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"Tell me! Where is Yurou?" Ye Feng glared at the disciple and gave off mighty energy with a loud shouting.


"I…I don't know…She is not here! Really!" That disciple was frightened by Ye Feng and nearly fell down to the ground for his legs lost strength in a sudden.


"What are you cheating me?" Ye Feng cast cold glimpse through all disciples here one by one. A terrible presentiment suddenly struck him. Yurou might have suffered something bad!


"We tell you the truth. Yurou is not here." All disciples of Kendo Inheritance here gritted teeth and refused to change their words. They persisted Yurou was not on the Kendo Inheritance Mountain.


"Fuck off!" Ye Feng roared, his eyes full of fury. If Yurou suffered an accident, he couldn't forgive Kendo Inheritance. Yurou had been hurt heavily in order to help him. If she confronted terrible treatment here, he would not pardon himself all his life.


"You can't burst into the Kendo Inheritance Mountain without permission!" All disciples greatly changed their expressions and stood before Ye Feng to stop his steps towards the mountain.


"Fuck off!" With the sonorous roar, a kind of formidable power rushed out of Ye Feng's body and hit these disciples in his way to fly out. He was sure Yurou had met some bad things; otherwise, these disciples wouldn't stop him.


"Lead the way!" Ye Feng grabbed a disciple and ordered him with cold sights.


"Yurou…is really not here!" This disciple still refused to admit and insisted that Yurou was not in the Kendo Inheritance Mountain.


There came the sound of fracture. Ye Feng broke the disciple's one arm with an indifferent expression.


"Lead the way! Otherwise, I will break your remaining arm!"


The disciple's face became pale and he grimaced in pain. Finally, he compromised, "Okay. I lead the way."


"Go." Ye Feng froze his face and urged the disciple to set out immediately.


The disciple walked jerkily and unevenly before Ye Feng. Soon, a small yard appeared in Ye Feng's sights.


"Here…Yurou is inside." The disciple said in a quivering voice.


Without any hesitation, Ye Feng entered into the yard.


"Ah!" A pathetic shouting resounded when Ye Feng got into the yard.


"What's wrong?" Ye Feng darkened his face. He recognized this sound belonged to Yurou.


Phfft! Ye Feng strode and rushed into the room.


"Fuck you!" Ye Feng trembled for fury, because he saw a female disciple holding a long whip to beat Yurou, who had suffered many heavy injuries. Her clothes were broken and her body was covered by red wounds.


"Ye Feng!" The female disciple was astonished when seeing Ye Feng, the long whip dropping down from her hand.




Ye Feng fell into fury and punched the female disciple without mercy. The female disciple spat out blood and hit with the wall heavily.


"No…Don't beat me. I just follow other people's order!" The female disciple's face got pale and her sight towards Ye Feng was filled up with fear. She knew how powerful Ye Feng was. If she failed to stop Ye Feng, she would be beaten to die here.

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