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"Shut up!" The Elder of Kendo Inheritance exclaimed and cast a cold glimpse on disciples of Luoyun Sect.


"I said he is wrong! He hurts disciples of Yuanyi School! This is his fault!" The Elder blackened his face; he didn't expect so many disciples to speak for Ye Feng. However, he didn't change his mind. He still persisted that Ye Feng should make an apology for his mistake and accept Qin Chuan's punishments.


"Ye Feng, get down at once! Do you want us to take actions?" Another Elder of Kendo Inheritance threw out an indifferent glance to Ye Feng.


Taishang Elder of Kendo Inheritance had indicated that they must kill Ye Feng. Now the chance came! Ye Feng offended Yuanyi School; despite of protection of Founder, he would die!


"I did nothing wrong!" Ye Feng stood on the arena and his eyes sparkled.


His clothes fluttered with wind and his long hair danced. No fear could be found on his face.


Plenty of disciples of Luoyun Sect here could prove that he was right, and disciples of Yuanyi School were wrong!


"Audacious!" The Elder of Kendo Inheritance darkened his face. Ye Feng had refused his order, making him got into rage.


Qin Chuan sat on the liger, said nothing and gave a strange glimpse to Ye Feng.


"Enough! Here is Luoyun Sect! I'm Founder! I can decide everything! Ye Feng did nothing wrong, so he doesn't need to receive punishments!" Founder of Luoyun Sect whooped with an utterly terrible expression.


"Founder, you can't put disciples' lives at stake! Ye Feng must apologize and be punished!" The Elder of Kendo Inheritance refuted in a cool voice.


His meaning was clear. Luoyun Sect couldn't compete with Yuanyi School. Therefore, only by giving up Ye Feng, could the safety of the sect be ensured. Otherwise, Luoyun Sect would confront Yuanyi School's anger, which would result in the destruction of Luoyun Sect.


"Founder, sacrificing an outer disciple to protect other disciples is worthy!"


"Ye Feng destroyed several disciples of Yuanyi School. He should be punished!"


Many Elders declared himself. They didn't care who was wrong; they only wanted to quiet down Qin Chuan's fury to avoid possible damages.


"You have kept cultivation for many years, why can you speak out those words? You really depress me!" Founder of Luoyun Sect completely froze his face. In order to survive, these Elders even confounded right and wrong; they wanted to use the life of a disciple to save themselves.


"Founder, this concerns the safety of Luoyun Sect. You'd better not act impetuously!" An Elder of Kendo Inheritance replied coldly.


"Impossible!" Founder refused straight.


"Do your talks end?" Suddenly, Qin Chuan got a word in.


"Ye Feng must die. Nobody can stop!" He snorted and fixed his eyes on Ye Feng.


"Qin Chuan, don't go too far! Here is Luoyun Sect, not Yuanyi School!" Founder of Luoyun Sect responded with aloof sights.


"Founder Jiang, do you still think Luoyun Sect is on an equal footing with Yuanyi School? I tell you! I will cancel my engagement with Jiang Shui today! No matter you agree or not!"


"By the way, I will kill Ye Feng!" Qin Chuan said in a frozen voice.

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