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Chapter  54  An Incomplete Immortal Skill


The disciples around were also looking at Ye Feng with funny.


This jade hairpin was very famous in the Spiritual Tower.


Almost all outer disciples knew that this was a useless Magic Tool, which could only be used to enjoy, but be used as a magic weapon.


"This jade hairpin, what do you think?"


Ye Feng chuckled and handed the jade to the hands of Yurou.


Yurou's eyes glowed. This jade hairpin was really good-looking,so that she liked it at the first sight.


"It's great! Ye Feng, you have a good taste."


Yurou smiled happily while her hands were constantly touching the jade with a expression of delight.


Qu Linyin sneered. She knew that Ye Feng had no ability and could only select the useless Magic Tool.


"Yurou, you can't choose this jade hairpin."


She looked at Ye Feng with a sneer and said: "This jade was very famous in the entire Spiritual Tower. It is a top grade waste. It can only be seen and cannot be used as a Magic Tool."


Yurou frowned her eyebrows. Although she liked this jade hairpin very much, and she also felt the difference.


Her body was overflowed with luster, and she explored the jade by her divine power. What Qu Linyin had said was true. This was a useless waste. After the power had passed, there was no reaction of the Jade Hairpin.


"Qu Linyin, no matter whether this Jade Hairpin is useless or not, I like it very much."


She said firmly and did not want to embarass Ye Feng, so she directly put the jade Hairpin on her head.


"You...!" Qu Linyin's face was blue as iron. she said: " Outer disciples can only pick one Magic Tool in a year. Do you really want to waste it?"


"Qu Linyin, you don't need to advise.It was I who asked Ye Feng to help me to pick the Magic Tool.Thus,no matter what he choose,i will accept it."


Qu Linyin was directly mad. She really did not know which part of Ye Feng is good,  fascinating Yurou so much.


"Junior Sister,forget it! this jade hairpin is simply useless.At most it could be a jewelry.choosing this jade hairpin, it is really a waste of opportunity."


"Junior Sister, how about this one. This Magic Tool is top grade.Its power is also very powerful and can give you a lot of strength."


Pointing at a piece of Magic Tool, a outer disciple said to Yurou.


"I want this jade hairpin."


With a shining eyes,Yurou said firmly.


"You don't regret?" Ye Feng smiled.


"Why should I regret?Isn't it just a piece of Magic Tool? I can come here to pick another one next year." Yurou responded with a smile.


Ye Feng chuckled and said: "Believe me, this jade hairpin will never disappoint you."


"Gibberish!" Qu Linyin sneered.


Ye Feng ignored the taunt of Qu Linyin. He went to the side of the immortal skills and said: "Now i will help you to choose the method."


"Yurou, you must listen to me this time.You can't let him make the choice so casually!"


Qu Linyin was in a hurry, the immortal skill was different from the Magic Tool. If you had chosen a wrong Magic Tool, you could just leave it alone and did not use it.


But the immortal skill was different. If you had chosen one that was not suitable for your own cultivation, you were prone to accidents.


"I trust him."


With a light in her eyes, Yurou trusted Ye Feng from the bottom of her heart although she did not know why.


"Relax! I will definitely make you a big gain."


Ye Feng chuckled and looked confident.


Qu Linyin gnawed her teeth and saw Ye Feng's smiling face. She really wanted to go up and give Ye Feng a punch on his face.


As a waste, how could he be so confidence to help others to choose immortal skill? !


"Hey, please choose from here, the level of the immortal skill here is higher,  which will be helpful for Yurou."


Qu Linyin's face was unpleasant.


Although she did not like Ye Feng very much, she did not want Yurou will have any problems with her cultivation.


Ye Feng looked at the direction of Qu Linyin's fingers.On the shelf there, there were only a few Jade Jane existed.


He walked up lightly and picked up one Jade Jane to see.


Jade Jane was crystal clear. When you touched it, there was a feeling of special comfort.


"Broken Mountain Boxing... The immortal skill of low grade in Earth level ."


Ye Feng raised his eyebrows, this set of immortal skill was not bad, but it was not suitable for Yurou's cultivation.


He put this Jade Jane down and then picked up another one.


"Firing Cloud ... The immortal skill of middle grade in Earth level."


Ye Feng shook his head, it was still not suitable.


Yurou had chosen the kendo inheritance. It was best to choose a set of swordsmanship to cultivate.


He looked at the other jade janes, and all of them was given up by Ye Feng. These immortal skills were not suitable her cultivation.


"Hey, what's wrong with you! All the immortal skills here are the highest level of magic in this floor, but none of them was chosen by you. What are you doing!"


Qu Lin sounded in fire.For Yurou,she even reminded Ye Feng regardless of losing face.


As a result, Ye Feng did not accept her help at all, and gave up all those high-grade method.


"The high grade does not mean that it is suitable."


Ye Feng shook his head. Without any more words, he walked toward other immortal skills.


Yurou's eyes lit up.The immortal skills he looked just now, their quality and power was very good. She was also very satisfied.


But Ye Feng gave up.


Her long eyelashes trembled, and her big eyes fluttered. Looking at Ye Feng,There was no one word to speak.


But chose to believe in Ye Feng!


"Humph, I am gonna to see what kind of supernatural immortal skill you can choose!" Qu Linyin sneered.


Ye Feng did not take care of Qu Linyin. With gentle step, his eyes swept through many Jade Janes of immortal skills.


Suddenly, he stopped and saw an ink-colored jade jane in a relatively hidden place.


The ink-colored jade jane was covered with dust. Obviously, no one had ever touched this ink-colored jade jane for many years.


"Void swordsmanship..."


Ye Feng's eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and there was a surprise in his eyes.


There was no description about the level of this method on jade jane!


Just then, his suddenly heard the sound of the system.




"Congratulations for the host to obtain the swordsmanship of King level, the Void Swordsmanship. the swordsmanship is currently incomplete, which can only be cultivated to the first layer. Whether to use the experience value to restore it intact?"


Ye Feng was ecstatic. It was a swordsmanship of King level!


This was really a surprise!


You must knew that in the entire Luoyun Zong, there were a few people that no more than ten people who could have the supernatural method of the King level.


After the excitement, he immediately chose to restore it.


He could not give Yurou an incomplete immortal skill!




"The host experience is not enough to restore the immortal skill. The operation failed this time. The current experience values of the host is 4oo. The recovery requires 5ooo of experience values."


Ye Feng was speechless. He forgot that he did not have enough experience values.


However, he was also very happy.


This set of Swordsmanship was very suitable for Yurou. Although she could only cultivate to the first layer, she didn't need to worry about that. In the future, he would definitely get a lot of experience values so that he could restore it.


"Yu soft, just this, this one is very suitable for you."


Ye Feng handed the ink-colored jade jane to Yurou.


As soon as Yurou just took over and didn't look at it carefully, the Jade jane was robbed by Qu Linyin.


"An incomplete immortal skill without any level?What do you mean?!"


After Qu Linyin viewed it, her face was filled with furious. She yelled at Ye Feng with rage.

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