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Chapter  53  Woman Was Dangerous



Qu Linyin's white clothing was purer than snow,with the black hair dancing with the wind. Compared with Yurou, she was a different kind of beauty.


"Yurou, you are so unconscionable. It's been a long time since you came to Luoyun Sect,but  you never go to see me. If I hadn't heard from Yuling that you just passed the assessment of the outer disciples, I still don't know that you had came to Luoyun Sect!"


With a very angry look, Qu Linyin's delicate eyebrows were slightly wrinkled .


"Hey, I planed to see you after I collected the resources for cultivation." Yurou smiled and spoke to Qu Linyin.


"You are still the one I knew, no change."


Qu Linyin looked helpless. She knew Yurou very much that she was a tough girl.All the things that she wanted must be got by her own efforts without anyone's help.


"Don't mad at me, let me introduce you my friend who came to Luoyun Sect with me together."


Yurou took Qu Linyin to Ye Feng and smiled : "This is Ye Feng, a good friend I just made."


"Good friend? I really didn't think you would have a good friend of men!"


Qu Linyin looked up and down Ye Feng. She knew very well about Yurou. In the past, she always had no interest in men. This time, she actually introduced Ye Feng as a good friend,which made her very curious.


"What are you talking about? Can't I have a good friend of men."


With the deep shy, Yurou's face raised a blush.


Ye Feng's face was calm and said to Qu Linyin: "Hello."


Looking at Ye Feng with her big eyes,Qu Linyin didn't answer,and then she touched her chin and muttered: "Ummm, not bad..."


Then she seemed to think of something, and she looked surprised: "You are the 'legend' who had been cultivating for three years but still stayed on the 1st  Layer QI condensation realm in Luoyun sect,right?"


"Yes." Ye Feng answered.


Suddenly, Qu Linyin took the Yurou's arm and pulled her to the side: "Yurou, what are you thinking about! How can you make friends with such a person?"


She had been cultivating, so she did not know that Ye Feng was no longer a waste, but a shocking existence.


"Qu Linyin, how can you say that?" Yurou frowned her eyebrows, feeling that Qu Linyin was too much.


While she was about to explain, she was interrupted by Qu Linyin.


"Fortunately, I am coming, or you will be deceived."


Qu Linyin was angry.She looked at Ye Feng, and arrogantly said: "Ye Feng , I don't know what your purpose is to be friend with Yurou, but I am gonna to tell you very clearly that Yurou and you are not same person in the world.If you understand,then keep away from her."


Ye Feng raised his eyebrows. Has he ever approached Yurou actively?


Obviously, It was Yurou who had been keep close with him and asked him to pick the Magic Tool and Method for her.


"you had thought too much."


Ye Feng looked at Qu Linyin, and said gentlely.


"You are relly good at pretending, but you can only deceive to Yurou. I had been seen a lot of people like you, using this in front of me,you are over-confident."


Qu Linyin sneered.


Her relationship with Yurou was very good, and she would not let Yurou be fooled by Ye Feng.


"Enough!Qu Linyin!Ye Feng is my friend. I don't allowed you judging him like this." said by Yurou angrily.


"It seems that you are already get stuck , so I won't definitely sit around."


Qu Linyin looked at Ye Feng coldly, as if she was gonna to see through the body of Ye Feng with the sharp and chilling shight.

"You are too self-righteous." Ye Feng shook his head.


Perhaps a month ago, he really did not qualified to make friends with Yurou.


But now, it should be Yurou who was not enough to be his friend!


He had the strongest system with amazing potential. He would definitely stand on the top of the world without any accidents in the future.


And Yurou...


It was not sure that if she could stand out from this Sect.


"Ye Feng, don't be angry. Qu Linyin,she is definitely not a bad person, but she considerates everything for me."


Yurou walked to the front of Ye Feng, and explained.


"Yurou, what kind of drugs you had been given by him, so that you lost your mind?!"


Qu Linyin stamped with fury,. Ye Feng was just a waste. If Yurou was really deceived by him, everything would be destroyed in the future.


"Ye Feng, let's go, don't care about her."


Yurou felt helpless. Qu Linyin was on fire now, simply she would not listen to her explanation.


Pulling the arms of Ye Feng ,she walked to the side.




Qu Linyin was anxious, and opened her mouth trying to say something, but she was directly interrupted by Yurou loudly.


"Qu Linyin, Stop it!Or we will no longer be friends in the future!"


With a poker face,Yurou said in angry.


Qu Linyin dared not to speak anymore. She fele that what Yurou had said was ture.If she kept saying,Yurou would really not be friends with her.


"Well, well! I will see how charming he is, so that he can fascinate you so much!"


Following the Ye Feng and Yurou,She walked with the sweet-smelling.


"No more nonsense, otherwise we will no longer be friends!" Yurou repeated again.


Qu Linyin pouted her mouth with an unsatisfied expression and stopped talking.


Ye Feng looked helpless.


It was true that woman was dangerous.


"Hey, Ye Feng, you promised me that you will help me to pick the Magic Tool and Method."


Smiling softly,Yurou looked at Ye Feng.


Behind him, Qu Linyin's mouth was slightly open, and wanted to say something.But finally she swallowed the words that she had thought about.


"Humnp, what kind of good taste a waste could have? He must choose some useless Magic Tool and Method, let's wait and see!."


She sneered in her heart, waiting for Ye Feng to choose the Magic Tool and Method for Yurou.


Ye Feng's face was calm and he said: "Since I had promised you, I will definitely help you to pick a good one . Now let's pick a piece of Magic Tool first."


He walked over to the dazzling array of Magic Tools, and his eyes swept through them.


Finally, his eyes lit up and there was one.


It was a jade hairpin that lingered around the seven colors of light. It was very dazzling in many Magic Tools. With only one glance, you could find out its extraordinary.


He took the jade hairpin in his hand and gently stroked it again.


At the same time, the voice of the system sounded in his ear.




"Congratulations for the host to obtain a perfect quality of the top grade Magic Tool, Qingxuan, which has the immortal skill,Qingxuan Moon with powerful strength, and equal to the cultivation of a full-fledged attack of the cultivator with 1st Layer in Ruwei realm."


Then, Ye Feng's eyes lit up, and Qingxuan's immortal skill,Qingxuan Moon appeared in his mind.


Ye Feng's face was ecstatic. He didn't think that the strongest system could even distinguish the quality of the Magic Tool, and even knew how to use it.


Behind him, Qu Linyin sneered and looked at Ye Feng.


She was promoted to a outer disciple early, and had been to Spiritual Tower for several times.


This jade hairpin, she knew it very clearly.


Although it looked very extraordinary, it was actually a waste without any useful.

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