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Chapter  40  The Girl Dressed In Red


Nearby, the factotum disciple stared at Ye Feng like he saw a ghost.


He swallowed a big mouth, and his heart was full of shock.


Zhao Furen was a outer disciple of the 6th Layer QI condensation realm, and he also used the Earth-level skill,Fire Method, but he actually was defeated by Ye Feng.


Plus, he still faintly heard Ye Feng's cultivation of his realm has reached a 7th Layer Qi condensation!


Which really scared him.


7th Layer Qi condensation realm...!


This was so far for him to come!


"Can you say it now?"


Ye Feng looked calmly at Zhao Furen.


Zhao Furen's face was painful. He was extremely hurt , his ribs were broke by Ye Feng and lost his combat effectiveness.


He gritted his teeth and was still insisting that he would not tell him.


Ye Feng sneered, kicked out on Zhao Furen's arm and directly broke the bones in his arm.




Zhao Furen screamed with pain, his face was pale, and the cold sweat flowed from the forehead.


"No?! Okay, next i will kicked on your head." Ye Feng said.




Zhao Furen no longer insisted on and spoke everything he knew.


"It was a member of the inner disciple who was looking for me. She said you had offended Zi Qing, and Senior Sister Zi Qing did not want you to pass the assessment, so she sent me here to stop you !" Zhao Furen quivered.


Ye Feng frowned, it really was Zi Qing.


Wang He has sent Zhou Ming to deal with him. It was impossible to send someone else to deal with him again.


While Bai Jie, her strength was very strong, but her status within the Sect was kind of special,  it was not likely that she would order five 5 disciples with 5th Layer QI condensation realm and a  disciple with 6th Layer QI condensation realm to shoot him.


Only Zi Qing had such ability and strength.


"Fuck off."


Ye Feng was impatient.


Zhao Furen did not dare to speak, and climbed up from the ground and walked down the hill.


"Zi Qing, it's a woman with a cruel heart!"


Ye Feng's eyes got cold.


The last time he almost died in the hands of Zi Qing, Jiang Shui slapped her for him, so Zi Qing hated him.


"Next time, I personally give you a slap in the face when i see you!" Ye Feng sneered.


At this time, many of the factotum disciples had come here.After seeing Ye Feng uniformed  Zhao Furen and others, all their mouths opened widely in surprise.


Their goal was to become a outer disciple in the Luoyun Sect.


But just now, Ye Feng actually hit 5 or 6 outer disciples down the trial path.,which left a profound influence in their hearts!


They were still dreaming of becoming outer disciples, and Ye Feng already had the power of overing the outer disciples. The disparity between them just made them desperate!


Ye Feng stepped forward and ignored the awe gaze of the disciples, and went straight to the top of the trial road.


The more higher he went, the greater the pressure was.


However, these pressures were not enough to pressure Ye Feng.


His footwork was light and firm and just as easy as walking.


Soon, he came to the export of trial path .


"Congratulations to the Junior brother, you have passed the first assessment."


On the export of trial path, there was two disciples standing , when seeing Ye Feng came, one of the outer disciples smiled slightly to Ye Feng.


However, when he had just finished speaking, after carefully looking at the face of Ye Feng, his face was slightly changed, and an unobservable surprise flashed in his eyes.


"Thank you."


Ye Feng took a panoramic view of the changes of outer disciple, but he did not say anything, and responded peacefully.


"There is also an assessment. If the you can pass that assessment, then you will be an outer disciple."


The outer disciple said with smile. He masked it well. His face was normal and there was no change if you did not see it carefully.


"All thanks to your lucky words."


Ye Feng laughed lightly, and then went to the second examination place with another outer disciple.


After the figure of Ye Feng disappeared, the outer disciple suddenly revealed a glare with anger.


"How could he come here? Isn't Zhou Ming going to kill him? I need to tell Wang He!"


With a bang, he left here and walked toward Wang He's place of residence.


At the same time, Ye Feng also came to the second assessment place.


"There are so many people!"


Ye Feng was very surprised. He thought that there weren't many talented disciples in this period who could pass the trial path, but what he did not think that there were even more than a dozen disciples who passed the trial path earlier than him.


The place here was extremely large. There were dozens of ancient bronze tripods on the open space in the center. Each tripod was three or four zhang(3 ⅓ meters) in length and looked very large and gave a feeling of extreme dignity.


"Please wait here first, and after the the elders of assessment come,you can start the second assessment."


The outer disciple who led Ye Feng here said with smiling and then left.


Ye Feng sat down in the open space. Beside him, the dozen disciples were curiously looking at Ye Feng.


These dozens of disciples had men and women, among whom a female disciple was particularly attractive.



It was a beautiful woman. Her skin was snowy, her body was slim and her hair was long and smooth.


In particular, she was wearing a big red dress which made she more dazzling and more eye-catching.


"He is Ye Feng?"


The girl's mouth opened with a refreshing incense, and she also looked at Ye Feng.


Ye Feng felt that the sight from the girl's eyes, he looked up and got a eye contact with the girl. But soon he turned his gaze to something else.


He was not affected by the beauty of the girl at all.


"Interesting !"


The girl smiled lightly with the brilliance in the beauty eyes shining .


The factotum disciples around saw the girl was interest in Ye Feng,their eyes could not help but showed the envy.


This girl named Yurou ,was the first beauty in the Luoyun Sect. They had been admired for a long time, but no one could talk to the girl.


"The elders are coming."


A factotum disciple said.


In the air, a rainbow appeared, and an old man stood on top of it. He carried his hands on the back with his body lighted by brilliance. Naturally, he showed a majestic imposing, which made people awe.


In the back of the old man, there was a teenager.


The young man dressed in white with the eyes deep like ancient well,there was faintly the light flashing, he was handsome and extraordinary.


"It is the Senior brother, Wang He,he is one of the top ten disciples of the outer disciples!"


A female factotum disciple shouted with excitement.


Suddenly, Ye Feng also came to interest, with two cilling light shooting in the eyes,he stared at Wang He in midair.


"It's him."

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