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Chapter  41  Lift Up The Tripod


The old man walked slowly down the rainbow.


Followed with him, Wang He also walked down with a smile.


"Wang He, this assessment will be hosted by you."


The old man glanced at a circle of the disciples, and then his said to Wang He with a calm face.


"Got it, Master."


Wang He respectfully bowed to the old man .


"All i pursued is just the Tao.I don't have time to care about other things.It is really annoying to let me to be an elder."


The old man was impatient, and flicked his sleeves then left.


Wang He smiled and watched the old man disappeared.


Then he turned around and looked at the disciples. Finally, he saw Ye Feng and his eyes stayed on Ye Feng for a while.


Ye Feng was the reason why he came here!


"The second assessment was very simple. Everyone chooses a tripod, and then stands on the 100-meter line. Using their own divine power to lift the tripod that they had chosen before and maintain for one hour."


Wang He smiled and explained the rules of assessment, and then announced the beginning of the assessment.


More than a dozen disciples had walked to the 100-meter line and chosen their own tripods, and then ran their own divine power to lift it.


Yurou also walked toward the 100-meter line, but her face was not as dignified as the hard-working disciples,but very relaxed.


"Yurou, with me here, you do not need to join the assessment.Just rest here,i will let you pass the exam.


Wang He smiled and said to Yurou.


"Thank you, but I can pass it by my own strength."


Yurou said with a cold voice.Without any care about Wang He, she went straight to the 100-meter line.


There was a maliciousness raised on Wang He's face, Yurou's neglect really made him angry .


"If it is not because of your sister, I will give you a lesson about how to respect me!"


Wang He thought in his mind, and Yurou's sister was an inner disciple. He didn't dare to provoke at all.


At this moment, Ye Feng walked indifferently toward the 100-meter line as well.


"With me here, you will never pass the assessment!"


Wang He looked at Ye Feng coldly and said in a low voice.


Ye Feng turned back and stared at Wang He without fear. Then he said, "I don't know why you are keeping to look for my trouble. But what I want to tell you is that I am definitely not one that you can bully!


"A factotum disciple dares to talk to me like this! It's so funny."


Wang He looked disdainful and said: "Zhou Ming is really a waste. He didn't even find you and let you take part in the assessment. I will punish him when he returns."


He still didn't know that Zhou Ming had already died in Ye Feng's hands and thought that The reason why Ye Feng could appear here was due to Zhou Ming's failure to find Ye Feng.


"You don't have to wait him back anymore, Zhou Ming was dead."


Ye Feng said calmly.




Wang He's face changed greatly and he snorted: "Is that you who killed Zhou Ming?"


Ye Feng sneered and did not answer his question, he turned and went to the 100-meter line.




Wang He was extremely angry, he could not stand it anymore that Ye Feng dared to provoke him again and again.


"This one is good."


Ye Feng's eyes was bright, he picked a tripod, and ran the body's divine power to lifted up it slowly.


Suddenly, his face changed slightly.The tripod that had just left the ground fell to the ground.


In the distance, Wang He looked at Ye Feng with a sneer, just now he used divine power to press the tripod lifted by Ye Feng.


Ye Feng turned back and found that it was Wang He who did that.The anger in his heart burned fiercely.


"lift up!"


Ye Feng shouted, the body's divine power broke out, the tripod that as heavy as a small mountain was slowly lifted up again!


"How is it possible!"


Wang He shouted loudly, and the tripod had more than three hundred kilograms of weight. Plus, he put pressure on it by his divine power, so that the weight had already exceeded one thousand kilogram. With the strength of Ye Feng, let alone raised the big tripod. Even if moved it a little bit,he could not make it!


"Damn, is Zhou Ming really dead in his hands?!"


The light of Wang He's eyes turned and saw the strength of Ye Feng. He felt that Ye Feng was not lying just now, Zhou Ming probably really killed by Ye Feng!


No matter how,he would not allowed him to pass this assessment!


There was a a murderous gleam in Wang Hu's eyes, and the reason why he directed at Ye Feng was because that he was instructed.


If Ye Feng passed the assessment today, then the person behind him would definitely killed him.


Thinking of the person's angry look, Wang Her's back broke out cold sweat.


With a bang, his body was covered with the light of the blue, staring at the big tripod chosen by Ye Feng, he forced a powerful stress to the tripod.


"Get up!"


Ye Feng shouted again!


He felt the pressure again. Wang He was the master of the top ten in the outer disciples. His cultivation was absolutely above him.


Under the suppression of Wang He, the tripod was very difficult to lift up.


"What are they doing?"


Yurou looked puzzled at Ye Feng and Wang He.


Her strength was so strong that she passed the assessment without much effort.


Just when she was about to leave, she suddenly found that Ye Feng and Wang He were both weird!


Wang He was actually interfering with Ye Feng? !


There was surprising in Yurou's eyes, she was very puzzled.


Wang He was sweating and his eyes were fill with shocked.


Ye Feng was stronger than his imagination!


Under the suppression of his divine power, Ye Feng actually had almost lift the big tripod  in several times .


"You can never lift it!"


Wang He with a dangerous gleam in his eyes ran the divine power and enhanced the suppression again.


With a bang, the big tripod that just left the ground fell to the ground heavily.


"I won't lose!"


Ye Feng's eyes burst into a firm radiance. He calmed down and ran Immortal Sutra. A pure spiritual energy rushed into his body.


His eyes gazed, and the cultivation of the 7th Layer QI condensation realm was released without reservation, he lifted the tripod!


" Get me down!"


Wang He snored, and the divine power once again stressed on the tripod, and descended the tripod slowly toward the ground.


At this time, most of the disciples had completed the assessment, and all looked puzzled at Ye Feng.


Big tripod was high and low, very unstable.


"It is the Senior Brother,Wang He who was putting pressure on Ye Ding's tripod!"


A disciple said in a low voice.


"No one knows that how does Ye Feng offended Wang He. It seems that he will definitely not pass the assessment this time."


Wang He was the top ten master in the outer disciples.Ye Feng was obstructed by him,there was no way for him to pass the assessment!


Many disciples showed a gloating expression on their faces.

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