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Chapter  34  Zhou Ming (2)




Ye Feng sneered, his powerful strength was no longer retained.With all the divine power of the 5th Layer QI condensation realm running, he beat Zhou Ming fiercely.


"You has reached the 5th Layer QI condensation realm?!"


Zhou Ming was surprised. He never thought that Ye Feng actually was in the same realm with him!


"the 5th Layer QI condensation realm!"


Lin Dong was struck dumb, he knew very clearly that Ye Feng was still in the 1st Layer QI condensation realm a month ago.


However, just a month later, Ye Feng actually improved to the 5th Layer realms!


Which never had happened in the entire history of the Luoyun Sect!


"Although you have the strength of the 5th Layer QI condensation realm, my cultivation base is on the peak of the 5th Layer QI condensation realm and you can't be my opponent never!"


Zhou Ming shouted, and displayed Luoyun Death Touch toward Ye Feng.


Ye Feng's eyes glowed, this time he did not escape, but launched fierce Drangon Style against with the powerful Luoyun Death Touch!




A huge explosion sounded, Ye Feng's body lighted up, the white tiger vision roared behind him.Ye Feng crushed Zhou Ming's Luoyun Death Touch by his punch!


"How is this possible?! Dragon Style can actually launch such a power!"


Zhou Ming was gasping with astonishment and he recognized that what Ye Feng used was the common Dragon Style in the Luoyun Sect just the most.


But the power of Dragon Style was terribly scary, and even the Luoyun Death Touch could not contend against it!


He did not know that Dragon Style displayed by Ye Feng was not an ordinary Dragon Style, but was the Dragon Style that had upgraded by the strongest system which had more vaillant and power.


"Damn it!"


Zhou Ming gritted his teeth and then he took out a bow of light, and then his arms opened widely, and shot an arrow to Ye Feng fiercely!


The light arrow was as fast as lightning. The power was terrifying, which even forced the sky to roar.


Ye Feng made a quick defense, but the speed of light arrow was too fast so that it still came across from his ear and cut off a few of his long hair.




Ye Feng's body lit up, without any retreated, his fierce Dragon Style played continuously with a strong imppsing to kill Zhou Ming.


Another three light arrows fired again with the terror energy fluctuating toward the Ye Feng.


Ye Feng did not dare to be careless, and instantly invoked the Mid-grade Magic Tool, Qingling Sword which sent by Elder Chen.


The metal tremor sounded, Ye Feng's sword collided with the light arrow and the mars splattered.


"Mid-grade Magic Tool?! How is this possible!"


Zhou Ming yelled, and there was a gloom in the eyes.


Ye Feng's own strength was already very strong, and now with the Mid-grade Magic Tool in hand, it would be impossible for him to be Ye Feng's opponent!




Zhou Ming shouted and fled without hesitation.


Lin Dong also woke up from a state of shock and fled immediately.


"Wanna run? No way!"


Ye Feng looked calm, he would never allow Zhou Ming and Lin Dong to escape from him now!


With a loud bang, he waved his arm and shoot the sword suddenly.




The rushed Zhou Ming suddenly stopped and sprayed a large mouthful of blood from his mouth and then down to the ground!


There was a terrible hole in his chest, which was caused by the Qingling Sword passing through his chest.


"I am really not reconciled to die in the hands of a waste disciple!"


Zhou Ming shouted and died completely after finished the words.


"Don't kill me. I can do anything for you,bro!"


Lin Dong knelt to the ground and apologized to Ye Feng.Hoping that Ye Feng could let him go.

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