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Almost all cultivators in the palace changed their expressions again.


How arrogant the young man of Yuanyi School was! When visiting other sects, Yuanyi School only needed to dispatch outer disciples? What a disrespectful action!


However, after they thought it carefully, they realized the young man was right…Yuanyi School had never actively visited other sects; instead, other sects initially paid a visit to Yuanyi School!


"What a madcap disciple! Is Yuanyi School powerful like this?" Jiang Tairan darkened his face. He would not be concerned about the young man's action and words if it was before. But after his Martial Uncle Jiang Chongtian appeared in the public, Yuanyi School should respect Luoyun Sect. However, he didn't predict that though Yuanyi School sent herbal remedies to Luoyun Sect, Yuanyi School didn't plan to lower its head. Yuanyi School tried to display its strength and despise Luoyun Sect's weakness from every aspect.


"Founder Jiang, please don't misunderstand me! Every word I said is true." The young man of Yuanyi School didn't show any fear and replied in calmness.


Cultivators around the young man couldn't help paying attention to him.


The young man's behaviors were too unusual! Each cultivator in the palace was hundreds times stronger than him in cultivation realm, especially Jiang Chongtian!


As an unrivaled cultivator in an area, Jiang Chongtian could kill the young man just by one finger.


However, the young man didn't seem timid at all. Both his words and behaviors were extremely audacious!


"You!" Fury emerged on Jiang Tairan's face. He really wanted to tear up the young man on site.


"Founder Jiang, you're the leader of Luoyun Sect. I think you won't attack an unimportant disciple, right?" The young man still maintained his composure.


It seemed that he had a strong support, so he didn't fear of aggravating Luoyun Sect.


"Take out herbal remedies." Suddenly, Jiang Chongtian opened his mouth with a calm expression.


"Before I left Yuanyi School, my Leader told me Senior Qin Chuan and Elder Qin Yu couldn't lose their lives in vain. As long as Senior Jiang gives an explanation and compensation to Yuanyi School, these herbal remedies will be handed over to Luoyun Sect."


"I don't need to explain to anyone for my behaviors!" Jiang Chongtian replied in a cold voice.


Cultivators changed their expressions in a wink.


What did Yuanyi School want to do?


Yuanyi School continued to provoke Luoyun Sect from the beginning, and even required Jiang Chongtian to give an explanation.


"Jiang Chongtian, I heard the thing. You went too far actually. Qin Chuan is Yuanyi School Leader's son. Qin Yu is Leader's brother. But you killed them!"


The cultivator from Ancient Country Stone stood out. He was tall and stout, wearing dragon robe and gold crown and giving off mighty energy. He might be a royal member or a top cultivator in royal family.


"Yeah. My old friend, you should change your temper! Don't be irritable!" He Zhendong of Wuxing Sect let out a laugh.


"Do you think you're still unrivaled in the northern area? Times have changed!" Leng Wushuang said in a cold voice.


The three big shots showed their attitudes one by one. It was obvious that they supported Yuanyi School and helped it to crusade against Jiang Chongtian.


At this moment, cultivators in the palace understood one thing - all people came here for affirming Jiang Chongtian's body condition and cultivation realm, not for visiting him.

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