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Chapter  55  The top grade Magic Tool with perfect quality


"Is this so-called suitable to her??" Qu Linyin's face turned livid with rage.


She was trying so hard to control herself from losing her temper.


Ye Feng was too much, and there were so many high-grade immortal skills that he could choose, but finally he got a immortal skill without level!


Everyone knew that in the Spiritual Tower, no level meant useless.


"give it to me."


Yurou grabbed the ink-colored jade Jane and tested it by her divine power. Just as what Qu Linyin had said ,it was a immortal skill without level.


Moreover, after she looked through it carefully, this was also an incomplete immortal skill...


"Ye Feng..."


Looking at Ye Feng,she wanted Ye Feng to give her an explanation.


"Trust me." Ye Feng whispered.


Yurou thought for a while, and then she said with a firm light shining in the eyes: "Okay, I chose this one."


"You...! You piss me off!" Qu Linyin yelled.


She really had no idea that which part of Ye Feng deserved her to trust so much!


"Well.It's time for me to choose my own Magic Tool and Immortal skill." Said Ye Feng.


He went to the place where the Immortal Skills of high-grade placed and took up one of the highest-grade.


"Fire Cloud, middle grade of the Earth Lever. It's not bad!."


"Ye Feng, What a mean person you are! You chose a high-grade method for yourself, but a useless method for Yurou!" Qu Linyin felt very unhappy.


"You know nothing about that.These are not suitable for her." said Ye Feng.


In fact, he could choose any kind of Immortal skills put here. With the strongest system, he could perfect them and improve the level!Did not need to worry about anything.


Later, he used the strongest system and selected a piece of Magic Tool that could be counted as a good one among many Magic Tools.


The level of the Magic Tools here were very low so that it was a big luck to accidentally present a top grade Magic Tool with with perfect quality, Qingxuan jade hairpin .


"Hey, I find that you are such a smart guy. Both the Immortal Skill and Magic Tool that you had chosen for yourself were the best!"


Qu Linyin was very dissatisfied.In her opinion, the Magic Tool that had chosen by Ye Feng was definitely the best one in of this floor.


"Let's go to get the Spiritual Stone and medicine!"


Ye Feng did not care about Qu Linyin. He left the Spiritual Tower and went to the front of the middle-aged man.


"What do you get? Take it out and show it to me."


With a calm face,The middle-aged ordered Ye Feng.


Ye Feng took the Immortal Skill and Magci Tool out.


"Good! But you have to remember that you should sent them back in good condition that after the fifteenth years.Besides, you should not teach them to others."


After the middle-aged man finished, he immediately threw a bag to Ye Feng.


"This is a simple Storage Treasures with your current resources for cultivation inside."


Ye Feng took over and perceived it by his divine power. The he found that there were dozens of Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores inside.


"Thank you! Martial Uncle!"


Ye Feng smiled and He bowed his thanks. With these resources, he could exchange a lot of experience values.


At this moment, Yurou and Qu Linyin also came out.


"Where is your Immortal Skill and Magic Tool?"


Looking at Qu Linyin,The middle-aged man asked with a kind smile.


"I don't need that,Martial Uncle.By the way,could you please help me to check out the Immortal Skill and Magic Tool that Yurou get to make sure if they are good or not?"


Qu Linyin was urging Yurou to take out the Immortal Skill and Magic Tool quickly while asking Martial Uncle.


Yurou was kind of reluctant to take them out.


Although she believed in Ye Feng, yet the level of these two things was actually a bit low.


The jade hairpin was crystal and clear, which looked very dazzling and exquisite.Every would feel that it was not a ordinary thing just by the first glance.


"Why do choose this one?"


The middle-aged man frowned. This Magic Tool was in the Spiritual Tower for too long, and he had already forgot that why he put this into the Spiritual Tower before.


Because this Magic Tool was really too ordinary and useless. There was no magic power in it, but a gorgeous appearance.


"I will give you another chance to choose again. Go to get another one!"


The middle-aged man said.


There were also many female disciples who wanted to take away this jade hairpin before, but they were all persuaded by him, because this jade hairpin could only be used as jewelry, not a Magic Tool.


"Thank you, Master Uncle. I still want to keep it."


Yurou declined with apology. She knew that middle-aged man said it all out of kindness, but she still wanted to believe in Ye Feng. Maybe the Jade Hairpin was powerful weapon.


"Soft, don't be silly anymore! Even Master Uncle said that it was a useless Magic Tool , you should change it right now!"


Qu Linyin shouted with anxious.


Yurou smiled and shook her head.She decided not to change.


"And The Immortal Skill... You should change it as well."


The middle-aged man felt strange. Why did she pick them?

It was okay that she had choose a waste Magic Tool for good looking.But even the Immortal Skill she got was also useless...


Yurou shook her head with a smile, rejecting the goodwill of middle-aged man again.


"Ye Feng, come here! See what you have done!"


Qu Linyin shouted to Ye Feng.She was really mad now!It was a good opportunity for Yurou to choose a better Immortal Skill and Magic Tool, but now it was wasted by Ye Feng!


Ye Feng turned back and his face was calm: "Both of them are the best for Yurou and even batter than the Immortal Skill and Magic Tool I choose for myself."


"What the nonsense are you talking about! Let the Master Uncle evaluate, is the Immortal Skill and Magic Tool that you got equal to Yurou's ?!" Qu Linyin drank.


The middle-aged man frowned. He had just seen the Immortal Skill and Magic Tool chosen by Ye Feng. Compared with Yurou's, they were hundreds of times stronger.


"It doesn't matter if you do something wrong, but you should not lie."


The middle-aged man looked at Ye Feng.


"Ye Feng, you are so despicable!Yurou trust you so much, but you just gave her the worst Immortal Skill and Magic Tool for return! You are not really a man!"


Qu Linyin was completely angry. She had never seen a man like Ye Feng.


Obviously he had made a wrong choice, but he still kept a look of innocence!


"(said of a women)Long hair, short wit!" Ye Feng sneered.


He went straight to the front of Yurou, and took the jade hairpin, then he said: "This is a  the top grade Magic Tool with perfect quality, Qingxuan! You'd better to keep silence if you have a short wit!"


"The top grade Magic Tool with perfect quality, Qingxuan?"


Qu Linyin looked disdainful and taunted: "Your are so shameless to tell lies unblushingly!"


The middle-aged man also looked at Ye Feng with a dissatisfied look. Ye Feng's words just now even pissed him off.


"The first floor of the Spiritual Tower was filled with the common Magic Tools and Immortal Skills.Both of their grades are very low so that it is impossible that there is such a top grade Magic Tool!"


The middle-aged people said coldly..

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