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Chapter  60  Upgrade


"The inheritance match of the outer disciples ? What's that?"


Ye Feng looked confused and didn't know anything about this match.


"Every year,there will be a match between the outer disciples of five inheritances. This year, it seems that it will be the match of six inheritances."


Qu Linyin looked at Ye Feng with interest.


Although she was very disgusted with Ye Feng in her heart, she had to admit that Ye Feng's strength was very strong.


After all when Ye Feng was fighting with hundreds of outer disciples, she was also present.


"How long will it be started ?" Ye Feng asked.


"There are still ten days."


Qu Linyin responded and continued to say: "Don't dreaming the first place. He is too strong , and no one in the outer disciples can beat him."




"Of course. He will be promoted to an inner disciple after this match!What do you think?"


When Qu Linyin mentioned this person, her face changed slightly. Obviously she had a crush on  this person.


"I didn't think so, I think he is shameless." Ye Feng said in disapproval.


"What do you mean? Why do you say that!" Qu Linyin said dissatisfied.


"It is clear that his strength has reached the level of the inner disciple, and he still participate in the match for outer disciples. This is why I said he is shameless."


"Hey!Can't he participate in this match with a strong power?"


"Yes,he can. But this time he is absolutely wrong because he must be promoted to the inner disciples with regret." Ye Feng said faintly.


With a scornful looking,Qu Linyin was wondering.


It was you who was shameless.


Bragging unblushingly.How many powers you had and dared to say that you could let him regret??


"Is there any reward for this match?" Ye Feng asked.


"Yes, people who get the first place can get a thousands of Spiritual Stones of middle grade.And there are also ten Spiritual Cores of 2nd Layer as rewards."


Ye Feng rolled his eyes and said: "No wonder that he wants to be promote the inner disciple after the match is finished."


He was a little excited.


These rewards were really important for him.


If others had got so many Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores, It should take a long time for them to absorb them.


But He was different. With the strongest system, he could directly convert them into experience values to improve the level of each Immortal Skill.


"I will win the first place!" Ye Feng's eyes were firm.


"Just by you? Stop dreaming! You are lucky enough if you can get in the top ten." Qu Linyin said disdainfully.


"Do you participate in this match?" Ye Feng looked at Qu Linyin with a smile.


"Sure! Don't expect that I will show you the mercy in the fight. If you fight with me, I will defeat you directly!" Qu Linyin gave a glance at Ye Feng.


"Since that you are maid, I will protect you to then second place."


After Ye Feng said that, he left.


"Protect me? Don't fool me! You can't even enter the top ten!"


Qu Linyin shouted loudly in Ye Feng's back.


It was a short time for Ten days. Ye Feng did not dare to waste any time and immediately prepared to cultivate.


"I can't expose the fairy-level methods in public. There were only the Dragon Style, Fire Cloud and Qingling sword can b used. So it is necessary to upgrade their levels."


With a bang, Ye Feng's eyes lit up and summoned the light curtain of system data .


Host name: Ye Feng.


Realm:The 7th Layer QI condensation .


Constitution: first-order Saint Physique (0/100000).


Experience values: 6500.


Cultivation Method:

Immortal Sutra  0/10000  (immortal method)

Divine Roc     0/10000  (immortal skill)

Dragon Style   0/3000 (5th Layer)  (Low grade in Earth Level)

Fire Cloud      0/1000 (1st layer) (Middle grade in Earth Level).

Magic Tools :

Shennong Tripod (immortal incomplete)  ( the process of repairing:1/10)

Qingling Sword0/1000(Middle grade)。




After reading the data panel, Ye Feng had a comparison in his mind. He converted all the Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores into experience values.




"Congratulations on the successful conversion! The experience values is 27000, and the current experience values of the host is 32000."


Ye Feng was very satisfied with this. He had gained so much experience values,which needed to appreciate to the disciples who had 'sent' the Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores to him.


"Upgrade the Fire Cloud first! After all, it's level of the is higher."


Without any hesitate,Ye Feng directly used the experience values to upgrade the Fire Cloud.


"Congratulations to the success of the host upgrading Fire Cloud."


"Congratulations to the success of the host upgrading Fire Cloud."


"Congratulations to the success of the host upgrading Fire Cloud."


"Congratulations to the success of the host upgrading Fire Cloud! The current Fire Cloud has already cultivated completely. And the grade of Fire Cloud has upgraded into the high grade in Earth Level."


The sound of the system came, and Ye Feng stopped to upgrade the Fire Cloud again.


"It has consumed 11,000 experience values from middle grade to high grade. It's awesome!"


Ye Feng nodded and was very satisfied with the results.


Then, he used the experience values to the Qingling Sword and consumed more than 10,000 experience values.As the result, the grade of Qingling Sword had also upgraded to high grade.


"As well as Dragon Style!"


Ye Feng did not hesitate and spent all the remaining experience values on the upgrading of  Dragon Style. Its grade was also upgraded from the low grade to high grade.


"In the next few days, I will digest these Immortal Skill well and improve the level of my cultivation so that I can win the first place in this match!"


With the divine light shining in the eyes of Ye Feng, he displayed the Dragon Style and Fire Cloud, and began his hard cultivation .


On the top of a mountain in the depths of the Luoyun Sect, a milky mist filled the valley while the cranes were humming. The scene was beautiful as a wonderland.


Standing on the mountaintop was a beautiful girl whose clothes were as white as snow, and danced in the wind, like a angel who was almost flew away in the wind.


"Miss.Ye Feng is now beyond our expectations. He can not only cultivate again, but has an amazing potential ."


Below the beautiful girl, there was a girl standing respectfully. It was Bai Jie who was the chief disciple of the Alchemy elder.


"Oh? So what?He and I was destined to be no longer a person in the same world."


The beautiful girl's face was as calm as a dead water without any billows.


"But... if we don't stop him, I am afraid that we will be threatened by him in the future."


Bai Jie was worried. The news of Ye Feng in these days had been raging in the Luoyun sect.  Even she was scared by the potential displayed by Ye Feng.


"Threat? Even give him ten times more potential,he will never able to threat me."


The beautiful girl shook her head softly.Like an angel with a fairness temperament,she was supernatural existence in the world, as if nothing in the world could shake her heart.


"I'm too overreacting. As the 'Heavenly phoenix' with great talent above the worldly world. Miss is incomparable for such a kind of ordinary man like him."


Bai Jie said with admire.


"I am about to enter the Spiritual Road soon, and Ye Feng will never have any intersection with me anymore."


The beautiful girl looked into the distance with her watery eyes.She was pure like a real fairy, which could make anyone self-defeating.


"Spiritual Road..."


Bai Jie trembled, and her face was filled with envious.

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