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Chapter  33  Zhou Ming (1)


Senior Brother Zhou sneered again and again.


His name was Zhou Ming. He had the realm of the 5th Layer QI condensation, and in his eyes, Ye Feng was like a young child that he could resolved him without any effort.


"In the next life,you must be remembered, do not provoke someone that you could not deal with."


Zhou Ming said coldly, and his body was brilliant. He moved and punched to Ye Feng.


This was the back of mountain in Luoyun Sect.So From time to time,there was always someone passes by.


Therefore, he did not dare to have too much delay. He needed to quickly kill Ye Feng and hidden Ye Feng's body.


"Haha, Ye Feng, this time,let me look what could you do!"


Lin Dong laughed, with the help of Zhou Ming, Ye Feng was not be able to leave alive!


However, just a moment, the expression on his face froze.




He shouted as if he saw ghosts.


Zhou Ming punched him with a strong imposing, but he actually hit back by Ye Feng's punch? !


How could this possible? !


He looked incredible, how long the time had passed before Ye Feng had became so strong?




Zhou Ming yelled. Just now he was repulsed by Ye Feng's punch ,which really shamed.


"it was an accident.This time I want your life!"


Zhou Ming was angry and summed up the reason why he was repulsed by Ye Feng just now as the accident.


"Yes... It must be an accident, Ye Feng is not opponent of Senior Brother Zhou!"


Lin Dong said in shock.


"No more excuse!"


Ye Feng's eyes glowed, the imposing changed in vain, his fierce tiger boxing blasted out like lightning and rushed to kill Zhou Ming.


"Down to the hell!"


Zhou Ming's eyes were cold and his fists enveloped the atmosphere of terror, and then collided with Ye Feng's.




Zhou Ming was hit back, and the palm that collided with Ye Feng was tingling with pain, and there was the blood in his lips leaked.


"Good strength!"


Zhou Ming was shocked and no longer dared to look down to Ye Feng and treated Ye Feng as an opponent of equal strength.


"However, this just a brute force. Under my magical attack, you are bound to be bombarded into pieces!"


Zhou Ming's imposing was explosive. The divine power of his whole body was in full swing and powerful wave.


"Luoyun Death Touch!"


He shouted with a finger leaned out, a beam of terror appeared and slammed toward Ye Feng.


Ye Feng riveted his eyes, without any hesitation, he moved quickly to avoided the attacked.




The ground was dusty, and Luoyun Death Touch directly bombarded the ground with a big hole.


"How do you feel now?"


Zhou Ming laughed. Although the Luoyun Death Touch was a low-level magical power within the Luoyun Sect, it was definitely enough to deal with Ye Feng.



He did not give Ye Feng a chance to wheezing, and kept playing the Luoyun Death Touchg constantly.With the energy fluctuated violently, the scene of fighting was really horrible.


"It's a good immortal skill, but unfortunately I had no experience values for learning."


Ye Feng sighed lightly, he was not unable to against with it, but he was observing the power of it .


In Luoyun Sect, he could not use the immortal skill and fairy level Magic Tools , otherwise,it might cause some trouble.


So he wanted to learn some low-level immortal skill to use.


"Waste is just waste, and can just only run like a monkey."


Zhou Ming was disdained at Ye Feng,he simply did not dare to face his Luoyun Death Touch, which gave him confidence.

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