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"That battle…" Jiang Chongtian darkened his eyes, seeming like recalling something. But he didn't talk too much; he just shook his head and sighed.


"Where is your teacher?" Jiang Chongtian gazed at Ye Feng and asked.


"Teacher is in the life-death closed door cultivation." Answered Ye Feng. His teacher Weng Wuyou devoted himself to the cultivation for repairing Yuxu Inheritance.


"He is tough." Jiang Chongtian coughed in a sudden and spat blood, which dirtied his clothes, extremely obvious.


"Grandmaster, are you okay?" Ye Feng got worried.


I'm fine." Jiang Chongtian shook his head, "You'd better make preparations over the next several days. I'm gonna open the Spiritual Road for you and Jiang Shui."


"Okay!" Ye Feng nodded. Of course he should prepare for it in advance, because he would meet Lin Xi when he got into the Spiritual Road.


"There are too many unknown dangers in the Spiritual Road. In fact, it's not a place of happiness. But in case you pass the Spiritual Road, you will obtain great supports." Jiang Chongtian stared at Ye Feng and continued, "Take good care of Jiang Shui. If I die, you will bear the duty of sustaining Luoyun Sect."


"Grandmaster, you will not die. I will try to cure you once and for all!" Ye Feng promised seriously.


Jiang Chongtian merely shook his head and added, "Don't be stressed out." After saying that, he looked at the dilapidated palace and let out a sigh, then getting away.


"Grandmaster…" Ye Feng felt a little sad, for he thought Jiang Chongtian nice; he must try every shift available to cure Jiang Chongtian!


"Lin Xi, wait for me!" Ye Feng sneered, his eyes full of coldness.


In the next several days, he did nothing but cultivation, because he was clear that strength was most important in this world.


"I felt my cultivation realm will be promoted several days ago. Indeed, I'm at the 9th Layer Qi Condensation." Ye Feng nodded with satisfaction. In these days, he not only had improved his cultivation level to the 9th Layer Qi Condensation, but also had stabled this realm completely. According to his prediction, he would break through the current cultivation level and reach Ruwei Realm in a few days.


Suddenly, an inner disciple arrived in Yuxu Mountain.


"Junior Ye, Grandmaster calls you to the front palace."


"Okay." Ye Feng nodded his head.


He guessed Jiang Chongtian would open the Spiritual Road for him and Jiang Shui and send them into it today.


"Let's go." Ye Feng didn't spend much time, following the disciple to come to the front palace.


"Ye Feng." Jiang Shui blinked her big eyes and welcomed him.


"Wow! How fast you break through your cultivation level!" Ye Feng got surprised, for he observed that Jiang Shui was so different from before.


"Hee hee, I think so." Jiang Shui released a sweet smile, her two tiger teeth gleaming, seeming utterly outgoing.


"What level you reach now?" Asked Ye Feng.


Jiang Shui put on a proud expression, "I'm only one step short of getting into Ruwei Realm!"


"Peak 9th Layer Qi Condensation!" Ye Feng breathed in a gasp.


How exaggerated! Before, Jiang Shui had been at the 4th Layer Qi Condensation. But just several days passed, her cultivation level upgraded for several levels and hit the peak 9th Layer Qi Condensation!


"Grandmaster said this is just a start. Later, my physique advantages will be more evident." Replied Jiang Shui.


"Is this not evident enough? I think in this world, regarding the promotion speed of cultivation level only, nobody can compete with you." Ye Feng couldn't help sighing with emotion.


At first, he had not acquired the Strongest System; his cultivation level had not been promoted to a higher level in the whole three years. Even though he owned the Strongest System, immortal cultivation method and initial Saint Physique, he lagged behind Jiang Shul in promotion speed of cultivation level.

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