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Chapter  49  The Violent Ye Feng


"Senior brother, I had been promoted to a outer disciple just now, and I am coming to the Spiritual Tower to receive spiritual resources."


Ye Feng said calmly.


"Nonsense, show me your token." He shouted coldly.




Ye Feng was kind of mad, the inheritance elder did not even say a word to him, not to speake the token!


"Brother, I am sure the outer disciple who had just been promoted, just about the token... The elder are not on the mountain, so I have not got the token yet."


The sneer on the face of the disciple obviously showed that he did not believe what Ye Feng said.


"All the disciples who are promoted to the outer disciples will be given the clothes of the outer disciples and the tokens of Spiritual Tower. You have none of them, obviously you secretly slipped into the mountain!"


"Senior Brother, I..."


Ye Feng opened his mouth and wanted to explain, but he was directly interrupted by the disciple in the end.


"Hurry and get out of here, never let me see you again, or i will interrupt your limbs!"


The disciple said impatiently.


"Senior Brother, i don't think you are right to do it like this."


Ye Feng frowned, this disciple was too domineering and arrogant.


Even if he really didn't have a token, and he slipped into the mountain, and he should't be treated like this!


"Fuck off! Can't you understand?" The disciple scorned Ye Feng.


"Sorry,I can't get it, I only heard a mad dog barking." Ye Feng's face was calm.


"A small factotum disciple, dare to provoke me.You really wanna die, are you?!" The disciple was furious since he was irritated by Ye Feng's words.


At this time, a lot of outer disciples came here.


They came to Spiritual Tower to get the monthly resources, but they did not expect to have seen such a scene just as soon as they arrived.


"Omg, isn't this Ye Feng? I didn't saw him wrong, did I?why are you here?"


A surprise voice sounded, and then a gorgeously dressed boy stepped out of the disciples.


"Hello,Senior Brother Qian."


The disciple who had been extremely bad attitude at Ye Feng , after seeing this gorgeously dressed boy, immediately turned into a another person, greeted him with a silly smile .


The gorgeously dressed boy did not take care of the disciple who came over, but looked at Ye Feng with interest.


"You are a factotum disciple, you should do chores in the mountains at this time. What are you doing here? You know, slipping into the outer gates will break the rules."


Ye Feng eyebrows raised, he knew this boy.


This boy called Qian Shan, who once worked with him as a factotum disciple.


However, the relationship between them was not so good, and there was even a bit of private enmity between them.


Qian Shan was very greedy, and his personality was extremely bad. Once he made a lot of fake medicinal pills in order to earn money by swindling others disciples.


He found Ye Feng and wanted Ye Feng to join in, but he was rejected by Ye Feng.


Once even in the process of cheating, Ye Feng disclosed that.


Therefore, since then, Qian Shan had been looking for troubles from Ye Feng often, until Qian Shan was promoted to a outer disciple, he stopped.


"I am in here with the reason, am i wrong?"


Ye Feng said calmly.


"Hey, it had been many days I haven't seen you, now seems like your temper is different.Are you still the Ye Feng i knew before?" Qian Shan said with a ridiculors voice.


"Don't look for the trouble by yourself!" Ye Feng's face was cold.


"Well, Okay, now you dare to talk to me like this? Do you forget that I used to break your legs? Or do you want to try it once more?"


Qian Shan snorted.


"He is Ye Feng. I dalso heard him before. He is the one who still stay in the realm of 1st Layer QI condensation after three years of hard work."


A group of outer disciples laughed happily.


These people had been cultivating in the mountain, so that they had not yet learned that Ye Feng had killed Xiao Yun and the relationship between him with the daughter of the Sect Leader, Jiang Shui.


"This is also a funny thing. In the past three years, he had been stayed in the realm of 1st Layer QI condensation realm. If I was him, I 'd rather to kill myself than live in this world."


A outer disciple laughed.


"Shut up!"


Ye Feng was furious, and his eyes showed the chilling light, staring straight at the unscrupulous outer disciple.


Suddenly the outer disciple was scared and stopped laughing.


That was a terrible sight, as if he was stared at by a fierce beast, so that there was cold sweat broke out on his back.


"What? You have learned how to scare people?" Qian Shan sneered.


"Mother fucker, Just a waste factotum disciple, but dare to scare me like this."


The outer disciple who was scared by Ye Feng's eyes suddenly realized and shouted at Ye Feng.


"I said you are a waste, you are a waste! in your whole life, you will just make living by being a waste!"


The outer disciple pointed his finger at Ye Feng and cursed.


"To say that others are waste, I will let you be a waste first!"


Ye Feng suddenly yelled, with the glory broke out form his eyes. He kicked out and directly kicked the outer disciple.


With a bang, the outer disciple slammed into the mountain,his ribs were broken, and the blood was constantly overflowing from his mouth.


"You son of the bitch, I will kill you!"


The outer disciple was mad and roaring. He had never been beaten like this by anyone else. Especially the one was a famous waste that everyone knew!




Before he could shot and just stood up from the ground, and he was hit to the mountain again and sprayed a large amount of blood in his mouth.


Ye Feng's eyes were cold, and his attack were no mercy. With a fierce attack, he directly interrupted the limbs of this outer disciple and made him be a veritable waste!




The outer disciple was so painful that he finally got faint.


All the other outer disciples had seen this scene.


Their faces were full of horror, and they all looked at Ye Feng with a stunned look.


In particular, the disciple who had just stopped Ye Feng to get in the Spiritual Tower, was even scared to sat down the ground.


He knew the outer disciple who was defeated by Ye Feng. His cultivation was higher than himself. But he still couldn't beat Ye Feng.What's more ,he didn't even have the power to fight back and was directly k.o. by Ye Feng.


His face was fill with the cold sweat, but fortunately, Qian Shan came in time, otherwise he would definitely be the same as the outer disciple, and he would be directly beat by Ye Feng.


"Ye ..Feng?!"


Qian Shan looked shocked and his mouth opened widely,he looked at Ye Feng as if he saw a ghost.


"Can I enter the Spiritual Tower now?"


Ye Feng did not take care of Qian Shan and asked faintly to the disciple who stopped him.


"Yes... Sure!"


The disciple was so scared that he was sweating and shivered.

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