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Chapter  26  Core Formation


With the red flame beaten, there was a spiritual power fluctuation in Red Fire Cauldron. This was the embodiment of Bai Jie's deep cultivation in Alchemy. She was controlling this spiritual power to catalyze the spirituality of the three herbs.


A gush of rays of light emerged while a faint cloud appeared.Suddenly the high temperature disappeared and a cool feeling appeared instead.


Everyone's heart was blowing,and they felt extremely comfortable with full of energy.


"Senior Sister Bai's Alchemy increased again, the Agerasia Core she refined today is definitely unusual!"


Xiaoqing exclaimed with her mouth extremely opened.


The thing that just made them full of energy and covered themselves with unobstructed feeling were not something else, but the dazzling energy that had spilled from Red Fire Cauldron.


The refining of Agerasia Core had not yet been finished. But the energy of the embryonic form of Agerasia Core could benefit all aspects of the body.This time,the Agerasia Core that Bai Jie refined definitely had the high quality.


"You are really a good Alchemist. With your help,I must can learn the Alchemy quickly!"


The eyes of Jiang Shui flickered and she looked at Bai Jie with full of envy.


She had a special constitution of a very rare body of yin. So her natural body was weak and she was destined to not live for too long.


That was why she always wanted to learn Alchemy.


She wanted to use Alchemy to refine an highest grade Medicinal Pills so that she could cure her hidden illness.


However, her father strongly opposed her to practice Alchemy. Alchemy was not a simple method. In particular, it would consume the energy of a person. Her body was naturally weak so that she could not afford such torment. Therefore, she was forbidden to learn Alchemy by her father.


Bai Jie's dignified expression slowly began to calm, the embryonic form of Agerasia Core had been refined, It was only a matter of time for Core Formation.


She looked at Ye Feng faintly and proudly.


This refining,even she did not expect the result!


The result of Agerasia Core this time was too big. The incense was fragrant, and the energy was sturdy.The quality of the refinement was definitely beyond the past. It might even be a top grade Agerasia Core.


If the same Medicinal Pills was refined by different people, the qualities refined were not the same.


In general, the quality of Medicinal Pills was divided into three levels, which were, the low grade, middle grade, and top grade.


And as the level of Bai Jie's Alchemy, at best, she could only refine the meddle grade Agerasia Core, but this time she really did not think that she could make a supernormal performance and refined a top grade Agerasia Core!


It seemed that after returning from here, it would be possible for her to conduct an assessment of the two-star Alchemist.


Bai Jie smiled with the divine power flew in her eyes, she was in a very comfortable mood.


Two-star Alchemist!


It was a two-star Alchemist!


Throughout the whole history of Luoyun Sect, the number of the people who had became a disciple of a two-star Alchemist at the age of fifteen could be counted only by one hand!


Red Fire Cauldron slightly trembled, and a very strong incense of Agerasia Core came out, all people who smelled had been awakened.


"Top grade Agerasia Core!"


Bai Jie's face smiled and the refining was successfully finished. The thick incense indicated that this was a top grade Agerasia Core with excellent quality.




Red Fire Cauldron was brilliant.With a trail of intertwined rays burst out, a crystal clear, round simple Core flied out from the Red Fire Cauldron slowly.


Bai Jie smiled and put her hands out, directly absorbed to the top grade Agerasia Core in the hand.


"Junior Sister, it seems like I have made a Insight(Insight (参悟 cānwù) (顿悟 dùnwù) - related to enlightenment. Cultivators usually gain insights by meditating, engaging in life-or-death battles, or going out into the world to experience new things. These insights are often needed in order to master techniques or advance to higher stages of cultivation.) this time. And made a top grade Agerasia Core! You are really blessed."


Bai Jie's eyes glowed with an unsightly excitement in the deep of eyes.


"Haha, I'm more convinced now that asking Senior Sister to teach me Alchemy is a very wise decision!"


With two tiger teeth shining, Jiang Shui smiled and looked very happy.


"Do you still question my Alchemy level? What do you think now?"


Bai Jie faintly looked at Ye Feng and said with a slightly taunting tone.


"There is nothing to say.Just only a top grade Agerasia Core."


Ye Feng said calmly and calmly. He did not have the slightest surprise because Bai Jie's refining system made him stand in Yan Dan.


"Just only……?!"


Bai Jie gritted her teeth and repeated the two word in a high sound volume,she looked at Ye Feng and said coldly: "Did you ever saw the top grade Medicinal Pills in your life before?!"




Ye Feng replied honestly.


He used to be only a factotum disciple. The first Medicinal Pills he had seen was the one called Zi Ling core in the strongest system novice big bag. However, the quality of the Zi Ling Core was unsure for him.


"Without seeing the top grade Medicinal Pills, and you're fleering over there. I think maybe you're jealous!"


Bai Jie laughed.


"Jealous? what thing on you worth my jealousy?"


Ye Feng smiled in disdain, and then he said: "Just a top grade Agerasia Core that can be refined conveniently, does it worthy of you to show off?That's really funny."


"Conveniently?! How about you go to refine one!"


Bai Jie was annoyed.


"I will not refine a thing so garbage."


Ye Feng said calmly.


Just now, through the strongest system, he had learned how to refine the Agerasia Core. Even the strongest system automatically improved the method of refining Agerasia Core. So right now,he was pretty sure that he could refine a better and unique Agerasia Core.


"It isn't "won't" for you,but that you "can't"! Well,Let a factotum disciple do Alchemy and also requires him to refine a top grade Agerasia Core, which is really constraining you to do things that are beyond your power!"


Bai Jie ridiculed.


"You are all friends of mine. Let's stop arguing and end it!"


Jiang Shui said with a smile.


She had contact with Ye Feng and it was very clear that Ye Feng was not as simple as he looked.


However, the top grade Medicinal Pill was too precious, and she also did not believe that Ye Feng could refine it.


Ye Feng shook his head and looked at Bai Jie very disdainfully. He said, "I really don't know where your sense of superiority comes from! Today, I'll let you see that as a factotum disciple,how can i refine a top grade Agerasia Core!"


Bai Jie frowned. Ye Feng's body showed a strong confidence at this moment, which raised a strong sense of anxiety in her heart.


Could Ye Feng really be able to refine the top grade Agerasia Core?


But soon she smiled in her heart and laughed at the ridiculous idea.


A waste, who had never been in contact with Alchemy before, how could he refine a top grade Agerasia Core!


To know that even her, as the chief disciple of Alchemy Elder with supernatural talents of the Alchemy, there was also no assurance that the top grade Medicinal Pills could be refined every time.


This time, there was also for a lot of luck to refine the top grade Agerasia Core.


"Okay,then you can also open my eyes up!"


Bai Jie said lightly.


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