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"Don't be afraid! I don't want a boring battle." Ye Feng let out a light smile, extremely confident.


"How arrogant you are!" The leading young man sneered and drew the longbow. Immediately, a blue light arrow shot out to Ye Feng with horrible energy.


In the meantime, other young people didn't dare to ignore Ye Feng due to his mighty power.


"I should practice more! I obviously feel I can defeat them. But the result is not as I expect." Jiang Shui became depressed and retreated backwards, watching the battle between Ye Feng and these young people.


"It's okay. After experiencing the Spiritual Road, I believe your strength will be greatly improved." Ye Feng replied in a calm voice and meanwhile smashed the blue light arrow with his fists.


On the other side, other young people also launched attacks to Ye Feng. But he didn't show any fear. With fast and big movements, he directly rushed into the crowd.


He didn't need to conceal Shennong Tripod and Divine Roc on the Spiritual Road, so he could exert all his strength here.




As the White Tiger divine image roared, Ye Feng punched the crowd, making several young men fly out in a wink.


Suddenly, an arrow shot from hiding moved fast towards Ye Feng's head.


It was released by the leading young man, who froze his face and waited for this chance all the time.


"It's useless." Ye Feng extended his hands and straight ruined the blue light arrow.


"Qingling Sword!" Ye Feng concentrated his attention. The Qingling Sword got out of his body at once and hovered in the air, the sharp end pointing to the leading young man.


"Tell me! Why are you so sensitive about outside people?" In terms of strong body and potent physical strength, Ye Feng threw all people close to him to the other side. At present, only the leading young man still stood before him.


"You don't know this? How did you enter the Spiritual Road?" Surprise hit the leading young man, because each one accessed to the Spiritual Road from outside world would be clear about its rules.


But it was obvious that Ye Feng didn't know the rules.


"Stop nonsense! Answer my question!" Ye Feng exclaimed in a cold voice.


The leading young man gritted his teeth and didn't want to be reconciled to the result. He never considered that he and his partners, more than 10 people, would lose to Ye Feng completely.


"If you want to pass the test of the Spiritual Road, you must promote your Spiritual Road mark to the highest level. This is the only method."


"Almost all people on the Spiritual Road have its marks. If you want to enhance your mark, you need to rob and incorporate others' marks."


In the end, the leading young man talked all he knew to Ye Feng.


They couldn't triumph over Ye Feng; therefore, if he refused to answer Ye Feng's questions, he and his partners might be killed by Ye Feng.


"You don't have marks, right?" Asked Ye Feng. Only the most outstanding young cultivator of an area could obtain the Spiritual Road mark. It was evident that these people didn't meet the standard.


"Yes. But we can join Saint School by looting your marks." The leading young man nodded.


Although they were not recognized by the Spiritual Road, Saint School still gave them a chance and allowed them to enter the Spiritual Road. If they succeeded in depriving others of marks and reached the requirements, they could be enrolled by Saint School as well.

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