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"It seems Senior Jiang has to give us an explanation." The young man smiled slightly.


In fact, he didn't look like a youth; instead, he posted a maturity not of his age, which was surprising.


"Qin Ruisheng, do you think it's fun to play such a trick before me?" Jiang Chongtian gazed at the young man and asked.


"Senior Jiang, what do you mean?" The young man seemed to be confused, as he didn't understand Jiang Chongtian. However, a trace of amazement, not easy to perceive, flashed in his eyes.


"Does Senior Qin Ruisheng come here? Why I don't see him?"


"He is Taishang Elder of Yuanyi School, a big shot at the same generation with Senior Jiang Chongtian. He is well-known in whole North Domain!"


Astonishment overwhelmed cultivators in the palace, because Qin Ruisheng was utterly extraordinary. As an elder big shot, he was famed for all people here.


Not only these common cultivators, but also big shots here got surprised.


"Is Qin Ruisheng here?" A big shot presented the question, wonder gleaming in his eyes.


He had a close relationship with Qin Ruisheng and they became friends many years, but he didn't find Qin Ruisheng in the palace.


"Not only Qin Ruisheng, but also Qin Ruilong is here. Okay, Yuanyi School really attaches much importance to Luoyun Sect." Jiang Chongtian again opened his mouth, but his words made cultivators in the palace more perplexed.


"Qin Ruisheng and Qin Ruilong are blood brothers. Both are notable top cultivators!"


"It's said that when they collaborate, they will be greatly stronger than before. This is why nobody in North Domain dares to provoke them easily."


"But they are not here!"


All people got very bewildered and couldn't understand why Jiang Chongtian had said Qin Ruisheng and Qin Ruilong had arrived in Luoyun Sect.


"Senior Jiang, our two Taishang Elders are not here. What do you want to say?" The young man of Yuanyi School calmed down in appearance and got astounded inwardly.


"I'm gonna tell you my meaning." Jiang Chongtian replied with composure.


In a sudden, he extended his hand and stretched out one finger; with a beam of bloodcurdling light, the assault rushed to the young man.


"Jiang Chongtian, you're really eagle-eyed!" Facing the coming light beam, the young man changed his expression suddenly and then let out a laugh.




As the brilliant splendor lighted and dimly mist rose, the young man's figure changed fast.


Several seconds passing, the young man became a white-hair elder man!


"It's Senior Qin Ruisheng!"


People here recognized the elder man's identity at once and couldn't help shouting.


"Qin Ruilong, get out." Jiang Chongtian roared. A horrific ripple formed and ran to a location in vacant space in a blink.


As the shaking sound resounded, an elder man dropped out of the vacant space. He was Qin Ruilong, Taishang Elder of Yuanyi School.


Elder cultivators stared at Jiang Chongtian with light shining in their eyes.


How formidable Jiang Chongtian was! They couldn't guess out Jiang Chongtian's strength. They didn't find any sign of Qin Ruisheng or Qin Ruilong, but Jiang Chongtian directly pulled them out.


"Jiang Chongtian , it doesn't matter that you find our identity. Today, you must give Yuanyi School an explanation!" Sneered Qin Ruisheng.

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