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When Ye Feng got back to Yuxu Inheritance Mountain, an inner senior sister walked to him.


"Where did Junior Ye go? I have waited for you for a long time." The inner senior sister said with smile.


"What's the matter?" Surprise flashed in Ye Feng's eyes. He didn't know this inner senior sister and why she came here.


"Junior sister heard you won the inheritance competition among outer disciples, so she decides to hold a gala feast for you. She lets me tell you." The inner senior sister smiled all the time. She was clear though Ye Feng was an outer disciple, he would be promoted to an inner disciple soon and would even enjoy a higher status.


"When will the feast begin?" Ye Feng got it and guessed the host was Jiang Shui, so he asked with smile.


"We need some time to prepare for the feast, so it will be held five days later." The inner senior sister told Ye Feng the specific time and place before leaving.


"Five days later, I must speed up gaining experience value. Lin Xi has entered into the Spiritual Road…" Light shimmered in Ye Feng's eyes. He couldn't get slack; otherwise, it would be impossible for him to catch up with Lin Xi despite of his Strongest System. All people knew each one who had passed the test of the Spiritual Road had become a powerful leader of their own area in the end.


"Lin Xi. It will not be long before I return the sword attack to you! " Ye Feng froze his eyes. It was really painful for him to be betrayed by Lin Xi; especially he had attached importance to her before.


In these five days, he didn't get relaxed. Every day, he devoted himself to the cultivation of methods and skills. Therefore, he obtained a better understanding of all his cultivation methods.


Pow! He waved his fist and the divine image of White Tiger turned up in the sonorous roaring. A huge green stone was smashed by his fist directly.


Later, as his eyes shot out light, he carried out the Fire Cloud. Immediately, a boundless fire sea appeared, boasting purer flame and stronger energy than before.


"Yuxu Skill!" He exclaimed. Thunder rolled in the sky and a giant lightning struck the ground. Instantly, a bloodcurdling deep pit emerged.


"Among the three skills, Yuxu Skill is strongest!" Ye Feng sighed with regret. Although the grade of Yuxu Skill was not clear, according to his cultivation in Yuxu Skill in the several days, he knew this skill was extraordinary. Especially Yuxu Skill was incomplete; if he could complement it, he believed it would be more powerful!


"Experience value is most important…" There was little experience value being remained, because he had spent most in upgrading the grade of Yuxu Skill last time.


Time went so fast. Five days passed.


This day, Luoyun Sect again bustled with noise and excitement for the feast hosted by Founder's favorite youngest daughter. Everyone would do her an honor.


"I'm really jealous of Ye Feng for his close relation with our Founder's favorite youngest daughter. She has prepared the feast for him by herself!"


"We can only stay in the outermost place. I heard merely those seniors having high cultivation level can enter into the innermost place…"


"It's said lots of seniors will attend the feast. Excluding those seniors who are involved in closed door cultivation or going out for studying, nearly all seniors having high cultivation level will appear."


"Yeah. I also heard several seniors of Kendo Inheritance on the Qingyun List will come. It's said they want to bury the hatchet and relieve the enmity between Kendo Inheritance and Yuxu Inheritance!"


"Are you sure? I can't believe it…"


On the major road, plenty of disciples, who received invitation, headed towards the mountain Jiang Shui stayed.

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