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"Stop." Suddenly, Jiang Chongtian opened his mouth.


"Jiang Chongtian, what do you mean? Do you want to kill us here?" Leng Wushuang said and cast a bleak glance on Jiang Chongtian.


"I know why you come to Luoyun Sect, but I don't care. I just hope you guys can do me a favor." Jiang Chongtian retained calmness.


"What?" Surprise appeared in many cultivators' eyes. Jiang Chongtian was unrivaled in the northern area, so they couldn't imagine what they could help him.


"I want to send two disciples to the Spiritual Road, so I hope you can help me collect resources." Jiang Chongtian still maintained his composure.


"Spiritual Road?!" All cultivators greatly changed their expressions. The Spiritual Road had been closed already. It was impossible for people to get in again. However, Jiang Chongtian had said that he wanted to send people to the Spiritual Road! Amazing!


"Nobody can enter the Spiritual Road if he is not marked by the Spiritual Road. Jiang Chongtian, do you know what you are talking?" He Zhendong darkened his face. Although Jiang Chongtian was formidable, but he didn't believe Jiang Chongtian could send people to the Spiritual Road successfully.


"Don't worry. You guys only need to help me collect resources." Jiang Chongtian said in an indifferent voice.


"If not?" The cultivator of Ancient Country Stone cooled his voice down.


"If not? Then I have to visit your sects and powers." Jiang Chongtian replied with a calm expression.


"You!" Quite a few cultivators blackened their faces. Jiang Chongtian was so strong; if he really paid a visit to their sects and powers, they couldn't stop him.


After silence overwhelmed the crowds for a long time, a cultivator gritted his teeth, "Okay, I agree!"


In fact, these cultivators had no choice. Jiang Chongtian was unbeatable; if they refused him, he would attack their sects and powers.


"So do we…" Many other powers also agreed with an unwilling face.


"You have three days only." Said Jiang Chongtian.


"Three days!" A lot of cultivators gritted their teeth for the time left to them to prepare was too short.


"You tell Yuanyi School they need to prepare double resources." Jiang Chongtian didn't wait cultivators' replies and left directly, because he was sure these cultivators would agree finally.


"What an unexpected result…" Cultivators shook their heads and got away from Luoyun Sect.


From today on, Luoyun Sect was different! It was not the previous one which could be bullied and humiliated by them without any worries. It became a top sect in the northern area!


Luoyun Sect, Yuxu Inheritance Mountain.


Jiang Chongtian stood at the entrance quietly and looked at the dilapidated palace on the mountain with thoughtful eyes.


"Grandmaster." Ye Feng emerged and got close to Jiang Chongtian, bowing with respect.


"Here would not be like this if that battle didn't happen…" Jiang Chongtian let out a deep sigh.


"What happened in that battle?" Ye Feng got astonished. That battle must be utterly uncommon; even the mighty cultivator like Jiang Chongtian nearly died for that.

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