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 Chapter  50  The Spiritual Tower (1)



"That's good."


Ye Feng's face was indifferent. Ignoring the outer disciples who were shocked by him ,he walked to the direction of the Spiritual Tower.


The stunned outer disciples backed to the earth until his figure went away.


"Is... is him the waste that had been talking in the Luoyun Sect?"


A outer disciple asked with trembling.


Abolished one outer disciple so easily. This kind of strength, he could not make it now.


"What happened?"


Qian Shan's face went purple with rage, and asked the disciple who guarded the door of the spiritual Tower .


"He came here to receive the resources of the outer disciples, but I saw that he did not wear the outer disciple cloth, and also did not have the token ,so I stopped him."


The disciple who stopped Ye Feng said with regret.


As early as knowing the fierceness of Ye Feng, he would not stop him at all, and would surely let Ye Feng enter the Spiritual Tower smoothly.


"You had done nothing wrong!It is all Ye Feng's fault"


Qian Shan's eyes turned cold with sullen expressions shining.


"A factotum disciple want to make waves on the outer mountain?It is ridiculors"


Qian Shan looked scornful and turned away from here without saying more words.


Looking at the back of Qian Shan,   Other outer disciples was puzzled, but they did not think too much and went to the Spiritual Tower to receive their own spiritual resources.


"Is this the Spiritual Tower?"


Ye Feng was surprised. He used to listen to the disciples talking about it in the past, but he never saw the Spiritual Tower before.


This time after seeing it with his own eyes,he was a bit shocked.


The Spiritual Tower was divided into nine floors, and the architecture was exquisite like a giant towering into the clouds and surrounded by clouds, which was very extraordinary.


"Let's go."


Ye Feng's eyes glowed while his slender figure walked on the mountain road quickly, and soon he came to the front of the Spiritual Tower.


As soon as he approached, the gate suddenly opened silently. A middle-aged man with a stalwart appearance appeared, and his eyes were flashing. Just by the first glance, you would know that he was not an ordinary person.


"Factotum disciple?"


The middle-aged man saw the clothes worn by Ye Feng, and his eyes flashed amazement.


"The disciple had just passed the assessment of the outer disciples today, so I came here to receive the resources of the outer disciples."


Ye Feng gave a slight salute to the middle-aged man.


"Don;t your master give you the cloth of outer disciples?"


The middle-aged man stared at Ye Feng as if he wanted to see through him.


Ye Feng sighed in his heart.


Damn, it was all unreliable inheritance elder's fault.


The outer disciple's cloth were not worth to mention, but the token was not given by him also. How did he get the practice resources now?


"I had't spoken to the teacher before."


Ye Feng answered truthfully and told the middle-aged man about his experience.


"It seems that you are from Yuxu inheritance. Ok, let's go to pick a method and a set of Magic Tool on the first floor, then come back to me to collect the Spiritual stone and the elixir."


The middle-aged man looked at Ye Feng with a strange look. He did not stop Ye Feng and allowed him to enter the Spiritual Tower. Obviously, he knew about Ye Feng.


Without any hesitate, Ye Feng came in the Spiritual Tower.This time Ye Feng had met a sensible person.


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