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300 years ago, Jiang Chongtian had been the strongest cultivator in the northern area, enjoying a very high status in North Domain. If he didn't die in that battle, Luoyun Sect would not be on the wane. Instead, it would be the most powerful sect in North Domain.


"Jiang Chongtian is alive! We need to change our relationship with Luoyun Sect." Said the Leader of one big sect.


"Why doesn't Jiang Chongtian die? We have trouble now! Return the cultivation resources we plundered to Luoyun Sect!" Another Leader of a top sect in North Domain let out the order.


Jiang Chongtian's news struck almost all cultivation powers in the northern area. They dispatched people to Luoyun Sect for visiting Jiang Chongtian. In the meantime, they wanted to know whether Jiang Chongtian was good and whether he was at the prime of his previous cultivation.


Among the cloud and mist, an exquisite palace was surrounded by mountains. With the gentle lights gleaming around the palace, it was extremely vague and elegant like a heaven palace.


Before the palace was a roomy plaza, at which many mighty cultivators appeared and hurried into the palace.


"It's said that Jiang Chongtian died 300 years ago. But that is a rumor! He is still alive." A hefty, strong mid-age man opened his mouth with golden lights being shot out of his eyes.


"Leader, the battle of 300 years ago is terrifying. I don't believe Jiang Chongtian will be fine!" Said an elderly man.


"In these years, Yuanyi School has grown fast. Even if he is still formidable as before, we're capable of fighting against him!" Another elderly man sneered with horrible energy embracing him.


Here was Yuanyi School; the mid-age man was Qin Tianxiong, Leader of Yuanyi School, and the elderly men were Elders of the sect.


"We don't need to worry about Jiang Chongtian. We need to take other sects into consideration." Replied Qin Tianxiong. He thought more than these Elders. As the No. 1 sect in North Domain, Yuanyi School was envied and hated by many powers.


"So should we swallow humiliation and send herbal remedies to Jiang Chongtian?" An Elder gritted his teeth.


How abhorrent Jiang Chongtian was! He not only killed Qin Chuan and Qin Yu, but also requested them to send herbal remedies.


Those herbal remedies were not common. Even if Yuanyi School was powerful, it would also cost the sect too much in acquiring them.


"I really didn't expect Jiang Chongtian to survive from that battle. Otherwise, I will not allow Qin Chuan to break off the engagement. I know Jiang Shui has an incomplete Taiyin Physique and can't make great progress in cultivation. But now, everything is changed. Jiang Chongtian will help her to perfect her physique. She will have a bright future…" Qin Tianxiong let out a sigh.


"It will not be easy! Jiang Chongtian must pay a high price for that!" Said an Elder of Yuanyi School.


"Therefore, we must send herbal remedies to him and let him perfect the Taiyin Physique!" Qin Tianxiong blackened his eyes.

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