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Chapter  52  Qu Linyin



Around, all the outer disciples looked at Ye Feng with a gloating look.


A new outer disciple dared to provoke a outer disciple who ranked top fifteen? Was him looking for death?


When Yurou wrinkled her eyebrows,and was about to to respond to the boy, Ye Feng answered first.


"Is here your home? Mind your own business."


Ye Feng looked calmly at the boy.


Someone came to make trouble, how could he let a woman stay in front of him.


"Who are you? Get out of my eyes."


The boy looked disgusted and shouted at Ye Feng to keep away from Yurou.


"You are so charming. It seems that it is very dangerous to be friends with you."


Ye Feng smiled and made fun with rain while his look was very relaxed.


"Is it? I'm sure that you will not back down easily,right?"


Yurou smiled softly with light flashed in eyes, which was very charming.


Other outer disciples were amazed.


Is Ye Feng silly?


Couldn't he see the temperament of this boy was very extraordinary and could not easily provoke?


"Senior Brother, don't talk nonsense, this is Junior Brother Li, one of the top fifteenth of the outer disciples."


A female outer disciple kindly reminded Ye Feng.


"Thank you to remind me.I don't care about his ranking at all. As long as he don't come to provoke me, I would ignore him."


Ye Feng said with confidence, and he had not put this 15th-ranked teenager in his eyes.


"So pround! it seems that the outer disciple who is promoted this time are very conceit. It is necessary that they need to be rapped."


The young boy looked at Ye Feng with a vicious look.


The anger in his heart was really ignited by Ye Feng. After he was promoted to outer disciple, no one dared to despise him so much.


Especially this person who despised him was just a person who had just been promoted to a outer disciple!


"He wants to rap you." Yurou smiled softly.Her lips were as red as rose, and she was not worried about Ye Feng.


She knew the strength of Ye Feng. Wang He, a outer disciple of the top ten had been defeated by him.


"You are also a outer disciple who just promoted, obviously he is going to rap you too." Ye Feng responded with a smile.


Both of them looked very relaxed, ignoring the existence of teenagers and joking with each other.


"you wanna die!"


The teenager's face was extremely blue, and he couldn't stand it anymore. He lighted his body with crystal luster. The imposing was like a tiger coming down the mountain, and then he shot to Ye Feng.


"It seems that i am the first."


Ye Feng smiled casually, and he did not give a shit about the attack .




The imposing of his fists was deterrent. Shaking the sky by the powerful energy fluctuations,it was too fierce to escape.


Just when the teeneger's fist was about to touch Ye Feng, Ye Feng's eyes suddenly brighten, and the fierce Dragon Style was played without any hesitate. Just only by one punch to collide with the teeneger's fist, it had directly reversed his bombardment. The teeneger was punched a few meters away with his body trembled.


"How could this possible!"


All the outer disciples around were exclaimed with an unbelievable face as if they saw a ghost.

The new promoted outer disciple was so strong?


With one punch, a 15th-ranked outer disciple was beaten back?


They were shocked, even though they had been promoted to outer disciples for a long time, they also was not the opponent of this boy.


However, there were also a few people with a calm face.


These people were all people who participated in the assessment together with Ye Feng. They had seen the battle between Ye Feng and Wang He, so that it was not unusual to be able to hit the teeneger back by one punch.




With a pale face,the teeneger suffered the pain in the fist.


"It seems that he is not qualified to rap me." Ye Feng smiled lightly.


Yurou carelessly looked at the young man and said: " It is so funny that a young man is going to teach others like an elder."


This was the first time Yurou was looking directly at the boy, but the eyes were filled with boredom.


"Who said that I am not qualified? Just now I was afraid of hurting you, so I didn't use all the power.If that made you so arrogant. It seems that I have to let you know how to respect the Senior Brother. ."


The fierce flash in the eyes of young people shining.Being so scorned by Yurou, he was absolutely intolerable!


"Oh, really?It seems that you have the same thought with me.I'm also afraid of hurting you, so i don't use all my power." Ye Feng laughed fearlessly.




The young boy's eyes were cold, and released the amazing imposing. He stepped forward, and the palm of his hand lit up the blue light the shot toward Ye Feng.




At this moment, the young man's body flew straight out, and the blue light that was shot to Ye Feng suddenly disappeared.


"Where is here? You dare to use divine power!"


The middle-aged man suddenly appeared in the Spiritual Tower.His eyes were cold, and he waved his hand and directly pushed the boy out of the Spiritual Tower.


"Martial Uncle, it was him provoking me first...!"


The teenager grimaced in pain and looked dissatisfied.


"In this month, you are not allowed to appear in the Spiritual Tower."


The middle-aged people said coldly, and he did not give the teenager an opportunity to explain.


All the outer disciples were scared.The imposing of the middle-aged people was so strong that they could not bear it.


Only Ye Feng's eyes were calm, and he was not scared by the imposing of middle-aged people.


The young man's glanced at Ye Feng, and then he left the place unwillingly.


"Remember, here is the Spiritual Tower. Any disciple who dares to fight here will be expelled." The middle-aged man shouted and then left.


Yurou wagged tongue playfully and said: "He is so scary."


Then her big eyes fluttered and smiled and said: "Okay, now it's okay.Let's go to pick Magic Tool and Method."


"Offensive words are said beforehand. If I made a wrong decision, don't blame me." Ye Feng chuckled.


"Fine, I won't blame you."said by Yurou.


At this moment, a girl walked into the Spiritual Tower. She was tall and pretty. When she saw Yurou, her eyes suddenly lit up, and then she smiled and walked toward Yurou.




The girl called the name of Yurou, and the smile on her face was very bright. Obviously the relationship between them was very good.


"Qu Linyin, I didn't expect to meet you here! I'm wondering that I will go to see you after I finished."


Yurou was also very happy, and greeted her with a smile.


Both of were beautiful woman. At this time, when they stood together, they had attracted the eyes of all the outer disciples.


"I am here to find you." Qu Linyin smiled and looked at Yurou.


"Qu Linyin, one of the five beauty in outer disciples!"


"Not only she is a beauty, but her cultivation is even more great. Now she ranked eighth among the outer disciples."


A lot of outer disciples exclaimed.Seeing Qu Linyin here, all of them were very excited.

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