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Qin Yu was bathed in splendor, like a sun. He completely released the energy of Hequan Realm. The battle in that year was extremely horrifying. He didn't believe that nothing had happened to Jiang Chongtian, for Yuanyi School's strong cultivators had paid a heavy price.


"Don't cheat me! I know you have no much energy!" As light shot out of Qin Yu's eyes, he extended his hand and gave an astounding skill out in a wink.


Jiang Chongtian maintained calmness and stretched out one finger, directly breaking Qin Yu's skill.


"Before, cultivators like you, had no courage to attack me." Jiang Chongtian let out a sigh and put one finger out again, straight penetrating Qin Yu's head.


"I'm not reconciled at all!" Qin Yu opened his eyes wide, dropped down to the ground and died on the spot.


"Uncle!" Qin Chuan roared, his eyes full of sadness. He didn't predict mighty Qin Yu to be so weak before Jiang Chongtian, even couldn't parry one finger.


"Are you Qin Tianxiong's son?" Jiang Chongtian walked to Qin Chuan slowly and asked.


"Yes! I warn you! If you kill me today, Yuanyi School will not forgive Luoyun Sect!" Qin Chuan fixed his malicious eyes on Jiang Chongtian.


"You have a good talent in cultivation, but your personality is not very well." Jiang Chongtian shook his head.


"Let us leave! Otherwise, Luoyun Sect will bear Yuanyi School's retaliation!" Qin Chuan gritted his teeth, his eyes filled up with fury.


"Do not worry. Though I kill you now, several days later, your father will come here to apologize to me." Jiang Chongtian still retained composure.


"Who do you think you are? Yuanyi School is the top sect in the northern area of North Domain in East Land. Why should our sect bow to you? You're just an elderly man!"


"My fame has been lowered too much! An insignificant disciple, like you, dares to speak to me like that." Jiang Chongtian sighed with emotion.


"You're formidable, so what? Can you fight against whole Yuanyi School?" Qin Chuan let out a disdainful laugh. He knew Jiang Chongtian was a strong cultivator, but he was mere a person, no strength to confront Yuanyi School.


"I said too much today…" Jiang Chongtian again sighed and stretched out one finger to end Qin Chuan's life.


"You!" Qin Chuan opened his eyes wide, looked at Jiang Chongtian in disbelief and fell down to the ground.


"Martial Uncle!" Jiang Tairan got close to Jiang Chongtian with excitement.


Jiang Chongtian coughed heavily and a trace of blood popping up.


"That battle indeed had a terrible impact on me…" Jiang Chongtian murmured.


"Martial Uncle! Are you fine?" Jiang Tairan got nervous at once. He knew Jiang Chongtian was in a bad body condition. In fact, after that battle, Jiang Chongtian had gotten back to Luoyun Sect with serious injuries. Jiang Chongtian had almost lost his life at that time.


"I'm fine. I think I can survive over the several months." Jiang Chongtian replied calmly.


"Martial Uncle!" Tears appeared in Jiang Tairan's eyes. Now that Jiang Chongtian said those words, he knew his Martial Uncle would die soon.

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