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"Why has Ye Feng not arrived yet? Each senior here enjoys a higher status than him!"


"He must think he is the strongest one now, so he doesn't treat these seniors seriously."


Quite a few disciples displayed their dissatisfaction with Ye Feng. The banquet was held for Ye Feng, so if he didn't appear, the banquet would not begin.


"Junior Ye has been hot talked these days in Luoyun Sect. Though I just got back, I heard a lot of his stories from other people's discussions." Li Yishui put on an indifferent expression.


"Yeah. Although I was indulged in closed door cultivation, I heard of his experience. At first, he was a factotum disciple, maintaining the cultivation level of the first layer Qi Condensation for three years. But he has rapidly risen in these months. He even consecutively defeated several talented disciples of Kendo Inheritance." Jiuyan also showed her interest and curiousness with Ye Feng. Obviously, she wanted to meet Ye Feng and see what kind of man he was.


Jiang Shui laughed for she was proud of Ye Feng. When she had seen Ye Feng at first sight, she predicted he would be a high-profile excellent man in the future. But she didn't imagine this day came too fast! She was also astounded by Ye Feng's growing speed. As the daughter of Luoyun Sect's Founder, she was familiar with all talented disciples in the sect. But all of them were slower than Ye Feng in cultivation speed. Except one disciple, Phoenix Lin Xi!


"It's useless even if he has a big potential in cultivation, because he selected incomplete Yuxu Inheritance. He is doomed to acquire limited achievements and to be a common man." A cold sound resounded, filled up with malice. This was Bai Jie, the maid of Phoenix Lin Xi.


Jiuyan frowned because she didn't think Bai Jie was right; she swallowed the words on her mouth, for though she boasted a higher level in cultivation than Bai Jie, she didn't dare provoke Bai Jie. It was known that Bai Jie was supported by Phoenix Lin Xi, who was the most respected disciple in Luoyun Sect. Some people said that Lin Xi treated Bai Jie as her related sister rather than a maid.


"It's impossible for someone to get back if he does a wrong choice in cultivation." Li Yishui smiled, indicating he agreed with Bai Jie.


"Senior, you said that so early! As we all know, Ye Feng was a factotum disciple of the first layer Qi Condensation several months ago, but he is famous for his strong power now. Who can imagine the current condition at that time?"


"Maybe you're right." Li Yishui kept his cool attitude and didn't continue.


"By the way, Senior, why have you come back so early this time? I remember you said you will return after two-three years when you left the sect." This problem struck Jiang Shui in a sudden, for Li Yishui had only left the sect for several months.


"Yuanyi School        dispatches people to come our sect and they will arrive soon. I have to get back." Li Yishui replied in a deep voice with light gleaming in his eyes.

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