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A bright moon was shining in the sky. With the gentle moonlight spreading over the ground, the forest became tranquil.


Ye Feng hunkered at the entrance of the cave and operated the Immortal Sutra. As the splendor lighted up around him, he seemed very holy with his handsome face.


"It's not good for her to boost the cultivation level too fast…" Ye Feng murmured and gave a glimpse to the cave.


"Jiang Shui needs practices in this period, for building a firm cultivation foundation. Otherwise, she will confront cultivation problems in the future."


Those problems would not be found at present, but when Jiang Shui got close to the highest cultivation level, they would break out and might result in accidents.


Ye Feng ceased cultivation and stood up, looking at the round moon.


Suddenly, vigilance hit him and a ray of light shimmered in his black eyes.


"Someone is coming." Ye Feng got serious and concealed his energy; he jumped to a towering tree around him.


There came loud noise. Ye Feng hid himself in dense leaves and cast cautious glance on the direction where the noise resounded.


"Feng Qing, give up! You can't defeat us." A bareheaded young man warned in a cold voice. Around him were 7-8 young men; they were surrounding a girl.


"She is too young! How did she get into the Spiritual Road?" Surprise flashed in Ye Feng's eyes.


The girl, who was besieged by those young men, looked very young, about 10 years old. She wore yellow clothes, seeming cute and beautiful.


"You are too detestable!" Feng Qing bulged her face due to anger, flurry emerging in her clear eyes.


She had been indulged in playing so that she had parted with her elderly sister in order to chase a spiritual rabbit. Later, she became the target of these young men and ran here.


"Don't worry. We won't rob your mark, as long as you follow us without fight." Said the bareheaded man. When he spoke out these words, a red mark flashed on Feng Qing's white forehead.


"It should be the mark." Ye Feng put on a stern expression. The 10-year-old girl was a rare genius recognized by the Spiritual Road! Amazing!


"I…I know what you want to do. You want to take advantage of me to draw forth my sister. I…I won't allow you to hurt my sister!" Feng Qing bit her lip and replied obstinately.


"Do you think you have choices?" The bareheaded man mocked.


"I won't follow you to leave!" As unswerving determination appeared in Feng Qing's big eyes, she extended her hands and released a kind of horrific energy fluctuation.


What an astonishing scene! A girl, about 10 years old, boasted such strong energy!


"Ruwei Realm!" On the tree, Ye Feng's eyelid flicked in a sudden. He didn't predict that the girl was a cultivator of Ruwei Realm!


"No wonder she can be recognized by the Spiritual Road…" Ye Feng sighed with emotion. How striking the girl's cultivation talent was!


"If you refuse us, you will hurt yourself!" The bareheaded man let out a cold smile. Suddenly, a black iron bar popped up in his hands. As the black light gleamed on the bar, a type of scary energy fluctuation gave off.


Pow! The man moved and waved the black iron bar, which caused the fearful roar to echo in the vacant space.


"Ah!" Feng Qing screamed and her face was full of fear. The energy gathered by her just now fell apart at this moment.


She was too terrified to continue her attack when she saw the bareheaded man's fierce assault.

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