparing nervously.


The annual inheritance match would be opened, and no one dared to treat it lightly. They all wanted to get a good ranking in the match.


However, there were also many outer disciples who were very leisurely without any sense of oppression.


"It's going to be held every year, and I am always the first.Hopefully that there will be an accident this year otherwise it will be so boring for me."


Sitting by the lake,a teenager who was fishing said jokingly .


"There is no accident.Mu Chen,you are definitely the first in this year's match!"


Next to the young Mu Chen was a young red-haired girl with an elfin face. Her skin was smooth and as white as snow. Her eyes were dewy and watery,which could fascinate people at first sight.


"Hong Ling. Truly you are the first beauty among outer disciples.Even the Senior Sisters of inner disciples is not necessarily comparable to you."


Mu Chen looked at the Hong Ling and said with highly praise.


"Humph!You will soon be promoted to an inner disciple. At that time, after you meet a beautiful Senior Sister, you will absolutely forget me."


Hong Ling pouted her lips slightly to show her slightly dissatisfy.


"Therefore, you should pay more attention to cultivation. Then you can be an inner disciple like me and knock them down."


Mu Chen gave Hong Ling a spoiled glance, and then he gently embraced her into his arms.


On another mountain, a teenager who was naked with his body shining was cultivating as a tiger.


With a bang, he punched out and directly smashed a huge bluestone into the powder.


"This time,I must win the first place!"


There was firm light shone in the eyes of the teenager. His name was Chen Zhong, and his cultivation realm was already in the 9th Layer QI condensation. He was also the second master among the outer disciples!


The mountains were beautiful, and The summit of the mountain was lost in the cloud and mist. Under the exquisite pavilion, several young people were drinking.


"Mu Fan,you has been cultivating for a year. This time, you must be able to defeat Mu Chen and Chen Zhong and win the first place."


A teenager proposed a toast to Mo Fan,saying with a smile.


Mo Fan responded with a toast.With the light of his eyes flashed ,he said: "While I am making progress, Mu Chen and Chen Zhong are also improving.Yet, this time I have great confidence to win the first place."


"In terms of talent, Mo Fan,you guys are neck and neck. It is said that this time Mu Chen will definitely win the first place again. I don't think so!"


Several teenagers complimented to Mo Fan with a toast, saying that Mo Fan would definitely win the first place.


On the lonesome mountain of Yu-xu(Clean and extraordinary realm) inheritance , Qu Linyin was blowing a jade flute. the sounds were clear and beautiful, and there was the piece of divine light raining out, refreshing the soul and heart of the people.


"I must work hard to make a good impression to Senior Brother, Mu Chen!"


The flute was sounding.All the nearby hay was like being given a vitality and regrew up, attracting butterflies dancing around,which was really a beautiful scene.


As time went by, just in the blink of an eye, ten days had passed,and the day of the inheritance match came.


On this day, all the outer mountain was completely filled with noisy noises everywhere. The hubbub of voices bubbled up across the whole Luoyun Sect.


All the outer disciples were excited to rush to the valley.


The valley was extremely large and also was the venue for this big match that enough to accommodate as many as 100,000 people.


Not only the outer disciples went to the Valley, but also some of the inner disciples rushed toward the valley.


"Don't know that who will have a good performance this year."


The inner disciples were talking about the inheritance match in groups .


"It must be Mu Chen to get the first place. I'm too far behind to catch up with him..."


An inner disciple said with a sigh.


He once saw Mu Chen in inheritance match last year. His horrible talent and the apprehensiveness of Immortal Skill made him deeply feel inferior.


"Mu Chen is very good. After this match,he will be promoted to an inner disciple. At that time, there will definitely be a place in the Qing Yun Ranking for him!"


Another inner disciple said with envy.


Although he was an inner disciple, his talents were not very great.Since then He had not yet entered the Qing Yun Ranking.


"Qing Yun Ranking?!"


All the inner disciples were shocked.They never expected to white their name on it.


Qing Yun Ranking, the rank of the strength of the inner disciplest that only recorded the top 100 person of inner disciples.


Although there were only thousands of inner disciples in Luoyun Sect, and the Qing Yun Ranking only recorded the top 100 inner disciples.It was a fierce competition.


Just then, there was a crane flying in the sky, and above this crane, there was a girl with a gorgeous temperament.


"It's Senior Sister,Ling Ran!"


An inner disciple was shocked.


"This is the 20th-ranked Senior Sister in the Qing Yun Ranking,Ling Ran! She has never came to watched the inheritance match before. Fancy that she will come this time!"


Before they could back to earth for the shock, something more shocking had happened.


"Oh My God... I am not dreaming? Is that Senior Brother Du Chong who is the 17th-ranked in Qing Yun Ranking coming with Senior Brother Fang Tian who is the 15th-ranked?!"


"What in the inheritance match of this time has attracted so many detached inner Senior Brothers."


All the inner disciples had a huge earthquake in their minds.As the powerful existence on the Qing Yun Ranking,they had brought them a great shock.


"Is the match started?"


At this time, on the inheritance mountain of Yu-xu, Ye Feng opened his eyes and stopped cultivating.


As soon as he opened his eyes, his body lit up with a glimmer of sunshine.His body was crystal and clear.The spiriutal energy of his life was as rich as the sea, and his breath was strong and deep.


"I had Achieved the expected results.The realm had been improved a layer. The Dragon Stely and Fire Cloud technology had been well digested.Besides,I can also handle Qingling sword very skillfully now."


Ye Feng whispered and then stood up.Afte a light flashed,he disappeared directly from the mountain of Yuxu.


When he reappeared, he was already on the big road leading to the valley of the match .


"Maybe the inheritance of Yuxu will reproduce in the world!"


Just when Ye Feng had just left the mountain, the broken door of hall suddenly opened. Looking at the back of Ye Feng ,an old man muttered to himself.


On the road, there were crowds of people.A large number of outer disciples walked on this road.


After Ye Feng appeared on the road, it caused confusion among the outer disciples.


"Damn, he even dare to come to join in the inheritance match.Senior Brother,you must help us to beat him up for revenge !"


Many outer disciples were staring at Ye Feng with anger, and they were all outer disciples who had been robbed by Ye Feng.


"You are Ye Feng?"


A young man with a big knife appeared, and his eyes looked at Ye Feng with hostility.


He was one of the outer disciple who was robbed by Ye Feng. He was very powerful and ranked 12th among the outer disciples.


"Get out of the way." Ye Feng said unceremoniously.


For those who came to him for trouble, he would never be polite to them.

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