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"My cultivation realm is going up!" Ye Feng became serious. Just now, when he had operated the Immortal Sutra to cure his injury, he found that his magic power was enough to enter into the next cultivation realm.


"I must promote my realm!" Ye Feng continued to run the Immortal Sutra and started breaking through realm barrier. All were for getting into Ruwei Realm.


Dangers were everywhere on the Spiritual Road. If he wanted to live on, he must enhance his strength constantly.


Ye Feng was surrounded by a different air. The outside energy rushed into his body crazily to support him to solve the realm barrier.


Thanks to the recent battles, his cultivation base was very firm, so breaking through realm barrier was easy for him.




As a roaring sound echoed, the realm barrier collapsed. Immediately, Ye Feng felt his mind clear and his body comfortable.


"Is this Ruwei Realm?" Amazement hit Ye Feng. After entering this realm, he felt that his sense was changed hugely.


If Qi Condensation was a baby, then Ruwei Realm could be regarded as a child!


"Only by getting into Ruwei Realm, can a cultivator say he steps on the cultivation path!" Ye Feng sighed with emotion. By reaching Ruwei Realm, he instantly had a further understanding of the immortal path cultivation.


Suddenly, the sound of the Strongest System resounded.


"Congratulations to host for promoting a big cultivation realm! Now you have gift packs for upgrading. Do you want to open them now?"


Ecstasy struck Ye Feng! Wow! He couldn't predict that after boosting a big cultivation realm, the system would reward him with gift packs!






As the seven-color splendor dazzled, sounds of the system arrived in Ye Feng's ears one by one.


"Congratulations to host for opening gift packs for upgrading successfully. Experience value increases 20,000."


"Congratulations to host for obtaining occult skill - Nine-Round Saint Skill. Attention, your fighting strength can be improved ten times after you cultivate it well."


"Congratulations to host for obtaining occult skill - Change Skill. Attention, the skill can help you change appearance, including spiritual soul and energy."


"Congratulations to host for obtaining five-grade spiritual core - Jinpo Core. Attention, the core can strengthen spiritual soul."


"Congratulations to host for obtaining five-grade spiritual core - Hunyuan Core. Attention, the core is healing core and can cure all injuries of cultivators below Hequan Realm."



"Amazing Strongest System! But it's a pity that these gift packs are given at specific times." Ye Feng let out a sigh.


The gift packs provided by the Strongest System contained lots of experience and awesome cultivation skills. But it seemed that the gift packs would be given only when he broke through a big cultivation realm.


But in fact, Ye Feng was satisfied with the result.


"Jinpo Core!" Ye Feng took out the core and swallowed.


Immediately, a stream of warm current appeared in his body and ran to his head.


"Amazing! I feel my sense far stronger than before! It's worthy of five-grade spiritual core!" Ye Feng opened eyes in a sudden and shot out golden lights. He was able to observe all creatures within 50km in his mind.

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