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Chapter  51  The Spiritual Tower (2)



The first floor of the Spiritual Tower had a huge space with a dazzling array of Magic Tools on the left and a neat methods on the right.


"so many people."


As soon as Ye Feng came in,he saw a lot of outer disciples who were carefully selecting the Magic Tools and Method.


"Ye Feng, you are here too."


A light voice sounded, and then accompanied by a scent, Yurou appeared in front of him.


Yurou was beautiful.Her skin was as white as snow under the dancing black hair.She looked at Ye Feng with her big eyes while her long eyelashes were shaking.


Ye Feng gently nodded and responded.


"I'm wondering what kind of Magic Tool and method I should to choose."


With a confusing face, Yurou complained to Ye Feng.


This scene was seen by other outer disciples, and all of them were looking at Ye Feng with jealous.


Yurou was so beautiful like a dream, they tried so hard to approach her, but Yurou did care them at all.


As a result, after she saw Ye Feng, she voluntarily came to talk with him, which really let them envied and hatred.


"Junior Sister had just promoted to a outer disciple.You should be careful on choosing the Magic Tool and Method. After all, you need to keep them in a long time."


A young boy appeared with a soft smile on his face and walked directly toward Yurou.


"It's Senior Brother Lee! Shouldn't he on the second floor to choose the Magic Tool and Method? Why is he here!"


A female outer disciple exclaimed, looking at the boy with a heart full of love.


"Lee brother had been promoted to outer disciples for half a year, and he had became the top fifteen of the outer disciples. He is so amazing."


"God, the soft smile, I am almost melted by it."


Several female outer disciples got together and looked at the boy with anthomaniac on the faces.


Hearing the voices of the female disciples around him, the smile on his face became more brilliant, and looked more confidently at Yurou.


After he entered the Spiritual Tower, he was attracted by the her at first sight.


That beautiful face, perfect figure, which was not like a worldly person could have, more like a angle on the heaven.


"Ye Feng, would you help me to pick the Magic Tool and Method?"


Yurou didn't take care of the boy at all. The long eyelashes trembled and pulled the arms of Ye Feng with a smile.


This scene almost let the outer disciples around simply spurted blood!


They wished that they would be Ye Feng now!


"Ummmm... I have not studied aboutMagic Tools and Methods."


Ye Feng smiled slightly, and naturally pulled out his arm and kept away from the Yurou.


Oh shit!


All the male outer disciples cursed in the heart!


The beautiful woman fell into your arms, and Ye Feng dare to refuse!


"He had just been promoted to a outer disciple, so that he had no idea about the Magic Tools and Methods.How about let me help you to pick one."


The young man glanced at Ye Feng, and then smiled to Yurou.


He was shameless. Just being ignored by Yurou, he still wanted to get close with Yurou without any conscious.


"It doesn't matter, I believe in your vision."


Yurou smiled and showed her bright teeth, as if she only trusted him and made Ye Feng to choose her Magic Tool and Method.


"Junior Sister!" The young man was furious. He took the initiative to come to Yurou again and again. Bur he was directly ignored by her, which really made him feel unbearable.


Who is he?


The outer disciple who ranked top fifteenth with a strong cultivation of 7th Layer QI condensation realm.


The number of female disciples who were into him was so numerous that they could be queue from the outer gate to the foot of the mountain.


"Well, then I will choose for you. If i make a wrong decision, don't blame me." Ye Feng said.




Yurou filled of smile and still did not take care of the teenager.Pulling the hand of Ye Feng,she went to pick the Magic Tool and Method.


"Stop !"


The teenager shouted. His face was pale with a fierce looking, and the anger in his eyes was almost sprayed out.

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