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"What!" All people here got astonished and gazed at Ye Feng with amazement.


"Why is he so powerful?" Disciples of Yuanyi School breathed in a gasp. Ye Feng had consecutively destroyed their two core disciples just by one finger! It would cause a stir in Yuanyi School!


At this moment, disciples of Yuanyi School felt their blood freezing.


"He is invincible at the same cultivation level!" Disciples of Luoyun Sect cast excited glances on Ye Feng.


They didn't predict he would be formidable like this! Several days ago, he had been not mighty like now! How could he make progress so fast? It was amazing!


"Wow! Good guy! I like!" Wu De peered at Ye Feng with interest.


Ye Feng stood straight on the arena, his clothes dancing with wind and his skin gleaming. He seemed like an immortal, awe-inspiring.


Ye Feng kept his calmness. He was not surprised he could destroy two disciples of Yuanyi School by mere one finger. In these days, he had devoted himself into cultivation, so he understood the Yuxu Skill completely. His finger to Liu Fei just now had included the strength of Divine Roc. The confluent Yuxu Skill became his ace in the hole.


"Liu Fei!" Tears rolling in Qiu Ying's eyes, she really worried about Liu Fei, who was unconscious. She jumped to the arena and took Liu Fei away.


"Junior Chen, take care of Liu Fei. I'm gonna to revenge for him!" Qiu Ying's eyes shot out hostility. She had a very good relationship with Liu Fei, so she must revenge for him!


"Senior Sister Qiu, don't go! Senior Liu lost to him! You can't win!" Junior Chen roared in anxiety.


However, Qiu Ying made a firm determination and didn't care Junior Chen's words. She jumped to the arena directly.


"Ye Feng, take your life to pay back!" Qiu Ying's eyes became extremely cold.


"You can challenge me together!" Ye Feng didn't show any fear and even called all disciples of Yuanyi School to fight against him together.


"How arrogant!"


"Do you think we are weak?"


All disciples of Yuanyi School got into rage and shouted abuse towards Ye Feng. But no one dared to stand on the arena. Ye Feng's strength startled them, causing them to lose confidence to battle with him.


"Ridiculous! Look! They are your partners! They only dare to display their strength in words!" Ye Feng sneered.


Previously, those disciples of Yuanyi School utterly despised disciples of Luoyun Sect and even didn't regard disciples of Luoyun Sect as human beings, they humiliating disciples of Luoyun Sect recklessly.


A disciple of Luoyun Sect had paid his life to confront the disciple of Yuanyi School and died on the arena in the end. But his death didn't win recognition; he had received more sneers instead!


"If all cultivators in the world are like you guys, the world will be ended sooner or later!" Ye Feng exclaimed with two cool lights being shot out from his eyes.


"Don't say that! Today, I must kill you!" Qiu Ying gritted her teeth. Although she was a beautiful woman, she hated Ye Feng and determined to kill him!

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