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Ye Feng continuously released blue light arrows to Ning Kun, who closely followed behind him.


"Damn! He is so formidable!" Ye Feng frowned. He kept shooting out arrows for parrying Ning Kun and increasing his distance with Ning Kun.


However, Ning Kun was so mighty that these light arrows couldn't hurt or impede him.


"You can't escape!" Ning Kun gazed at Ye Feng coldly. In terms of his thrilling speed, the distance between him and Ye Feng was shortened increasingly.


"Don't talk tall!" Ye Feng replied in an aloof voice and considered dealing with Ning Kun.


Suddenly, his eyes became bright because he felt a kind of potent energy fluctuation appeared at the front.


He then paid attention to the front, at which emerging a flock of fierce apes. Each one was large as a hill, giving off terrifying murderous feeling.


"Maybe they can help me stop Ning Kun!" Ye Feng drew the longbow and released an arrow to apes.




The blue light arrow exploded among apes, caused them to cast a cut-throat glance on Ye Feng.


Without any hesitance, Ye Feng strung the longbow again and shot out several arrows to apes.


At the same time, he sped up and fast moved towards another direction.


As the sonorous roaring resounded, all apes pursued and attacked Ye Feng in rage.


These apes were so heavy that the ground was shaking. All places they passed by were in a mess.


"What the hell! Fuck off!" Ning Kun exclaimed angrily. Because of these apes, he couldn't see Ye Feng at all.




Ning Kun launched a raid to apes and directly made an ape out to the other side.


Ye Feng's heartbeat accelerated. How strong Ning Kun was! Even the mighty monster beast like ape couldn't withstand Ning Kun's one attack.


As several apes flew out, the rest apes stopped chasing after Ye Feng and turned to attack Ning Kun.


"Get out from my way! Otherwise I'll kill you!" Ning Kun fished out a dagger and killed several apes in a wink.


"Damn! These apes can't stop him!" Ye Feng frowned.




Ye Feng accelerated his speed to the maximum level and ran to the deep forest.


"There comes horrific roaring continuously. I can find an extremely mighty monster beast there!" Ye Feng gritted his teeth and decided to have a try.


"You're bringing about your own destruction!" Ning Kun had killed apes and pursued him.


"Fuck! I'll first kill you after my cultivation level is enhanced!" Ye Feng swore in fury.


This was first time for him to fall into such a difficult condition because of being chased by someone. He really fled in panic! He pledged that he would first kill Ning Kun after he promoted his cultivation level.


"You have no chance!" Ning Kun let out a cold smile and the distance between him and Ye Feng was short. Ning Kun waved his hand and a horrible black light beam popped up, straight rushing to Ye Feng.




Ye Feng trembled and spat out blood. A creepy wound appeared on his back, blood coming out from it constantly.


"Fuck!" Ye Feng gritted his teeth, suppressed the pain and kept running to the deep forest.


He saw the living hope! A white, huge monster emerged in his sight. Blood smell reached his nose, so he guessed the monster must be very formidable.


It was a tarantula, over 30 meters long. Its body was covered by white hair. As its large head moved, cobweb turned up.

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