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Qin Ruisheng and Qin Ruilong's cooperation was seamless. No wonder it was said that when they teamed up, their fighting capability would be strengthened several times.


In the palace, many elder strong cultivators sneered. It was difficult for them to parry the assaults; they would suffer heavy injuries.


They waited for the sign of Jiang Chongtian being defeated and they would kill him at once if they saw the failure trend.


However, their smiles were replaced by unbelievable expressions at the next moment.


Jiang Chongtian stood up and his eyes were indifferent.


As his body sparkled, like an immortal, Jiang Chongtian patted; stripe signet emerged with a kind of immortal path feeling and hit with the two raids.




After the crash, Qin Ruilong's sharp sword broke to pieces directly and he flew out for more than ten meters. He spat out blood and heavily dropped down to the ground outside the palace.


On the other side, the blood-red phoenix was damaged and Qin Ruisheng also flew out; his several bones fractured.


"Impossible!" Qin Ruisheng let out a roaring in an unbelievable expression.


Qin Ruisheng was at the same generation of Jiang Chongtian. Although Jiang Chongtian had been powerful before, he was not formidable as now!


"I allow you to live if you leave herbal remedies." Jiang Chongtian said in a cold voice.


Qin Ruisheng gritted his teeth but didn't dare to say much. He put herbal remedies on the ground and then led Qin Ruilong to get away in rage.


Cultivators in the palace couldn't hold back their astonishment, because Jiang Chongtian was not only in good health, but also stronger than before.


The cultivator from Ancient Country Stone stared at Jiang Chongtian in a complex expression and said nothing.


He Zhendong of Wuxing Sect and Leng Wushuang of Xuantian Sect also said nothing; they just stood quietly and got into consideration.


"You can see me recovering Jiang Shui's physique!" Jiang Chongtian was still calm.


"Okay. If incomplete Taiyin Physique can be recovered, it will have tremendous changes. It will become one of the strongest physiques for cultivation."


All cultivators looked pleased and replied.


"Let's go." Jiang Chongtian released a slight smile and walked out of the palace straight.


Cultivators followed him to leave the palace.


On the other side of the spacious palace, a stone pond appeared in people's sights. Magic spring rolled in the pond, seeming very extraordinary.


The stone pond was built by Jiang Chongtian. The Tao lines inside the pond would make the recovery smoother.


"Inform Jiang Shui and let her come here." Jiang Chongtian opened his mouth, and a disciple of Luoyun Sect started off immediately.


Soon, Jiang Shui arrived here.


"Grandmaster." Jiang Shui paid a respectful greet to Jiang Chongtian.


"Let's start." Said Jiang Chongtian.


"Okay." Jiang Shui stepped into the stone pond with excitement.


From today, she would get rid of the identity as a sickly girl!

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