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In a sudden, a streak of sword light flashed in the air. Above the sword was a young man in white. He looked handsome and energetic, showing an extraordinary feel.


"He is Kendo Inheritance's Senior Li Yishui!"


"But I heard he is going out for studying…Why does he get back suddenly?"


Many disciples let out exclamations in surprise after they had recognized the young man.


In the meantime, a seven-color deer appeared in the air; above it sat a beautiful girl. The girl had bright eyes, white teeth, snow-white face and perfect body shape. Her purple clothes danced in wind. What a lovely and attractive girl!


"Senior Sister Jiuyan!"


"Wow! I'm so excited! I meet Senior Sister Jiuyan today!"


"Junior sister is so good! She holds a gala feast just for Ye Feng, but Senior Sister Jiuyan attends the feast!"


All disciples sighed for that and even couldn't believe their eyes.


The mountain Jiang Shui stayed was boisterous for many talented disciples turned up. They greeted Jiang Shui with smile. Each one of them was the top disciple in Luoyun Sect in terms of their powerful strength.


"Junior sister, what's relationship between you and Ye Feng? Dose he deserve you take great pains to host a feast?" Jiuyan chuckled like a magic lotus blooming.


Jiang Shui blushed with shyness, "Please don't say that, Sister Jiuyan. Ye Feng saved my life, so I should pay back him."


"Sure?" Jiuyan stopped talking and peered at Jiang Shui with smile.


"Jiuyan, I haven't seen you for a long time." Li Yishui stood before Jiuyan and Jiang Shui . He was handsome, graceful and a little arrogant, leaving people a noble impression.


Jiuyan nodded slightly and didn't show much enthusiasm to Li Yishui.


Li Yishui didn't get angry, seeming he was adaptable to Jiuyan's indifferent attitude. He greeted Jiang Shui, "Junior sister, it's really nice to see you again."


"Hum. Senior, why do you say that? Have you brought a gift to me this time?" Jiang Shui pouted, making her very cute.


"Yes. How dare I forget you?" Li Yishui took out a jade bracelet with smile and handed it over to Jiang Shui.


The jade bracelet was glittering and translucent, not common.


"This is Xuanyu Bracelet, a top-grade spiritual tool for defense. It costs me many efforts."


At the moment, almost all talented disciples came here; after having a short chat with each other, they entered into the feast hall. However, Ye Feng, the protagonist of this feast, didn't turn up.


On Yuxu Inheritance Mountain, Ye Feng was indulged in the cultivation of Yuxu Skill. He continuously cultivated and incorporated it.


"I have a better understanding of Yuxu Skill!" Pleasure hit Ye Feng. The strength of Yuxu Skill had been increased, so he would be more powerful than before.


"I nearly forget I should attend the feast today!" Ye Feng remembered the feast Jiang Shui had prepared for him in a sudden, so he immediately strode towards the mountain Jiang Shui stayed.


"She is so nice!" Ye Feng smiled; he didn't spend much time in going to the mountain.


"So many people…" Before getting into the mountain, Ye Feng saw disciples standing on the top.

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