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"Perfect object!" Ye Feng sneered. He believed this tarantula could give Ning Kun "surprise".


"Fire Cloud!" Extensive fire sea emerged and overwhelmed Ning Kun in a twinkle.


"Useless!" Ning Kun's skin sparkled. He walked in the fire sea; it seemed that flame couldn't hurt him.


"Really? How about it?" Ye Feng laughed grimly. Just now, when Ning Kun had submerged in the fire sea, he had drawn the longbow and released an arrow to the tarantula.


At this moment, the tarantula fell into rampage completely. It constantly spat out white gossamer. Soon, a large cobweb appeared.


"What's this?" Ning Kun roared. When he got rid of the fire sea, he immediately saw a white large cobweb rushing to him.


"Enjoy it slowly!" Ye Feng jeered and quickly left here.


"Break open!" Ning Kun was indulged in fury. This white large cobweb moved so fast that he was entangled in it before he could make response.


With the shimmering dagger, he destroyed the cobweb and walked out.




However, white huge gossamer popped up and hit to him. This gossamer was thick as an arm, giving off horrible power. If he was hit by the gossamer, he would suffer heavy injuries.


"Damn it!" Ning Kun basted. Why did he provoke such a monster?


He didn't dare to ignore the tarantula and exerted all his strength to avoid the gossamer. Then, he operated magic skill and launched an assault to the tarantula.




There came deafening explosive sound, like a violent earthquake. Everything got in a mess.


"Good! It seems that the tarantula really 'surprises' Ning Kun!" Ye Feng let out a cold smile in the distance.


Although Ning Kun was stopped, he didn't dare to relax. He still moved fast in the forest so as to leave this area.


"Fuck! I need a place to cure the wound now." Ye Feng gritted his teeth. The injury on his back was too heavy. If he didn't cure it at once, he would fall down in a faint here.


Suddenly, an extremely covert cave appeared in his sight.


Without any hesitance, he entered the cave.


"I'm so lucky to have the initial Saint Physique. Otherwise, I will die already." The color drained from his face. He lost so much blood because the wound didn't receive treatment. Therefore, he was in a confused state of mind.


"Immortal Sutra!" Ye Feng heavily bit his lip for maintaining sober mind. Then, the Immortal Sutra ran fast in order to suppress his injury.


As an immortal method, the Immortal Sutra owned unpredictable power. With beams of light, the wound on his back stopped bleeding and closed up slowly.


"Thanks to Immortal Sutra!" Ye Feng became sober gradually. He fully operated the Immortal Sutra to cure his wound.


Soon, the wound disappeared, even a scar not left. It seemed that he had not been hurt. How amazing!


"Wow! Immortal Sutra has such a powerful function!" Ye Feng got surprised and then fell into pleasure.


With the Immortal Sutra, his body was impossible to be destroyed. No matter what injury he suffered, he could recover by himself.

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