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"What disciples do you think a downfallen sect can develop? Just rubbish!" A young woman of Yuanyi School released a taunt.


The young woman sat on a white supernatural animal, like a white horse in appearance with four hoofs giving off blue flare. The animal walked in the air, seeming very uncommon.


The girl was also stunning with speaking eyes, her skin as sleek as goose fat, and her hair black. Noble and proud, she didn't look approachable.


"Hum! Why do you put on an act in our Luoyun Sect? I think you are rubbish. Our sect's Lin Xi can easily overcome all disciples of Yuanyi School!" A relatively fat disciple stood out and sneered, a dismissive smile emerging at his mouth.


"It's Wu De! The second one on the Qingyun List!"


"Haha! Senior Wu De says harshly as before. Look! Those disciples of Yuanyi School stop laughing!"


"It's really exhilarating!" All disciples of Luoyun Sect seemed happily.


Wu De was famous for his distinctive character in the sect - didn't follow the common template to take actions.


"Sister. Is there no man fond of you, right? This is why you look so irritable. For great cultivation, I suggest that you'd better find a man to cherish you. Only by this way, can you make better achievements in cultivation!" Wu De didn't care the young woman's resentful sights at all.


"There are many good men in our Luoyun Sect. They are much better than your sect's men. What do you think if I introduce one to you?" Wu De was more arrogant than disciples of Yuanyi School. His powerful and cunning words made the disciples of Yuanyi School become very angry.


"Why did I not see you last time?" Liu Fei froze his eyes. How dared a common disciple from a downfallen sect sneer at their disciples? This really annoyed him!


"I went out for cultivating last time. Otherwise, you would lose to me." Wu De replied with high confidence.


"Presumptuous!" Liu Fei coldly continued, "Don't you dare fight with me?"


"What do you think you are? How dare you launch a challenge to me? I'm strong and I disdain to combat with you." Wu De shook his head and put his hands behind, like a formidable cultivator, displaying his arrogant and disdainful attitude.


"I have never met a man barefaced like you!" The young woman of Yuanyi School trembled due to anger. If she could, she would kill Wu De at once.


"Damn you!" Liu Fei fell into fury completely. He jumped down from the supernatural animal with brilliant splendor curling around him. He lifted his feasts to attack Wu De.


"Wait…" Wu De slowly added, "People like you have no qualification to challenge me! The outer disciples of our sect are able to defeat all you guys."


"Outer disciples? Are you talking in sleep?" Liu Fei ceased his steps and looked at Wu De. He wondered what Wu De wanted to do.


"It's boring if we battle here. There is an arena in our sect, which can drop the incomer's cultivation level to within Qi Condensation. Do you dare to contest with our outer disciples by this way?" Wu De asked with a provocative expression.


In fact, he was exceedingly smart. He knew the disciples of Yuanyi Shool boasted high cultivation levels, so their disciples couldn't defeat them based on mere cultivation levels. Therefore, he infuriated Liu Fei and his partners for enabling the combats limited to the same cultivation level on the arena.


"Why not?" Liu Fei sneered and agreed directly.

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