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"You'd better make a good arrangement for Luoyun Sect over the next several months. If I die, Luoyun Sect will confront big dangers." Jiang Chongtian sighed. And then he came to Jiang Shui.


"Grandmaster." Jiang Shui blinked her eyes and burst into tears.


"Don't cry. I know your thing! I must tell you, you're not weaker than others and you're not sickly girl." Jiang Chongtian comforted Jiang Shui gently.


" Grandmaster, I don't want you to die!" Jiang Shui cried loudly. Before, in Luoyun Sect, only two persons had known Jiang Chongtian was still alive. They were Jiang Tairan and Jiang Shui.


When Jiang Shui had been a child, she had accompanied Jiang Chongtian all the time, so she had a very close relationship with him.


"My silly girl, you know people are doomed to die. I have lived so long. It's time to say goodbye to this noisy world." Jiang Chongtian let out a bitter smile.


Of course he didn't want to lose his life; he desired to make higher progress in cultivation. But he couldn't. He had suffered serious injuries, difficult to be healed, so he would die soon.


"In a few days, I'm gonna help you perfect your Taiyin Physique."


After saying that, Jiang Chongtian walked to Ye Feng, "You're good, like young me."


"Thank you, Grandmaster." Ye Feng replied with excitement. He was clear Jiang Chongtian was uncommon. In terms of his formidable cultivation strength, Jiang Chongtian might be the most powerful cultivator in North Domain.


"Weng Wuyou has a good disciple…" Jiang Chongtian's eyes on Ye Feng were full of light.


He didn't talk too much, turned round and came to Jiang Tairan.


"Pass on today's incident." Jiang Chongtian reminded Founder, cast a glimpse on Jiang Shui and added, "I'm gonna perfect Jiang Shui's Taiyin Physique. I need some medicinal materials. You inform Yuanyi School of bringing those medicinal materials to Luoyun Sect."


Jiang Chongtian was still calm. After those words, he turned round and left.


Setting sun afterglow lengthened Jiang Chongtian's shadow, he seeming to be lonely.


Previous Jiang Chongtian had been an awesome, invincible cultivator. But now, his life curtain was going to be rung down. A type of sadness overwhelmed the place.


After Jiang Chongtian vanished from his sights, Jiang Tairan took his sadness back. He turned to an Elder, "Do Martial Uncle said."


In the northern area of North Domain in East Land, the news shocked all cultivators.


"Jiang Chongtian, named as the top 1 cultivator of East Land, is still alive? Not die?"


"That battle was too horrible! How does he survive?"


Cultivators who knew Jiang Chongtian were all astounded.


What breaking news! Jiang Chongtian was not only alive, but also strong. He had killed people of Yuanyi School, who had come to Luoyun Sect for breaking off the engagement!


"I really wonder what Yuanyi School's Leader is thinking. May he cry?"


"Haha, he must be regretted!"


"Yuanyi School considers Luoyun Sect as a downfallen sect, not on a par with them. But they don't expect Jiang Chongtian to live in the world."


"By the way, they looked down upon the daughter of Luoyun Sect Founder because of her incomplete Taiyin Physique. But Jiang Chongtian will help her perfect it!"


"Yeah. Taiyin Physique will see a huge change after perfection. If it's complete, it can be selected as one of the most powerful cultivation physiques."


"But…The perfection is not easy. Can Jiang Chongtian do it?"

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