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Chapter  59  The Elder


"Is here can also be counted as the place of inheritance? Are you kidding me!"


A outer disciple said with disdain.


"Look at here! Which part like a place of inheritance? It is just a barren mountain!"


All the outer disciples were laughing.


It was true that here was not like a place of inheritance. Fulling of dead grass and dead trees, it could not be more desolate.


Different with here, the other five major inheritance were located in the place where the Clouds and mist were curling up and the cranes were flying together as the fairyland in the heaven, forming a strong contrast with this place.


"It's not too good here,yet it's still not something you can humiliate!"


In the eyes of Ye Feng, the divine power was shining, and swept away from these outer disciples.


"Stop talking nonsense!You'd better to release Senior Sister Qu right now , or I will break your leg."


A outer disciple yelled, and  looked at Ye Feng with a disdain looking.


"Who the hell do you think you are ? Dare to bark like a dog in front of me!"


Ye Feng's eyes were gazed. Leaping from the original place,he rushed in the group of outer disciples .


"Dragon Style!"


His body lit up with the fierce Dragon Styles displaying. He directly knocked over a group of outer disciples.




All the outer disciples were stunned by Ye Feng's strong power.


"Fight! He is just one person, and we have so many people.We don't need to afraid of him!"


After heard that,all the outer disciples moved together, and their whole body lit up with a faint luster, launching a fierce attack against Ye Feng.


"Too naive!"


Ye Feng sneered while his imposing was becoming more and more fierce. As a fierce beast, he rushed to the crowd and swept a group of people.




With outer disciples flying out continually, the battle here was getting more and more fierce and violent. The dead trees nearby were broken by the energy fluctuations.


"Is he still a human?"


"Back!He is a beast!"


All the outer disciples were shocked and quickly retreated from the mountain.


"Want to run away? Give me your Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores!"


Ye Feng's body glowed, and he suddenly ran his power in the same place, jumping to the front of outer disciples and blocking their way.


In front of the mountain gate, Qu Linyin was speechless.


Ye Feng was really like a bandit.He even robbed the brothers.


"Ye Feng, Don't over do it! Without Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores, how do we cultivate!"


A outer disciple said with black in the face.


"You guys have broke in the place of inheritance regardless of the rules!It's you who over do it!"


Ye Feng looked calmly at these outer disciples.


"Since then you still can't rob our Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores."


A outer disciple said with guilty conscience.


He really didn't think that they would be defeated by Ye Feng with a team of 100 people.


"Without the Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores left today, none of you guys can leave!"


Ye Feng said calmly.


"Shit!Let's fight with him,and everyone use all the power!"


All the outer disciples were pissed off directly. Letting them hand the Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores, which was equivalent to take their life.




Ye Feng punched out and directly overturned a leading outer disciple, which immediately degraded the arrogance of other outer disciples.


What should they do...?


The gap between them and Ye Feng was too big, and they were not Ye Feng's opponent.


"We won't give you our Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores even you kill us ."


All the outer disciples had the same thought, which was that they would not give Ye Feng the  Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores even if they were killed by him.


"Well! I have enough time."


Ye Feng smiled lightly, then he raised his voice with divine power, and said to the mountain gate.


"Xiao Yin, chair and a pot of tea please."


Xiao Yin?


All the outer disciples were shocked.


Was she the Qu Linyin who was one of the five beauty in outer disciples?


In front of the mountain gate, Qu Linyin gnashed her teeth tightly.Ye Feng really regard her as a maid.


"After a mouth, I will let you to be my servant!"


After a light flashed,Qu Linyin jumped and left.


Soon, she appeared again, holding a chair and a tea with her hands.


"Give you."


Qu Linyin's face was as cold as ice, standing quietly behind Ye Feng as a maid.




Ye Feng nodded, sitting leisurely in the chair and drinking tea.


The outer disciples were almost spurted blood directly by the shock.


Qu Linyin,   one of the five beauty of outer disciples whose cultivation was eighth ranked , now really became a maid!


"I have a lot of time. And you don't need be so hurry! Whoever doesn't hand over the Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores today,don't want to get out of here."


Ye Feng said calmly and sat in the chair.


Gnashing their teeth,they have never met such a person like Ye Feng who even robbed their brothers and sisters in the outer gate.


As time passed, none of these foreign disciples bowed their heads and they refused to hand over the Spiritual Stones and the Spiritual Cores.


"The tea is cold.Please change it."


Siitting on the chair,Ye Feng didn't care them at all.


Qu Linyin left, and soon she came back with a pot of hot tea in her hand.


After a whole day, some outer disciples could not hold on, and chose to hand over the Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores to leave.


They had already seen the determination of Ye Feng, and It was impossible to get out of here if they did not hand over the Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores .


"That's right.We are brothers, so we don't need to hurt our brotherhood because of such a small thing."


Ye Feng said with a smile.


small thing? brotherhood?


All the outer disciples were cursing in their hearts.


If it was a small thing, why did you do that?


Soon, many outer disciples were downcast and compromised.They chose to hand over the Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores.


They really couldn't afford to waste time with Ye Feng.There were still many cultivation homework had not been completed for them.


In the end, all the outer disciples handed over the Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores.


"Welcome to come again,Senior Brothers ."


Ye Feng smiled and looked very happy.


This time, he had got more than 700 pieces of Spiritual Stones and more than 200 pieces of Spiritual Cores , which was really a bumper harvest.


Qu Linyin was speechless for a while.


Compared with Ye Feng, all the spiritual resources she had received was not as much as Ye Feng got this time!


On the mountain peak, the door of the broken hall suddenly opened, and a skinny old man appeared.


He looked very old, but the eyes were sharper than anyone else.




His old poker face showed a smile and covered the wrinkles on the old face.


With a bang, he disappeared , and when he appeared again, he had already arrived at the front of Ye Feng.


Ye Feng was so shocked that he retreated a few meters backwards.


"If you want to enter the inheritance of Yu-xu,then you need to get the first place in the inheritance match of outer disciples."


After the old man finished, he disappeared instantly.


"Wow, he is a hundred times stronger than my master."


Qu Linyin was stunned by the shock .


Her master was one of the elders in the five inheritance, but compared with the imposing of the old man, her master was still far away from him,and not at same level!

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