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"Her magic tool looks good. After we kill her, the tool will be ours." These young people's eyes sparkled when seeing the Five-Color Fan in Jiang Shui's hands.


The energy fluctuation from the Five-Color Fan was stronger than all their magic tools. It must be a rare treasure!


"It depends on your strength!" Jiang Shui sneered and waved the fan. Immediately, the Five-Color Fan shone and released five beams of lights; every light had a kind of wonderful energy. What a shocking scene!




The five beams of lights rapidly shot to the five young men and made them fly out immediately.


"It's indeed a rare treasure!" The leading young man narrowed his eyes and didn't show any anger due to his partners being hit; instead, he looked excited.


"I don't wanna waste my time!" The leading young man snorted, a translucent longbow popping up in his hands.


The longbow seemed very extraordinary with blue jewels inset in its top and bottom, giving off amazing energy.


The leading young man bent his body to draw the longbow, and a blue light arrow appeared on the bowstring in a twinkle.




The blue light arrow rushed out with horrific energy, which made surrounding trees sway drastically.


Jiang Shui didn't fear at all. The Five-Color Fan sparkled and completely destroyed the blue light arrow straight.


In the meantime, she extended her shimmering hands to beat these young people back. She was extremely formidable; though she was sieged by many people, she still maintained a successful momentum. This proved that her change was actually huge.


"Good." Ye Feng nodded with satisfaction.


Suddenly, a lot of dense light arrows ran to Jiang Shui, causing her to be a little flurried.


Although she had enhanced her cultivation level, she had little fighting experience. Under such attacks, she got into a passive condition at once.


At this moment, other young people also launched raids to her from different directions. They had superb cooperation with each other, attacking Jiang Shui at the same time. Jiang Shui dropped into in a difficult position instantly. It seemed that she would lose to them because it was difficult for her to deal with these assaults.


"Haha! The girl lacks experience! It will not cost our so much energy to capture her!" A young man let out a laugh. He had noticed that Jiang Shui lacked fighting experience, so they only needed to exert more power to defeat her.


"It seems that you need more practices." Ye Feng smiled lightly and walked to Jiang Shui step by step.


"Fuck off! Rubbish!" A young man attacked Ye Feng with a disdainful expression when seeing Ye Feng moving towards them.


"These words should be returned to you!" Ye Feng retained his composure and waved his hands to slap the young man.


Poof! The young man directly flew out and spat blood. With several broken bones, he fainted away.


"Impossible!" Those young people, who carried out raids to Jiang Shui, stopped their actions and looked at Ye Feng with astonishment.


"Xiaowu is about to reach Ruwei Realm, but the man broke his bones just by a slap…How potent energy he has!" These young people breathed in a gasp. Until now, they had known that Ye Feng was stronger than Jiang Shui.


"Don't be afraid! We have more people than them! We can kill them!" The leading young man released homicidal intent.

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