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In a valley filled up with strange flowers in Luoyun Sect, a girl in white stood before a clear stream. She looked up to the blue sky and murmured, "Although miss said she doesn't care Ye Feng, I can't ignore him!" Her eyes shot out two beams of cold lights, and seriousness appeared on her beautiful face. There was Medicine Valley of Luoyun Sect, and the girl was Phoenix Lin Xi's maid - Bai Jie.


In the other graceful mountain, cloud and mist curled round a magnificent palace. Inside it were an elderly man and a middle-age man, they seemed to be in talks.


"Founder, how should we treat Ye Feng?" The elderly man asked respectfully; he was Elder Fu, who had hosted the inheritance competition among outer disciples.


"Maybe this is a chance. Lin Xi is my disciple, but our values are different. Ye Feng is distinctive. My daughter told me he saved her life and they are friends." The middle-age man said these words slowly with light dazzling in his eyes.


Elder Fu's expression changed, "Do you want to use Jiang Shui to draw Ye Feng over to your side? That's impossible! Shui has an engagement. Soon, Yuanyi School will send people to our sect for the marriage."


Yuanyi School, one of the best cultivation sects at the northern area of North Domain in East Land, was several times as strong as current Luoyun Sect. At that time, Luoyun Sect had not declined and Yuxu Inheritance had been complete, and they had similar strength and status. Therefore, the two had promised the engagement.


"Do you think I will allow Shui to go to Yuanyi School? Luoyun Sect's status is extremely lower than before. If Shui gets married with her fiance of Yuanyi School, she may suffer humiliation." The middle-age man shook his head and a trace of cruelty emerged in his eyes.


Elder Fu hesitated and though for a short while, "Luoyun Sect can't compete with current Yuanyi School. If we break our engagement, our sect will confront a huge disaster!"


"I know, so I haven't cancelled the engagement until now." The middle-age man let out a sigh. Yuxu Inheritance was incomplete, so that Luoyun Sect became weaker than before. They had no strength to struggle against Yuanyi School.


"We need to solve the problem as soon as possible. Yuanyi School will dispatch people to our sect in the near future." Elder Fu frowned. Yuanyi School had informed them that they would come to Luoyun Sect for marriage soon.


"Alas! It's difficult…" The middle-age man sighed.


An exquisite palace floated in the air on the highest mountain in Luoyun Sect. Inside the palace stood several elderly men; all were Elders of Kendo Inheritance.


"Hum! What are you doing? Why do you allow an outer disciple to make a high-profile appearance and provoke Kendo Inheritance time by time?" A white-hair elderly man shot out frozen sights towards the Elders and accused them of the recent affairs in an angry voice.


Other Elders stood on his side and kept silence.


"Kendo Inheritance's dignity is not allowed to be hurt. Ye Feng must disappear in Luoyun Sect!" The white-hair elderly man's cold voice resounded.


On another scenic mountain full of energy, a lovely girl turned up. She had big eyes with long eyelashes. She seemed very energetic, cute and smart.


"Ye Feng is so good! I should hold a grand gala banquet for him!" The girl was the youngest daughter of Luoyun Sect's Founder - Jiang Shui! She released a sweet smile and her eyes bent like the crescent moon. Dimples on her face made her more attractive.

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